[Vinesauce] Vinny – Ripened Tingle’s Balloon Trip of Love

[Vinesauce] Vinny – Ripened Tingle’s Balloon Trip of Love

Wot? [chuckle] Oh my god, this music. [A remix of the Master Sword fanfare from Ocarina of Time plays] It’s… [Whistle noise] What the fuck? “The train articles combine to form the mark of the true train nerd-” “…the Trainforce!” OH, COME ON! So here it is, this is the moment that, like, four of you have been waiting for. “Ripened Tingle’s Balloon Trip of Love”. Finally translated by fans into English for the very first time. Beautiful! I don’t know what this is gonna be like… (echoing) “Hey! Pervert!” What the absolute frick. Why are these squirrels gyrating in pleasure? (normally) …but here it is! “35 years old… No job, no money.” “And of course, no girlfriend.” (“impressed” woah ) [trying not to laugh] “Beautiful women are waiting to join the love drama!” This is really just an allegory for leaving your parents’ house…way too late. That face. “Tingle, this isn’t the right thing. I need, uh, y’know, the thing!” ๐Ÿ˜‰ “What did grampa mean with that thing?” “Grampa’s thing…” Oh, I don’t wanna know about Grampa’s thing. The fuck is this, a floating pig? What?! WHAT THE FUCK AM I LOOKING AT?! What is this?! [in a low, scratchy voice] “Good day. I am pig.” “Look, the suitcase is none of your business. Don’t touch it under any circumstances.” [Hitting noise] Oh my God! “Oi, Gramps! Don’t just open it!” “…Umm, Tingle. Don’t touch that.” What the fuck? “How about you say goodbye to your gramma?” How about you let me into the fuckin’ box? How– How is this a transportation…vehicle? oh fuck its a canon? [Laughing] [Whistling and crash] [Vomit noise] What are their noses? What… the fuck? Oh god, what is this? What is this? What are you? What’s that? Tingle and… three people? And one of them’s a scarecrow. Tingle is Dorothy. Are you fucking kidding me? Yoop! Wow. I think Tingle just hit himself in the cock. What is this? A frog? A small elderly man is drowning in the stream. [Chuckling] What!? I can take you to the other side of the field. [Burps in the middle of the word side] Excuse me, I had a little gas. There’s only one battery remaining. [Kakashi voice] I know what to do! There. Corn has been forcibly crammed in. No, sorry, corn is not working. Oh god dammit what are you doing? *sexy voice* CORN like its really easy to get attached Oh my god how is a dude who can flote on a cloud able to drown so easly well (cof cof) rest in peace kakashi look at that mother fucker on the bottom left why( hihi) does he look like that thats the best thing i have ever seen (chat) its a ro-thot, GET OUT OF HERE oh o-ok, see ya you are not a real squirrel plant:nha hahahahaha oh shit oh no donT WHAT THE FUCK? WhAt ThE fUcK pLeAsE look at kakashi ( :D) hes just trilled that this is happening what is this? WOAH is this stink (cuz link) this is bizzaro link holy shit yey, were companions good friends (kakashi 2018) you 2 mister is he bleeding again weights aproximatly 100 WEIGHTS WEIGHTS ….ok length, roughly 20 lengths, hahahaha WHAT (spooky), OMG THAT IS AMAZING TINGLESSS SKULL just POPPED OUT OF HIS FUCKING MOUTH I love this game spoopy part with vinny laughing a candle, nothing special about it i tried to kick it on here i goo soft ๐Ÿ˜‰ (santa?) hohohohoho (badass song) oh its the squirrel master (laughing) Oh my god! Oh my god! BLOOD! oh thats not blood ๐Ÿ™ ro thot:suport for rescue action required? yes Final confirmation The smartest individual around here Surpassing all others in form and function Alive or android, who is that? you absolute shitlord look at that body look at that face! wh.wh. are these squirrels with bikinis? chollung mosec Oh my god twitch this is not, this isnt what it looks like nintendo is pretty good at making like, controlled insanity oh shit oh it just so happends to. aHAHAHAHAHA wow, this is not tingles day its like Karl Pilkington cupid i think i could be of assistence girl diary oh no, did this just turned into a dating sim? I’ll teach you the love push. Win girls hearts with the right presents. I dunno how I feel about this, uhmm… is this like culturally different? wow, this got weird real quick ohHOHOHOHOH I DONT LIKE THIS, NOOOOOOOOOOOO (Eternal damnation) Ilovethis,Iloveyoutoo (more pain) thanks nice mister did it have to be called love push though? Her head resembles a pair of baggy pants hohoHO hohohohohO, WHAT? this is how tingle became a “pussy slayer”, I believe is the subtitle of the game in english (reference) hahahahah i didnt realize there where minigames in this Beep Knife Goes beep boop beep boop while you chop. Annoying! Humi-De-Fier, Humidifier & dehumidifier in one. No effect whatsoever. these are genius items what was the thing? oh here it is (moist meter ;)) oh its just for humidity everybody [Dunkey] It’s a mastapiece that fucking face that tingle makes though, jesus Anybody would have been surprised, those tights fit so… tightly she just said that she saw tingle’s cock and was not ok with that and I didn’t have to give her the moist meter *plock* (hell no) This really is like a Karl Pilkington story (Karl Impression) So there’s a little monkey fellow, he’s like the river-man boat boat-man Like he would use the oar [Ricky] That was absolute bollocks, none of that is true what the fuck wha. the fuck wha. *laughter*, this is an amazing drawing of tingle holy shit this is the single best thing I’ve ever seen in a video game Wait wut this is who tingle is gonna end up with by the end of the game *pop* what? I don’t think this would work It worked It worked yes you saw correctly, a frog just got air blown up its butt and then turn into a constellation I think we need to have a strawpole because a lot of people hear tingle saying fwee fwee others hear qwee qwee this is very important look at that nucleus of apples (its humming) uhhh *laughter* man the Wizard of Oz is weird oh thats, OH GOD ITS SO CREEPY Buriki please theyre going back to vinesauce HQ touch me from anywhere, choo oh its that weird guy I love the whole party as tiny pixels its the best on the board walk that, really? A bunch fuckin like smut.. oh… oH GOD I DONT WANt to think about that What you don’t see its the scene after the gifts She starts rubbing his tummy and slowly unzipping hes green tights, no, you don’t want to hear about the rest of that? I mean she got them lipsssss D. S. L. hehehe Choco berry single cup, choco berry single cup Wait… that’s a secret code this clown is the leader of this organization the clown never had real ice cream Que the Sunny in Philly sound sting, Tingle and Kakashi become hitmen The fuck, it’s an RPG? wait a minute thats the creep why is he dressed as a condom? oh, uhm *laughter* (true beauty) uhh, uh oh fuck *laughing* So, do you want to help me charge my crystal? I’ve got plenty of imitation crab meat for both of us wait a minute… the human version of the group *laughter* *deathly ill smoker witch* *the same voice* so what I smoke a little bit, huh, mother fucker what does it matter god dammit tingle EEK and because you look like someone who suffered terminal 8 want to come down to Atlantic city with me and smoke a pack of fucking pall wall 100’s?, I mean… goodbyeee! I sense tingle has been framed Shaggy was paid off with scooby snacks [Tinky Winky voice] Hey how you doing its me Kakashi *laughs* is that kakashi in the toilet? he loves it fame level Gigolo *laughter* Wait I get to romance the dog? that is that is so cute *yap* *moan of tingle echoing* ok (all aboard the) choo choo I want to diiieeee, I mean, of our loooveee *terminal 7 in action?* excuse me Hello take this *phoom* *dying lion* Noooooooooooh *heart beat* *slower heart beat* I gotta tie it around you Kakashi *laughter* Kakashi rope is the best thing ever *even slower heart beat* *more heart beats* *heart beat* *heart beat* *heart beat* tingles a master Iona lo*laughter* cking on massive love [Chat member] maybe you should dance over the corpses of your dead friends who you used to get here oh shit, the ripening… he’s getting so ripe! Burikis head? *gasp* *sad +happy* buriki! Buriki’s back and with metroid music that was the best thing ever in the history of video games there has never been a better moment *snipery snaps* lion has returned! kakashi’s back too theyre all alive Hey, HEY she wants to suck tingle, what is happening? *eechooed* pehromoans Oh my god look at this tingle, holy shit that is an amazing thing this is not my idea of a good time Uh oh I’ve been sucked this is amazing by the way Kakashi you promised you’d help I can’t, I can’t do this, my hand is cramped as fuck for this right now Guys Hang on a minute My right monitor is a touch screen i knew this thing was gonna come in handy at some point I need your energy everybody this is my secret weapon, using an upright touch screen monitor to kill frogs with a Tingle slingshot Gotcha bitch! *oh no intensifies* ha, gotcha , *relifed shigh* my finger is very smooth now however Kakashi, you’re fucking stupid, sorry, get out of here What was that? I loved it, I really genuinely started caring for the characters towards the end it was just a fun thing to experience with everybody I’ll miss these tingle streams I really will its gonna go down as a Vinesauce stream that I’ll remember forever

100 thoughts on “[Vinesauce] Vinny – Ripened Tingle’s Balloon Trip of Love

  1. I would just drop everything when this was streaming. It's one of the best things Nintendo has ever made and it NEVER RELEASED OUTSIDE OF JAPAN!!!

  2. What the fuck. Is this an officially licensed game creates by nintendo? The fuck man what where they SMOKING when developing this jesus.

  3. "Alright gentlemen. We need some Zelda spinoffs: Lay it on me"
    "Well, how about a game featuring a core character from the series?"
    "Which one and what would it be about?"
    "Maybe Zelda being the adventurer-"
    "Did that twice and it didn't work"
    "Okay, how about one where you play as Ganon and take over-"
    "Well how about one of the popular side characters that's really popular and played a big role?"
    "ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!! Get that 40 year old man in green spandex that thinks he's a fairy in here pronto!"
    "Sure thing, Mr- wait what?"

  4. Man, Vinesauce, Vinny,Joel Long Life for you! Don't stop the channel man! Your videos always make me laugh! Gotta admit, tomorrow i'm about to a test, and i feel so worried about it and them i watch this again, start to get calm and laugh again and again… Man keep with IT ok?
    -Random Guy.

  5. This is a licensed first party Nintendo game based on their second biggest franchise in which a beARDED 30 YEAR OLD MAN GROOMS A CHILD

  6. Like the video and this great game, but you kind of killed a lot of the attention when you skipped pretty much all of the dating sim sections. Like even the build up music makes it exhilarating

  7. Hey vinny, maybe don't use jonton sound effects because he's a white surpremacist whose ideals don't line up with yours

  8. Watching through this series on full sauce helped me sleep like a goddamn baby. I have a soft spot for videos that can produce that feeling

  9. It's been almost an entire year since this video has been released out into the disturbing landscape of Youtube.

  10. ๐‘๐ข๐ฉ๐ž๐ง๐ž๐ ๐“๐ข๐ง๐ ๐ฅ๐ž'๐ฌ ๐‚๐Ž๐‚๐Š ๐€๐๐ƒ ๐๐€๐‹๐‹ ๐“๐Ž๐‘๐“๐”๐‘๐„.

  11. god i love it when you can just tell the developers of a game went absolutely apeshit with it and loved it the entire time

  12. "This is how tingle became a pussy slayer"

    Words i never want to hear again unless they come from Vinny's mouth

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