twelve hour road trip with my bff

twelve hour road trip with my bff

we coming home tonight we are currently on a road trip to Florida I left about an hour ago we're going to with water sounds pulled up with a bunch of our friends there's like 12 girls staying in one beach house and to pass the time we are learning the VeggieTales remix song we're going to document what we know right now and then we will update you at the end of this road trip when we hopefully know the entire song like by the end of this road trip we will have it memorized thank you for your time for more about later a few minutes later hey guys it's been approximately like 20 minutes probably said we're not the best but we're just going to show you an hour Oh Bama we sent a video of us doing the VeggieTales rock to our Jamaican Como snapchat that he was watching it at his dentist office and that is what he says did no I did it so that is her daughter watches my videos so if your mom works in a dentist's office then hello thanks for watching my video – sweet if I just listen to the veggie tale remake something for an hour to memorize we'll update you and we're doing something interesting we're about to get into Florida folks ready Alabama three two one everything discussing which more exciting going into Florida Alabama was kind of boring you know been like how I family admit these guys were crossing water we're almost there guys we're nine minutes away we're about to get onto 30a though it's the best look how beachy it is so cute so goodbye what's up peeps we've made it to the beach we're in our beach house right now so four of us are sleeping in the surf gives me a 12 or 13 girls something like that in this house is our room so we have four people sleeping in here there's a really nice bathroom I'll show you downstairs the closet is massive there's this room there's a bunk room right there and a bathroom are you going down the stairs and the kitchen is so cute it's like a little blue kitchen and we've got some people sleeping down here as well look how cute this is a little beach house so it's adorable there is a leak but we've called maintenance um but it's just so cute so this is it's like a really cute little subdivision area so we're gonna go the beach or 30 I think right now I think we're gonna go to the beach and then go to the grocery store and then the first episode of The Bachelorette is on tonight so I think we're all going to order pizza and watch it downstairs so that'll be really fun but I'm just excited that we're at the beach and now we're gonna drink place across from our like things that were saying baby guys this is crazy okay so the little kids that we were just hanging out with it was this we just think it's a little girl that y'all saw named Annie and then her sister Charlotte and they were the sweetest little girls ever their parents came over to us while we were like playing with them and they were so sweet they like told us I literally look at burnt tomato but whatever um they told us like how they met and it was accused thing and we talked for a while I bought us a gift card for playing with our kids oh sweet so I just want to cry I'm gonna go back to looking a burnt tomato oh geez what happened I'm sorry I'm doing this front camera so he can see himself aw do you see yourself you look so cute oh my stick you mean my thumb any Papa's off I mean king purity your dis folks go with your gut what flavor did you get Superman what was your score 50 43 mine was 70 insanely amazing alright so we're going to go paddleboarding I've got my life vest on I can't bring my phone because we're gonna drop it the ocean but maybe someone else I got some clips alright guys we just went paddleboarding unfortunately my glasses got lost in the ocean but it was really fun we're out there for a long time when we fell a lot it was great what's up peeps is gold an hour at the beach we're with Ethan and even the lash mitts folks and we are not dilash myth it's a lash mitt oh my my whole life is a lie anyway

21 thoughts on “twelve hour road trip with my bff

  1. Whenever you do something really great or really stupid you should say,                         "Merwin Managed" … like in Harry Potter when they say 'Mischief managed' –  LOL

  2. You could make almost anything entertaining, Your goofy and positive and that is just so infectious. It is impossible not to laugh and smile when watching your videos. Keep it real Allie!

  3. Okay but who hasnt tried to memorize the veggie tales remix song…

    I tried once and failed 😂
    Okay question what is the intro song I always forget to ask

  4. Even though I am not great, I like to play putt putt golf. I hate you lost your sunglasses. Hopefully you were able to replace them quickly to beat the Florida heat. As always another Awesome vlog Allie.

  5. Best road trip I’ve ever been on was with my three best friends. On senior skip day this year we drove to California and back from Oregon in one day! We followed the Oregon coast line and it was so magical. It was crazy and spontaneous, but I made the best memories on that day!

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