Will Smith Learned He’s No Tom Cruise While Filming Bad Boys for Life

Will Smith Learned He’s No Tom Cruise While Filming Bad Boys for Life

-You posted this photo,
or someone posted this photo. This is backstage.
This is on set. -Oh, man, yeah. -And you ran into
the “Coming to America” sequel. -Yeah.
-Wesley and Eddie Murphy. -That’s the black Mt. Rushmore. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -That’s fantastic.
It really is, man. -Man, that day was so beautiful.
-Where were you? -So, we’re — That’s
at Tyler Perry’s Studios. And we didn’t know each other.
-How is that studio? -It is fantastic.
-He’s the best. -We didn’t know each other
were going to be there. They were finishing up
“Coming to America 2.” -Yeah.
-And we were finishing up “Bad Boys.” And it was a knock on the door. And it was Wesley. And we’re like, “Ohh!”
So we were hanging. He was like, “Yo, let’s go knock
on Eddie’s door.” So we went over
and knocked on Eddie’s door. And it was like — It was just
one of those beautiful moments, the four of us there at the newly opened
Tyler Perry Studios, which, you know, used to be
a former Confederate army base. -Yes.
-You know, that’s been transformed into
Tyler Perry Studios. So, yeah.
-Isn’t that great? -That was fantastic. -Yeah, that’s pretty cool.
-That was fantastic. -Have you known —
Have you known Eddie? -Yeah, I met Eddie when I first
came to L.A., you know? Eddie’s one of those dudes that is like the standard
of excellence, you know? So every young comedian, black actor, you know, you want
to test yourself against Eddie. -Yeah.
-You want to see — But he is the truth, man. -Did you see him on “SNL”?
Did you see him host? -Yes. He —
-He was great. -Love that guy.
-He crushed it. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Love that guy. -Let’s set the stage.
“Bad Boys for Life.” What’s happening now?
-“Bad Boys for Life.” Alright, so, it’s 25 years later
from the first movie. And what we tried to do
that was really critical and important to me is not try
to just do the old movies again. I was like, you had to take
into consideration the time, had to take into consideration how the characters
would have grown. And the reason it took so long
is because I didn’t want to — I didn’t want to make it
just as a cash grab, you know? “Hey, everybody loves sequels.
Let’s just do a sequel.” -Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, no.
-You know, and I — You know, I had fumbled a couple
of my last sequels, you know? I just — I wasn’t happy
with the “Men in Black” sequel. And I just really wanted to make
sure that this was a stand-alone film that people would have
a real, brand-new experience in. -People are buzzing. It’s crazy.
I mean, the trailer alone. I was like, “Oh, they’re back.
This is so much fun.” -Yeah, it’s fantastic.
Y’all going to love it. And I — Yo. [ Cheers and applause ]
And I say that a lot. I say that a lot.
I’m gonna keep it real. Sometimes I say,
“Y’all gonna love it,” and y’all not gonna love it.
[ Laughter ] You know, ’cause
sometimes I’ve seen it, and I know you’re not —
y’all not gonna love it, but it’s an expensive movie.
But — So — But this time — This movie is out of here.
It is so good. If you liked the first two
at all, there are scenes
in this movie — ’cause it’s really
about friendship and about the reality
of what it’s like when somebody’s life
takes a different turn. -Yeah.
-You’re ready to go one way, and your partner’s ready
to go another direction. -At this point,
you’re family, really. -Yeah, and it’s like, there are
some really powerful scenes about friendship and some of the funniest stuff
you are ever gonna see. Martin Lawrence is genius
comedic in this film. -Oh, my gosh. There’s also a little part
in the movie, too, where, like, you’re like —
-Don’t give nothing away! -No, I won’t give — -Oh, geez. Spoiler alert. -No.
-What are you doing? -But you feel like —
-You’ve gone mad! [ Laughter ]
-No, I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t do that.
But there’s — where you’re kind of feeling
like you’re older. -Yeah, yeah.
-And almost, like, a mid-life type of crisis thing. But you look so young, though.
Do you feel — -I’m trying to hang on.
I’m trying to hang on. Yeah, nah, there were a couple
of the action sequences that I was like, “Ooh!”
You know? ‘Cause I started, and I told myself
I was doing all of my stunts. I was doing, you know,
Tom Cruise that was just hanging
on the side of a airplane. -Yes.
-At 50. I was like, “Man, I’m better
than Tom Cruise.” -Yeah! Do it!
-And I did like two stunts. And I was like, “I’m not better
than Tom Cruise.” [ Laughter, applause ] -“I’ll let him — I’ll let him do that.”
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I want to show everyone a clip. Here’s Will Smith
in “Bad Boys for Life.” Take a look at this. -Whoa! [ Tires squealing ] -I’m putting your seatbelt on.
-Yeah. -That’s how we do it now.
-Yeah, you’re damn right. -Oh, my — Overtown’s a no-go. He got people here,
dangerous people. -We’re dangerous people. [ Yelling ] -You might want to pull over
for a minute. I need to tell you something.
-Pull over. Are you gonna pull over?
-Yeah, yeah. -Okay, give me one second.
Let me see — Wait. Pull over. I just need to pull over
for a second! Man, can we get a time-out? [ Cheers and applause ] -Will Smith, everybody!

100 thoughts on “Will Smith Learned He’s No Tom Cruise While Filming Bad Boys for Life

  1. Will Smith : Tries to do his own stunts
    Host : Are you trying to be the new Tom Cruise?
    Will Smith after 2 stunts : No, I'll be the first ME, not the next Tom Cruise, Thank you veeery much.

  2. MJ. Obama. Jay Z. Will Smith.

    The Real Black Mt. Rushmore.

    (Considering to take only 1 person from each field)
    (Tough to leave out Samuel. L. Jackson, but had too)

  3. They shouldn’t knock down those Confederate statues. They should build nude statues of Will Smith, on slightly higher plinths. Then, for all eternity, Nathan Bedford Forrest (or whoever) will be getting tesbagged by a big Black guy.

  4. It breaks my heart but i expect this movie to be trash. I love bad boys 1&2, Will and Martin are an amazing duo. I have ZERO faith in the directors of this third though. They have no talent and shouldn’t be in charge of a big franchise film like this.

  5. Will smith is actually bald. He wears a weave system to achieve his look. U can notice his shiny hairline which is really just the glue holding the hairs.
    Jamie Foxx actually wears the same weave system.

  6. Somebody please inform Will Smith that Ft McPherson, the location of Tyler Perry’s studio, was built in 1885 AFTER THE CIVIL WAR, to house United States troops who were occupying the south during Reconstruction. It was NOT a “former Confederate base”.

  7. Every black person saying all black people age like Will Smith. Please google “superiority complex” and help your mental health lol. You don’t see white People saying they age like Keanu Reeves or Sam Witwer.

  8. Tell me why I have a feeling the movies going to be hot garbage? Lol. Seems like he’s pushing it way to hard.

  9. Tom Cruise and Jackie Chan are known for doing their own stunts. They are also known for the injuries and fractures they sustain.

  10. Will smith is great and bad boys for life is going to be awesome! That photo of Will Smith , Martin Lawrence , Wesley Snipes and Eddie Murphy is great

  11. HALO> bad boys!!! 0:07 Fnaly i so love old time humorwhy i see all in cinemas) critical for all himself to) 2:00 me to wonna see good cinema afte REsee 1-2-3… times on DVD free space for work create all wot you wont 3:44))) JUST DO IT!!! we have black tom cruse ahahha

  12. Jimmy's comments/reactions are so damn fake. "Oh that's so funny" etc. Dudes whole persona is so fraudulent. I see why so many people call it out, hard to watch him.

  13. Bad boys is the film that made his movie career; it's right he should care so much about the franchise.

  14. They still missed there chance on making a third one titled what ever and then a final film bad boys 4 life took them to long but meh

  15. Black Mount Rushmore….my goodness hahahhaa 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  16. just what we need…crappy sequels to crappy movies….way to stay on edge Hollywood….I hear nobody has done batman or superman this year so far….i'd hurry before someone grabs THAT idea…..

  17. Glad to see Will just being straight honest. Mentions how he just didn't wanna do another cash grab sequel. Cause let's be honest, most of these lame ass sequels and reboots are just that.

  18. Will Smith's spontaneous and quite witty comment directed to the picture was not something he thought about, it was simply four Black celebrities who aren't seen together often. We could all name several other worthy Black stars who could be included in the shot, but this just happened to be the above four guys. … PEACE to ALL.

  19. Lmao hope they bring back the 2 Hispanic dudes “how bout we order a bucket of extra crispy and a couple of grape SODAAAAAAHSSS” 😂😂 when Martin Lawrence repeats it, it was hilarious

  20. I love Will and Martin but for some reason all the previews I’ve seen for this movie just don’t look that good. I was just expecting the last one to be something way over the top in stunts and storyline. Hopefully they change my mind after I see it.

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