100 thoughts on “Weekend Update on Unemployment for Black Americans – SNL

  1. And then the michael flynn turned up nothing about russia but did reveal meddling by israel, nice try (not a trump supporter)

  2. We waited and saw very little from the investigation. I'm happy as hell I didn't bet anyone because I swear I would have bet my life's savings that Trump wouldn't have won the election. Then I would have done double or nothing that Trump would not last the 4 years in office. So I would have pretty much ruined my life if I found someone to take the bet. Trump's not doing an horrible job even though the media refuses to cut him any breaks. I'm still not a fan but come on now he's our president for better or worse. The media isn't doing it self any favors at this point. Trump said fake news for four years I didn't believe him, but now it's actually questionable. They pushed that Russia shit for so long that they turned them self into Fox news for the left. People like myself have been pushed to the likes of Ben Shapiro & Steven Crowder to get our news because it's becoming ridiculous. Tim Pool is probably the furthest left I'm willing to still listen to. CNN & the others better get their shit together or we may not see another democratic president for a while.

  3. Whenever they don't have anyone in the cast who looks like a celebrity, they just slap some makeup on Kate McKinnon and send her out XD

  4. I think Prince William would look more hilarious if make-up put a bold chin on top of the actor's less than noticable chin.. but they're hilarious together

  5. Wow. Trumps black unemployment from liberal prospective, remember liberals dont go on facts…but feelings…

  6. Mueller couldn't have been more wrong and he was lost and so are the DEMS OR socialists..
    Peace and love from this deplorable

  7. Hindsight 20/20 Lost is exactly what we got/you got since I am from Finland. The dreamland of socialism that worked overrun by the free markets that don't..

  8. Predictuin: Nothing will come of Russia investigation. The Ukraine call was illegal though. Trump will make a deal with DNC. There will be no prosecution and Democrats will gain control.

  9. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮the robert mueller bit hurts to watch now. Fucking bill barr’s god damn bullshit what an asshole. Bill Barr needs to be removed.

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