Which Oyster Card Should You Get When Visiting London?

Which Oyster Card Should You Get When Visiting London?

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  1. Hey, I'm 17 years old and I'm travelling to London in 10 days. I read I have to buy a 16+ Oyster Card, do you know about it?

  2. I'm from the United States and was wondering if I could use my debit card from home to load credit onto the oyster card in London?

  3. Thanks for all your great information! Looking forward to visiting soon and your help is so much appreciated.

  4. We pre-ordered our Oyster Cards. We used them the 9 days we were there everywhere we went via bus and tube, except to and from the Heathrow which we decided with all our luggage, would be best suited for an Uber. It was a great tip! We flew in, checked into our hotel and headed strait to Westminster Abby with our Oyster Cards in hand it was really simple.

  5. There's now one more advantage to the standard Oyster card. You can create a My Oyster account & register your card, even if you're not a UK resident. The visitor cards can't be registered. If they get lost or stolen, their stored credit is gone.
    I live in Toronto. When I visited London last year, I bought a standard Oyster card, with 5 quid pay-as-you-go credit, and a 7 day travelcard, but I couldn't register it because I don't have a UK address. This year, I went back to London, with the card, renewed my travelcard (it was still stored on the card, expired for nearly a year), topped up the PAYG credit, and used it, but I discovered that I could now create an Oyster account & register the card, and download TfL's Oyster App to manage my account. If I go back next year, I can add a travelcard and some PAYG credit from my phone, before I even take off from Toronto. When I tap in at the Heathrow tube station (probably 9-10 hours later), the reader will record my new travelcard & my credit top-up onto my Oyster card, and then I'm all set for a week.

  6. Hi, I'm going over to London in 2 weeks and I am flying in In the morning and flying out that night so I'm not staying. I'm only going with a friend to see a west end show in queens theatre. We'll have a bit of time to spare so want to sight see. What's the best thing I should do for the underground and what zones should I stay in.

  7. Hi, thanks for the video, do you know if Uber is popular in London and is it more affordable than Cabs? The second question is "Do ATM in London take American Debit cards?" I know that I can use my debit card from US to withdraw money in Paris.

  8. I’m confused of travel card , I will be in london for 2 weeks and stay around Willesden ( I donno which zone is it ) do I need to purchase travel card within an Oyster Card ?

  9. Hey I'm visiting London for one month. Should I rather get the normal Oyster Card or Oyster Visitor Card or the Travelcard?

  10. Hey, i am going to London tomorrow and I will be staying there for 2 days. I will go to about 20 places in those two days. I am going to need an Oyster card, but I am not sure how much I should put on it. Can someone help me with a good guess?

  11. Hey, I'll live in London for 10 month because I'll work as an au Pair there. Since I have already been to London once I already have the visitor oyster card. Should I still buy a regular one when I arrive here or can I use the visitor oyster card for my stay?

  12. How can I find out the balance on my oyster card? I will be on london in October again and have no clue what's on it.

  13. Hi Love and London, we visited London 2 week ago and thanks to your videos, they helped us very much. London is much more expensive than Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. However our trip to London was great.

  14. If you UK-based and have a railcard you can load it onto your oyster to get 1/3rd off off-peak (if you have a disabled railcard like me anytime) Tube, DLR, Overground, TFL line and national rail fares and/or off-peak travelcard

  15. Hi, what do you suggest I get, I will need to travel from Heathrow to central London then spend 2 days traveling in zone 1-2 then back to Heathrow?

  16. Could you take an Uber from Airport instead of having an oyster card?? will be better always to ask for an Uber when we are 3 person traveling better to having 3 osytercards?

  17. Take bus 11 from Sloane Square to St. Paul's Cathedral. Easy and cheap way to see the main sites in London as the bus travels past Victoria Station, through Parliament Square where you can see Big Ben, Parliament and Westminster Abbey. The bus then heads to Trafalgar Square, down the Strand and into the City of London past St. Paul's Cathedral. If you are on a budget, this is a low cost way to see the city.

  18. A great way to see London and learn about its history is by taking a boat ride along the Thames, starting at Westminster Pier (across from Big Ben) and ending at Greenwich. You get to see London from a different perspective and often the trip comes with hilarious commentary from the crew. While in Greenwich, be sure to visit the observatory at the top of the hill where you can stand on the Prime Meridian, visit the planetarium and get a great view of London.

  19. Can more than one person use it at the same time. For example when they get in the bus or the underground
    Or do u have any better options for families to make it cheaper?
    Someone plz help me!❤️

  20. How does it work with a kid who is young enough to ride for free (9 years old)? Does he need his own card that charges zero? Thanks!

  21. Hey!
    i understand you have caps for each zone, so, if lets say you reach the cap for zones 1-3 which is £8, and then go into zone 4 where the cap is £9.80. does that mean you would at most pay a total of £9.80 for a day or would you pay the cap for both zones which would be £8+£9.80=£17.80? Hopefully that isn't too confusing, thanks!

  22. if you're in Canada on a Monday and leaving for London on a Saturday – will you get your Oyster card in the mail by Friday guaranteed? Seems unlikely… Also can we not just buy one at Gatwick upon arrival? Thanks Kindly

  23. Hi! We are from the US visiting both London and Dublin in December, would it be better for us to get a travelex card, since we are visiting multiple countries, instead of an oyster card?

  24. Will be in London for 5days would the 7 day pass be a waste? What’s the easiest way getting from Heathrow to central London

  25. I would be in London in 2 days and don't have time to get it posted to me. How do I buy a Oyster Visitor card at Heathrow?

  26. Oyster Card can use in Scotland ? becoz i'm planning to travel London to Scotland…………………I worry that Oyster Card cannot use in Scotland, and can u give me yr advise?

  27. But I'll stay for 2 weeks in London? How do I do ? Do I have to get another Oyster card? To spend one more week ?

  28. Hiii sooo me and my family are visiting London next week and we will be staying for 3 days, but i have trouble finding which card(oyster or visitor oyster) or travel card i should get. I was hoping you could help me out on this one.Remember we need something that gives us access to all the means of public transport.
    P. S i really like your videos.Keep up the good work.

  29. Im Sorry if this seems stupid but what is the difference between getting this card and buying the tickets with cash? And how much does it cost to make a card??

  30. Also does this work for example in Coventry? Because I’m going there to visit a college and I arrive at stansed airport and then go to Coventry. Can I use this card? Or do I need to buy a train ticket separately?

  31. Is there any way to add money to your visitor oyster card electronically via an app or website? My sister gave me her old visitor card, and I want to avoid the queues for the automatic machines at tube stations.

  32. Me and my girlfriend are visiting London in three months. Can I share my Oyster Card with her or does she need one for herself?

  33. After googling the underground. It shows i can not take the piccadilly to bakerloo. Is that true? Im trying to see easy route from heathrow airport to 2 avonmouth st in London. I was planning underground piccadilly to bakerloo to elephant/castle. Is this doable? The direction im goggling keep telling me I can’t but look like it is doable by the underground map. Additionally it appears as i can use oyster cars for this underground trip from heathrow. Is that correct?

  34. Is it valid outside London? I will be spending my weekdays in Oxford and plan to visit London during the weekends. So can one oyster card is suffice to use in both these places?

  35. Hi
    I M LdhBiker Akshay From India
    I m Cming To London In July For 30 To 35 Days… First Time I M Visiting…

    Kindly, Please Suggest Me Which Oyster Card I Will Buy , & Traveller Card Also…..

    Waiting For Ur Answer Thank You….

  36. Going to London next week..if I take the tube to central London can I pay with the oyster card or do I have to purchase a "single" ticket?Also when I leave London towards Heathrow can I also use the tube to get to the airport? Thks for all your tips..

  37. here's some advice " make sure you get the £5 deposit on the refunded on from your oysters card before you fly out of London,

  38. Great channel Jess. I'm contemplating visiting London in the Summer and you explained the Oyster card system very well. I did have a question about them though (don't know if it was already explained but here goes). I'm considering getting a 7 day travel card/Oyster for zones 1 and 2 (since most of the things I want to see are there anyway). However, Heathrow is in zone 6 so I wouldn't be able to use a card designated for zone 1 and 2. Will I still be able to put "extra" money on the card so that I will be able to go to and from the airport? Thanks!

  39. What happens if we have some unused money left on the oyster card when we leave? Is there a way to get that money back in our bank account? Thanks!!

  40. Hi, If I want to apply for a 11-15 Zip oyster for kids do I collect it from a post office,or will it be mailed to me?

  41. Can I use the Oyster card for pay for other things like at a convenience store or is strictly for transportation?

  42. At least I have free travel with my 60+ Oyster Card. Lasts for 6 years 60-66 when I retired, I have it all got free as a Freedom Pass, free eye tests and prescriptions, half price on Thames River boats.

  43. Do you know what website or rail system I need to look into if I’m trying to go from London to Brussels? Or Brussels to Amsterdam?

  44. Just finished my 6 day trip to London. Thanks for all your videos and their tips. I would strongly suggest people who have a credit card with contactless capability to register with TfL. Much better than topping off and having to cash out when you leave. Also for us pensioners an explanation of what Concessions means at ticket counters. I don’t remember hearing about in the videos I watched. I know you are decades away…

  45. You can actually get a regular Oyster card before you arrive. I bought a London Pass with Travel and the pass and Oyster Card arrived at my door.

  46. Thank you for this video! I was trying to decide between the regular and the visitor, and this helped me so much.

  47. Hi, we will be there for 8 days. Should we get the $61.00 or $74.50 visitor oyster card? Thanks in advance! I have learned so much through watching your videos, thanks again!

  48. Just to confirm , I can now use the Oyster card on the Gatwick express? I recall you saying this in your video but a comment below about a year ago you said no – it cannot be used for the Gatwick Express?

  49. OH MY GOD, THIS VIDEO SAVED MY LIFE. but I have a question! what happens if I purchase the 7 day travel card and I use it during peak fares? do I have to pay an extra charge or is it included? thanks!

  50. Hi Jess, and thanks for all these helpful videos. I'm going to London in October and will arrive on a Sunday. Will I be able to buy an Oyster Card at Gatwick Airport? I'd rather buy it there than have it sent to me. Thanks.

  51. The visitor oyster card I tried to buy the visitor one but it's only saying delivering to USA and it's in dollars how do I change it I live in uk

  52. Hey! Im from Buenos Aires and Im going for a month to London next week. My dad gave me as a gift his visitor Oyster card (He travel to London in 2016) can I “top it” and use it when I Get to gatwick? Also Im Need to know how to use train to Haslermere and Tauton, Sommerset… if you have videos of how to use Train from London to other towns please let me know! Thanks you help a lot!!!

  53. Suppose I get the visitor oyster card and run out of credit. Can I top it up, like I could with the regular oyster card?

  54. Hi! Quick question!

    If I purchase a 7 day travelcard can I use it to get from Heathrow Airport to the city?

  55. Hi there!
    Do i need to purchase a card for each person in my crew, or one card for the whole crew will do?

  56. I have to say the Oyster Card is so unnecessary complicated compared to Malaysia's Touch n Go.

  57. What's the point of an Oyster card when you can just tap your phone or contactless payment card? That's what I do.

  58. Hello Ma'am. Actually i'm a bit confused of where to buy the oyster card from. Like where to order for it ? Please if you could say. It would be really helpful then.😊

  59. I will be in London for the first three weeks of September 2019. I'm from Canada… I will need to take a bus or train from the YMCA to the training academy everyday, probably 21 days in a row. I will probably go one week early to do my sightseeing. So probably 4 weeks in total.

  60. Jess, where would you recommend a reasonable price high tea at December time. Looking for somewhere to celebrate my 50th birthday.

  61. Could you explain the zoning? What and why are there zoning in London? So are these cards restricted to certain zones ?

  62. Thank you for your videos; they are essential to understand London! I have a doubt. Can I use the Oyster card to go to Stansted Airport? My return trip is during the night, and I'm afraid of losing it if I can't take the train. Thank you!! 🙂

  63. Hello, I will be in London for a couple of weeks and I have some questions about the Oyster card…

    1. Can I go anywere I wanna go with this card or just certains zones?
    3. Do I have to select certain zones when I purchase this card?
    2. Do I have unlimited rides for the day? (I think this is about the capping, right?

  64. Hello Jess, I bought two visitors london cards through your link. I love your videos, very clear, really informative

  65. Hi,I am looking forward to come to london for 5 days and I am just be going to Zone 1 and 2 on Tubes and also my way back to Heathrow Airport through tube.

    After,going through lot of websites and your video off-course I have decided to take Pay as you go option on Standard Oyster Card which I assume I can buy on Heathrow airport with Cap mode activated.

    Does that sound good to you and will it be saving my money then loading 7 days travel card for £64(Zone 1-6).Please help.I will be travelling in 2 weeks.Thanks in advance.

  66. We will be visiting London in December, and your videos have been SO helpful. Thank you! I had a question though… We are planning to buy Oyster Cards upon getting to Heathrow. Gonna put 15 pounds on them as well as 7-day travelcards for Zone 1-2. If we take the Tube to our hotel in Central London, will the card automatically just take the money from the pounds that are on the card and not the travelcard (since it's outside zone 1-2)?

  67. Dear Love and London. In 2009 I purchased an Oyster card when I arrived at Heathrow. I had a seven-day TravelCard added to it for a fixed fee of approximately 45 pounds that gave me unlimited travel in Zones 1 and 2 for seven days, whether I took a dozen Tube trips or 100.

    Fast forward to 2019. I again purchased an Oyster card when I arrived at Heathrow in May. This time, however, when I asked to have a seven-day TravelCard added to it for a fixed fee, the attendant at the ticket machine told me I had to get the top-up Oyster card. I thought it was odd and just figured that TfL's policy re Oyster cards had changed in the 10 years since I had last been in London.

    However, with the top-up card, I was anxious whenever I tapped in because I never truly knew if I would have enough money on the card to get me through the gate.

    So, can you give me the correct information re the policy on this card. I prefer the former option because, by paying for a flat-fee-unlimited-rides' card initially, one never has to worry about the card running out of money. Can you advise, please? Thank you.

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