Watch the First 7 Minutes of the Season 3 Premiere | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Watch the First 7 Minutes of the Season 3 Premiere | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

[Applause] situation this is count my heart is racing right now but at the end of the day I have to be prepared to hold my head high and face whatever's coming all the things that I've been through the past couple years has gotten me ready for this day thank you since our last vacation in Manalapan life has just gotten so much better I'm planning a wedding thirty months clean and sober focused motivated helping others and I walk it like I'm talking I'm very excited about this dinners it's a dinner about us we're celebrating the engagement and the wedding process right now it is long overdue that my family and Lauren's family get together to celebrate to the union of these two fine now specimens no mentions of any court stuff there's no need for that bye whatever happens it's going to affect what so he needs to think about what we want to do a negative outcome if there's a chance that we may not be able to leave the country that you want to get married in the next couple months I hope you already have to do what do you they just don't want to wait anymore oh my god you smell that honey smells good it smells delicious really touched my heart it really did and I'm still thinking about it right now we'd like to thank every one of you guys for coming out in celebrating the union between these two families love you guys the whole families are Sicilian we would like to try to make it to the mother countries but that that may not be realistic due to some travel restrictions possibly sort of a bit of a bummer but at the end of the day things in life are gonna happen the way that they're supposed to from the fact that my fiance Lawrence understands this just reinforces the fact that she's my soul mate we are very proud of what you've done and how far you've come because it was bad right it was it was very it was and she didn't give up on you know she did it I know and you know what we went through with my son yes and that was extremely difficult and he wasn't as fortunate so keep up the good work it has taken years to earn the love and trust of my fiance's parents they have seen me at my worst we want to see the best for you thank you really I'm sure there is an elephant in the room right now that I have an upcoming court date that will affect you know my near future you know we are praying for a positive outcome I'm sure both families are they know that I have worked so hard to make a negative situation positive and have the strength for that day [Applause] I just hit 28 weeks so I'm seven months pregnant – no that's his feet I think give me your bugs I'm super excited I'm finally into my third trimester we need to get you pregnant imagine – boy baby meatballs oh my god I just can't wait for the little man to be here oh yeah I'm opening my own Stuart I only I knew you would wonder you officially open probably November you're gonna have like champagne for people who further grand opening but I've been so busy just getting the place ready basically flipping it and you walk in these need to be pretty exactly I've been hustling so proud of you about you life Oh God you know we have a huge elephant in the room Jenny's going through a divorce I don't know it's like I can't figure out how to like express it so I just like shut it out and move on since mouth and you know just live in the dream so moving on still getting married yes so getting married good I think this one will be it yeah he's such a guy right hand by he's actually really good don't f it up oh whatever we also delivered my babies Hey so you saw her vajayjay yes a few times yes how are you I'm good see you good to see you it's so nice sharing this with my roomies I was there with Nicole with Lorenzo with all their kids they're like my sisters and I'm so happy they're here to experience this with me there he is looking Rose if you would have told me ten years ago the same people I'm drinking with [Applause] sitting here seeing my son on the sonogram I would be like okay you're right but it's amazing how life works and I love it I'm happy we're all in a good place where we do have Mike's court coming up very watch Jersey Shore a family vacation every year

49 thoughts on “Watch the First 7 Minutes of the Season 3 Premiere | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

  1. It’s crazy!! I loved jersey shore since the beginning but I absolutely hated mike in the beginning but since he came back on the show clean sober and happy, he’s literally beaming positivity.

  2. This might sound crazy but I’ve been battling with drinking for a few years now. Definitely just said if mike can stay sober I know I can do it ✊🏾

  3. I think it's so funny how things were with everyone and Angelina all those years ago and now here she is @ an OB appt. for Deena with Nicole & Jenni, it's just wow, lol

  4. Its good to see how far Mike has come (came). He better himself throughout the years; super stoked that they're all still friends til this day……….i hope i am very lucky to come across friends that are ride or dies like they are with each other

  5. And for the record I bet jen beat up ron again dude didnt get jumped I had a feeling from when he showed his black eye and scratch

  6. I find it funny how they ended this episode with the cast finding out he got 2years when its 8mth and 2yrs supervised release

  7. Deena is still pregnant this season? They filmed this awhile ago. Baby CJ is like 3 months now and Snooki has gotten pregnant AND had her 3rd child, Alonso. 😱

  8. Can we talk about the fact that we all hated Mike in season 1 of Jersey Shore and now 10 years later he’s a totally different person. I mean how can you not love this guy? Man I’m so proud of him. I just love Mike.

  9. OHHHH YEAAAAh JERSEY SHORE YEAAAAHH!!! i been waiting forever for the new family vacation to come out!!

  10. Jenni got it really hard to. She's such an amazing mother no matter what people say, most of the people talking rubbish don't even have a child. Swear the last 30 mins was so emotional.

  11. LuV Jenny but is she really forgetting who she was in Jersey Shore,🤦‍♀️when her man was sitting home waiting for her🤔🤔🤔🤔

  12. U Know He's Living His Best Life(Even In Jail) I'm Sure The Cast Already Filled His Commissaries So He Can Eat His Foods 😋😊

  13. God bless ! We all change ! And keep being positive I’ve been there done that and beat it mike ! Rep from philly !

  14. I Wish It Wouldn't Have Taken All Of This To Show What A Lovable,Funny,Caring Person He Truly Is!I Pray They Give Him His Foods!

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