94 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Where’s Wes? – SNL

  1. Kudos for not over-playing the Where's Wes joke. That could have easily been dragged out too far but you nailed it.

  2. As a Belgian i now wanna know where the hecky in Belgium was that? Because i was gonna guess Southern France XD

  3. Just checked the App Store. Nothing about "Where's Wes?"

    There is, however, an App called "Where's Wass?" Trust me, it's entirely different.

  4. Rue Victor Hugo in Belgium. Maybe. That's the first thing that came up when i reverse google searched Wes's background.

  5. they should do a skit about Texas flooding and have people in the water and they see a rescue team but the rescue team saves the confederate statue

  6. Wes is a good feature to the show . I love how Michael looked a t Colin after he said " Well , you have your first clue . Good luck . "

  7. This reminded me of the Where in the world is Kelly Anne Conway skit with the long set up and a whole song for the short punchline and it's still funny

  8. Congrats to SNL and especially Kate McKinnon tonight!!
    Also.. now that SNL is nearly back.. if Rosie O'Donnel doesn't play Sarah Huckabee, I'm giving up on America.
    Thank you.

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