What Is A Luxury Capsule Hotel In Japan like? [Kyoto Vlog]

What Is A Luxury Capsule Hotel In Japan like? [Kyoto Vlog]

Oh hi everyone we are finally in shuttle can you help us hey guys right now we're in Giotto we are in the hub of Kyoto karasuma Kurama basically where all the nice River is a lot of restaurant a lot of restaurants a lot of good shopping you get off San Jose station and you can reach the Millennials Kyoto I think I was like a five minute walk to capsule hotel but it's like a high-class hi-tech capsule hotel yeah first time I've ever stayed into one I've said in another capsule hotel is very very small but these rooms are supposed to be kind of big so if you guys are claustrophobic don't worry yeah so yeah so we are going to explore Kyoto but in the meantime we want to show you guys what this hotel has to offer and if you guys are interested please check the link in the description down below I think it is a perfect way for any budget-friendly traveler to come to Kyoto I think it's like somewhere from $30.00 or above low season around $30.00 per night so it's very very budget-friendly and for the quality and timeliness it is quite the stag so da Vinci and I'll also check out on sunny da hae is if you guys speak Indonesian she's making one as well more kind of a I guess then life and kill to a kind of video and then staying here at this hotel so we want to show you this hotel so hope you guys enjoy mmm yeah alright so we made it to our bedrooms on the fourth floor if you guys this hotel has four five six seven floors and eight the eighth floor is I'm sorry four five six times got you guys sorry sorry so we made our bedroom we're on the fourth floor the bedrooms are the place that you can stay to sleep or the fourth floor the fifth floor the sixth floor and the seventh floor so four floors the eighth floors reception reception and the lounge I think there's also a rooftop we actually goes smoke if you want to smoke the 6th floor is the only floor for females only so if you are a little bit worried you can go in the 6th floor and make sure you get a floor that's only for a few males you're basically set up with just the bed and a light and a lot of outlets what is that like pour six six outlets so if you're gonna use the M plus USB cable sending charging stations the nightgowns you can purchase for I think like two or three dollars that we're actually gonna wear tonight as well and yeah that's actually something kind of amazing is typically capsule hotels if you guys know it looked like a little circle like a like a little like a capsule from rocket ship or something because it's so small you can feel a little bit closer like but this one because it's huge spacious you know you won't you won't be feeling claustrophobic at all and the greatest thing it basically charges from around $30 per night from solo seasons around $30 right now it's like $30 so if you guys do want to stay in this type of thing very very good for a budget-friendly traveler yes what else can I do seems that I've been you what'd you just say oh it's going down my god this is some high-tech stuff they actually can live here for like a year or something I just love it it's just that I have a lot of stuff so I am a hoarder a lot so you gotta live the minimal life the door is actually really cool because it's a sliding door fighting they put the bed up first on the hook and nothing that's just anybody think about this place so far I really like the atmosphere and it feels like hotel the lounge area like the lobby area it's like the interior is really nice it's so cozy but at the same time feels really like luxurious it's a really nice one yes I really like it sunny so that's a shower up get the bed cuz we got a big date tomorrow so as soon as you guys walk into the shower room you guys will see this and it's basically private and I really like the fact that they are providing shower gel shampoo and conditioner oh I know this brand provincia and love this shampoo and I remember I bought like two bottles of this when I was in octopack hello so romantic a quick shower and then was like we had to thank you raise your bed if you guys are in Kyoto you guys when a budget from the hotel in the middle of Kyoto definitely highly recommend it is actually there talking about it there she called smart pause so not really like a capsule hotel more like smart pots because everything can be utilized with this I don't know where does a I touch my name is cold I can change the lights the into the reclaim the bed into a sofa was are applying the soap into a bed and as well as to key to lock his screen doors so does the Nicole it's kind of interesting concept to make a star pollen instead of a capsule hotel we're all showered I've got my Kyoto Millennials pajamas on exclusively at the cute smile yes it actually is really comfortable it fits really well too I got medium also I got a toothbrush so all this normal amenities amendment it is isn't it I mean amenities yeah it really doesn't feel claustrophobic at all it's pretty spacious as you guys can see I've got all of this space here I don't feel weak at all even if it's two pillows across can I read some books for outlets there with the USB I think I'm in a small cabin the pizzas really comfy – oh it's so nice it's really comfy but this place is really cozy my skin can't breathe and if okay we have we even have this much space yes gonna get still fit in this I caught it but what's call it smart pods that's my pie yeah it's not a capsule top because it's like a smart bond it actually makes sense right it's a pod and it's got a high technology with the itouch right well because by the video please like comment share and subscribe if you guys are interested in coming to Kyoto and staying here please check the links in the description down below once again always stay tuned to sunny died in and we'll see you guys in the next video but boy good morning good morning how are you could only that that that is comfortable but also yeah you don't request a little bit one bit he's hot I was sleeping so well I like moving around the bed and then in the middle of the night I went to the bathroom and it was huh I thought you woke up in the middle of the night yeah yeah that was me yeah I went to the bathroom and it wasn't that scary at all so I really liked it I'm dead serious I wish I can leave you for a little I can just like stay here for 24/7 and not leave the place now did another good thing that I thought was that despite it just being a screen you actually don't hear much yeah from the outside and it's it you feel kind of pretty quiet inside this what they call smart thought so yeah I guess sunny liked it I love it so much I enjoyed it so far yeah $30 or more definitely a bargain anyways now we're going to close the video because we forgot to talk about our reaction after we actually snapped it a minute just went back to sleep

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  1. If you guys are interested in the hotel, please click here! Love you guys! https://bit.ly/2JqF0QP

    Untuk temen2 yang ingin berkontribusi dalam subtitle bahasa Indonesia agar temen2 sunshine yang lain mengerti bisa klik disini ^^ terimakasih banyak ! http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=_pkNL2Osd7k&ref=share

  2. di Bali jg ada yg enak eonnie. Namanya H-ostel, pengalaman ku pertama kali nginep disana jg enak banget, kasurnya empuk dan kebersihannya dijaga banget, next time kalo ke Bali harus coba!! Lokasinya di kuta square jadi enak mau kemana2 deket ^^

  3. Thanks for sharing, now we also need a review video of First Cabin and to compare between with money wise.

  4. What is the air circulation like? Do you have any control over heating and cooling for your little pod? I get so hot when I sleep and I always have like three fans going. lol This seems like it might be stuffy.

  5. can two people stay in one pod? I want to get one with my boyfriend because we don’t like to sleep separately and this would definitely be a good option for us when we travel to Japan

  6. It's really more interested after I watched this video. Such a magic😂😂 Great recommendation👍🏿 If I'll go to japan, It'll be nice choice to stay there..

  7. Wait is this a couple channel now? I really thought sunny was going to be active on this channel again back to making old content 🙁 Sunny, could you at least add english subtitles to your indonesian channel so we can watch you there? I think a lot of global fans would be interested in watching you there even if you don't speak english. You don't even have to hire anyone, I think fans could do it for you using the captions/subs volunteer feature 😀

  8. I'm so glad that you're back on this channel! I've been missing your videos (although i do watch your second channel sometimes)!
    Thank you for you coming back 😀

  9. I stayed at the Millennials in Tokyo last summer. Amazing location and service. I would definitely recommend it.

  10. Thank you for filming this. I'll be staying there in a couple of months and it's great to see a video made by YouTuber I'm familiar with. ❤❤ Please film more in Kyoto. 😁

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