Who's Joining United On Tour? | Transfer Talk on Tour

Who's Joining United On Tour? | Transfer Talk on Tour

yes everybody my name is Stephen Ellison welcome to transfer talk we are in our hotel room over in Perth Western Australia after a 24 hour journey to get a job the flight wasn't even that bad what was bad standing in the airport waiting to get through customs what we are here we are in our hotel so forgive there might be a little bit of an echo this might not be the straightforward extreme that I've ever done in my life but we are doing them we've got the transfer news collected for years and we're gonna be giving it season if you want to come and check out the stories while I'm here in in Australia and when we get to Singapore as well then head over to mr. Stephen house and on Instagram and come and follow me on there if you want to see all the stories and all the little stuff that we'll be doing every day as well as these and up with vlogs coming out each and every day as well so let's get straight into the transfer talk then because it does seem that there's probably been some kind of movement on the go sergej Milankovitch Savitch 24 years old bit of a box-to-box midfielder I like what doesn't a final third but he also cuts around about the place because that dello sport have said that you know it would only go in for him if pogba is sold we've United ready to offer seventy two million makes a lot of sense he is Hogg Boresha of the way that he plays the game a little bit two point three tackles and interceptions per game in Syria last season compared with Prague Bru only at around about half the tackles and less than 20% of the interceptions per game so certainly would offer a lot more without the ball can I do the same on the ball I don't think so seven goals and three assists in all competitions last season 79% past completion in Syria pod were about free 4% higher than that is an obvious kind of choice to go for somebody like that but I would I will see probably Bruno and unders being a better option than that although I can't see the argument made that Bruno Fernandez would be someone that you would want if you had a lot of the ball which is why I could see Manchester City being really informal in kovitch savage being a little bit more aggressive and a little bit rougher around the edges he's someone that I could probably see fitting in maybe the number 8 slot rather than the number 10 slot so possibly could be someone that plays alongside I don't know maybe he's looking at being someone more of a Herrera replacement or for me it's similar to poker but not exactly the same so I think that yes it makes sense that you can't really shell out 72 million when we're still desperate for a son Ralph arguably desperate for a right winger and should Lukaku go which looks like it's increasingly unlikely to happen you can make a big argument for a need another forward in the mixer as well now new name that came about this week is mario limine er the mm are saying that limine er doesn't plan to be at Southampton next season with United Arsenal and Leicester all interested in signing the 26 year old lightly to be used to squad play for Manchester United rather than be in first show so at least I hope so in the league past completion last last year was 86% a little bit higher than what we've got with Pogba on Wednesday he posted a montage of his highlights and gives the impression that he's looking to impress the club's and get away from transfer transfer away from Southampton I think there's been some talk that I saw something earlier but I can't over the source of it that United aren't interested in and they think that United have been linked with this guy to start a bidding war which is definitely something that happens with this club isn't it so for me not sure that this is going to be a play that we definitely want for me certainly isn't a player that we definitely want but we're gonna cover it every time that will link with somebody like this as well now somebody that we might actually be interested any kind of fits the mold of players that we are looking for is nickel and Milankovitch DiMaggio's report that united have made a bit for the Fiorentina center back 21 years of age and that united are also interested in the centre back back in January average is 1.6 tackles last season Ariel jewels definitely one of these key streams 3.1 Ariel jewels one per game the guys six foot five when I've been talking about that United would like to play out from the back but I still think that if we had to on Zambian and somebody like Lindelof playing out from the back teams that go direct against us those lower half of the league teams probably bully us a little bit because I don't think either of those players dominant in the air malinka bitches I like him for that there's other areas of his game that I'm not sure our elite certainly wouldn't call him a world-class player but dominating the air he definitely is that so if we was looking for that sort of thing I'd be up for it 81 percent pass accuracy certainly comfortable on the ball but not someone that you think is he's playing a lot of passes into the final third a lot of key passing certainly you're not really gonna get that Fiorentina are looking for around about 50 million out I've tabled around about 40 million for me probably good value in the market really probably better value than McGwire if they're pushing for 80 90 million which is bananas if that's what truly what they're going for is it probably is more value in going with someone like a Milankovitch but doesn't quite fill that leadership category which is something that I think we desperately desperately luck in terms of the outs same every week in it at the moment Paul Pogba agent me no rail or come out and said to be honest myself and Paul Pogba agree this team isn't what we thought it would be they're in the middle of a huge decline and I don't want pass talents to be wasted in his prime he deserves better whoa good we drove through that again me and myself myself and Paul agree this team isn't what we thought would be there in the middle of a huge decline I don't want Paul stands to be wasted in his prime he deserves better he's not just saying that he's saying him and pogba agree on that whoa does this not have massive alarm bells for all the people are defending Paul Papa look the guy gets a lot of unfair criticism but if you're coming out and basically saying get me out of it then get him out of there all are gonna sauce cows job is absolutely one of the hardest jobs in football at the moment it doesn't get made easier by people who don't want to be there you've got to have a full right team spirit and a mentality that you're all in this together if you don't truly believe that you're all in this together it's gonna fall to pieces so despite the comments from pogba and his agent sauce guy he's out to come and make these statements doesn't they said he's a great talent great professional and he's never been any problems he's got a heart golde ESPN said today that poker isn't pushing for a move away from united but he just wants reassurance is that the club are heading in the right direction these loads of talk that you know it just will point-blank refused to sell him unless Real Madrid or anyone else met the valuation that they've got of him which is believed to be somewhere in the region of 150 million and I think they're absolutely right – this isn't a play that's at the end of his contract this isn't a play that they have to sell right now if you want him you need to pay simple as that and if you want him you're gonna have to pay somewhere in the region of a ridiculous fee for him this is probably the most valuable Paul Papa will ever be in this career because another year old another year closer to the end of his contract next season the season after he's not gonna be going for that if you know it want to cash in him they've got to play hardball this summer so we're able to get the best price for him and I think they're absolutely right to do so right that is it for me if you're in the purse area hit me up on Instagram or on Twitter I don't really want to do any sort of official meet up or anything along those lines but I'm definitely gonna come and hang out with everybody so let me know what's going on and I'll come down I'll have a couple of brews review see you in the next one laters

30 thoughts on “Who's Joining United On Tour? | Transfer Talk on Tour

  1. I bloody hate Raoila as a person and an agent. He shouldn't be given this authority to speak so much and hold clubs to ransom. He's such a big agent and so many star players are tied to him that clubs would want to be on his good books too.
    As for 80m for Maguire, that's just bonkers

  2. We can all hate Raiola but is he wrong?! Pogba IS better than this team. Pogba IS in his PRIME and the team is NOT what was promised to him.

    Paul, thank you and goodbye. ✌🏾

    Now get Bruno in and stop clowning around!!!!!!

  3. Its Bullshit – Milinkovic -Savic media start at 72 mil then it goes up to 75 mil then 80 mil – get real they won't cough up 50 mil for Fernandes so there not paying 70 + for Milinkovic -Savic.

  4. Welcome to Australia Stevo, shame the tour is in Perth rather than Melbourne would’ve been mad seeing United play in person

  5. We will bloody panic buy at the end of the month again 🤷‍♂️
    Why did I get my expectations up again.

    We will probably just get 1 more in and the deadwood will still be at the club. We need about 5 more players (at the bare minimum 2 midfielders and 1 CB). In other words Ole needs to have the balls to play the youth and pray hard that they step up.

  6. Potential CBs other than Maguire. Nathan Ake, Milenkovik, *Jonathan Tah*, Matthias Ginter.

    If we're looking at Midfielders of range. Is look at the likes of Bruno fernandes, Milinkovic-savic, Longstaff(maybe as backup if we get him cheap), Anderson Talisca

    If we look at strikers, Ben Yedder, Temo Werner (only if we play with 2 strikers, Milik, belotti

  7. Savic will be replacement for pogba if he leave, bruno will be the replacement for herrera, and lemina will be a great player that we can buy right now for dm, cb i would prefer maguire

  8. One thing for sure it's won't be longstaff, because newcastle just put an absurd price tag on him just because we are the one who knock the door,
    Imagine selling your best player perez for 30m and want to sell an unknown player who barely play and got injured for 50m 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Pathetic from newcastle.

  9. If we sell Lukaku and Pogba for what they're worth we could get in Milinkovic Savic, Fernandes, Ben Yedder and a player like Partey/Ndidi and a strong center back for roughly what we earn on those sales.

    As for Raiola's comments, sadly he's correct, the board is on course to burying the club as far as the playing side and I would get very agitated in that situation too. It would be difficult to play for a club that has no actual soul anymore from the top down because that energy spreads to the players or employees of the club. They probably see Pogba as a marketing tool instead of a gifted player and it would wear a player down, perhaps he enjoys the game and has enough professional pride to be hurting when the club isn't being run for the right reasons. We all loved Keane, what do you think he'd have done if the club only cared about commercial revenue? Perhaps he'd have fixed it but he probably would have been at war with them and it would have got messy. I think Pogba is handling the situation pretty well actually but it is shit that it's happening

  10. Stephen Howson sir please make someday a video of how you started as a YouTuber fueled by the love of Man United. And what all you prepared yourself for before that in order to get your bearings right about the tactical analysis and video making etc. your fan.

  11. Sounds like Pogba is saying the same thing we’re all saying… let’s see the club make a statement and show that they are really trying to compete. I bet if he got some world class players to play next to, Paul Pogba would stay and be all in.

  12. Stephen, I reckon he's just angling for a new contract and pushing for MU to sign better players. Which is good for the club and himself. We need to get Fernández and Savic to complement him and make MU more potent.
    Defensively go for Milenkovic, he's young and hungry, Leicester is just asking too much for Maguire.

  13. TECH QUESTION – What setup are you using for this in terms of equipment / software in terms of MREC / ticker etc. Black Magic TVS -> Laptop running OBS Project?

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