Zomerstalvoeren – Summer feeding

Zomerstalvoeren – Summer feeding

Good day ladies and gentlemn and welcome! 1 week after the protest, today it’s saturday I’m not planning on saying a lot about it the nitrogen problem, but we are being robbed! Again the farmers has to pay the price Farms in the neieghbourhood of Natura 2000 area’s have to meet strict requirements Or stop farming and leave With a big smile on her face minister Carola Schouten tells us that will be not ahalving the herd Which it probably isn’t, but 45% isn’t a halving either So we are being robbed again and I expect more protests, so we need you as citizens to help us! You are being robbed also! Just as easy! We saw, last tuesday, that 90% of the citizens is behind us. People stopped their car on the motorway to applaud to the farmers on their tractors We need you!!! So keep an eye out for that! I didn’t want to talk about this, I wanted to make a normall vlog Which I’ll do now I’m feeding fresh grass to the cows. And why? Yeah… why??… You saw the drone footage, or you’re about to. This field we ensilaged the last time The fertilizers are here, water wasn’t, so we irrigated. It has rained, and it rains so now and then The grass is still growing, and there’s a lot of protein in it It keeps throwing that code… And a cow makes milk of protein, and that’s what we’re looking for Protein is 16% nitrogen. Nitrogen isn’t a poison!! And it isn’t a problem in the Netherlands, but that’s again about the N…. I had an advisor on the phone who asked me if I had thought about summer feeding Which is feeding freshly mowed grass in the barn I still ahd the cows out on pasture, but in the time they were outside, they couldn’t eat that much grass The fields at home, which are already grazed this summer as less protein now then, lets say, during spring My grandfather used to say that a cow has, in spring, enough with a baseball cap full, and in autumn not enough with a wheelbarrow of grass And that’s exactly right Anyhow, I talked to that advisor. The cows cannot come here. I have a mower, I have loaderwagon, so, lets go! This is day 4 and the cows are crazy about it!! It’s a good thing we have good feed barriers, otherwise they would fly right through I’ll put the camera in barn lateron, and you’ll see that they are crazy about it Heey! This is fun! Can the camera catch it… There it is! It’s paraglider. that’s pretty cool If you hold a camera, then you’re a drone yourself.. Haha Keep standing! You guys are on a magnet, doesn’t work as well as I hoped So, the cows love it and we think that the cows will visit the milkingrobot more often. Which I hope for As I said, it’s day 4. It takes a few days to see the results I’ll load the last bit and I will see you in the barn As you can see, the cows love it! You shouls smell it! The smell of freshly mowed grass of your lawn times 2 The smell is great! If you could digest it, you’ll take a bit yourself One more time about the nitogen, if there’s another protes, fellow citizens, join us! For now, like, comment and subscribe and follow me on Facebook and Instagram

11 thoughts on “Zomerstalvoeren – Summer feeding

  1. A lot of people do it here in spring and autumn to stretch put their grazing grass. We call it zero grazing. Our cows are grazing for a few hours and then coming in for silage after a few hours grass is just all water

  2. Been feeding fresh grass to cows in shed at night since start of July. The other night two were pushed through barrier in scramble to get at the grass!

  3. Mooie video Alex ๐Ÿ‘En wat betreft je geluid, kijk eens naar een Rode Videomicro als je camera daar een aansluiting voor heeft.

  4. Prachtige video Alex en laten we hopen dat ze in Den Haag nog eens gaan zien dat ze nooit zonder de boeren, landbouwers, tuinders etc. etc. kunnen!

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