Trip to Paderborn 2019  / Part 1

Trip to Paderborn 2019 / Part 1

Everyone, everyone You started the vlog? No, no, don`t film right now And that time of the year as arrived when the maximum fun starts, the venture starts! We are going to Germany to the paderborn skate contest. Before we start the journey to Germany … We want to mention the sponsors for this trip. Benjamin Shoe Store, thank you very much for the shoes. Krack Clothing, my sponsor, thank you. Cirus Skateboards, thank you. All been said… We will get in the car, stay tuned This is the first year when we will film in 4k We recommend that you watch this from a big tv screen or a monitor Or go to a friend who has one … Exact, and select the 4k option And … what to say, what to say?? Don`t forget NoseAndTail Skateshop, how can we forget about it. We gonna make 3 parts for this Paderborn vlog So let`s go in this Porsche Matiz, no … Ferrary Citroen yes yes This is the car that we are gonna use to go to Germany. In the way we will get Dani Boy ( Daniel Popescu) from his town Bals. Boris, grandpa has already left before us at 5 in the morning with the buss So he is gonna be there before us with half a day We didn`t had space for him too… Let`s get this started … In the first part of the vlog in our way to Paderborn We will make the first stop in Bals city to get Dani After that we will stop in Orșova city for a food break, at Nane`s place ( famous rapper) We will pass near Caransebeș After we will enter in Hungary through Nădlac city And we will make thursday morining a stop to the CIRUS Skateboards factory We will make a short video from there to show you guys where they are makin the freestyle boards. We will get some products from them, Cirus is one of the Paderborn sponsors. After we will leave to Austria… But …let`s see what will happen on our way. We arrived in Balș city and we will get Dani Wait a little boss I prepared here a little cheese I put even a little bit of soy sauce, yo come here to tell you more about my food … Look at us, all with the same t-shirts Burnout Continue with your food The bread was made by me ( not really ) Hello, sir. Hello, sir. We should make them all a group photo We will place this two sac bags in the back and sit on them with our ass to have more space But why mine? This is it. You know, this is a big deal to as a parent to have this kind of trust to let you 13 year old kid to go this far away from home. With us of course, but still it`s a big deal. To support him, give him gear to get better in this sport We made paper work for him to get him out of the country, so i`m responsible for him now. Still, big deal, big deal. I`m happy that they support you this much. I`m happy too Not all parents are like this you know. Maybe some of you are wondering if we will stop in Hungary to get Turi Zoltan Unfortunately we can`t get him this year because of the space. We are already 5 and Boris left separate with the buss. Last year was a good opportunity to grab him in that big car, but he couldn`t come. So yeah, we can`t get him unfortunately… So we only gonna stop to the Cirus factory in Hungary Fuck man … So kids on our left side you will see Portile De Fier 1 ( gates of iron made by Ceausescu) Started building it in 1964 and finis in 1972 The biggest hydropower on Danube river look there Do you see it over there? I don`t think because of the fisheye on the gopro But they are right over there … Maybe we can see them better from here … Do you see them, look now … Tell the how much power they make! 2.000 and something? 1.080 megawatts The lesson for today is done. We arrived in Orșova city We will make our first stop. Shop for some food. Relax, chill, eat. I hope we can find a parking space with shade This sun has destroyed me. Very nice … All coral pink… I want to film myself a little bit too… Direct in the holl! Man i would go for it, but no … I can jailwalk here, no cars are passing… What do you want to get to eat? Damn it`s like we are dress like a soccer team … I don`t know … The classic like last time. Some shit hobbo sandwiches. Turn the camera off, you are not allowed to film inside. We got our food. We are waiting for Lolex ( Alexandru Feraru ) Wait, he can`t reach because his fat … yes 62 lei ( 13 euros ) it has to last me until we reach Paderborn. ready man? Let`s go After you guys You dude, what are you doing there? A? You don`t wanna say? We will fly a little bit the drone. Cool as fuck! Wow it`s so high Done! We left Orșova city, next is Nădlac. Why are you laughing? Because you sound like a travel guide. Give me the camera to let Dani talk to, Marius talks a lot. So, how are you felling, what are you doing? I feel good. What do you think about your trip? First time you are leaving the country? Yes! Are you prepared? Do you have emotions? Yes i have a lot. Any problems with your skate run? No problems, but i do have emotions. Don`t let your macaroni (his legs) shake to much in the contest. Yes, spaghetti It`s the first time for me too ( Catalin Eremia ) I have an advantage because i already saw it from outside overthere. It`s still a little advantage you know. Yes because i was close to the scene. I`m in his position right now, i make fun of him, but i`m just like him …. In the same situation. look at the landscape … This is the way to start. i remember when i first enter the contest in 2012 … man My legs ware shaking like crazy, i even missed a shove-it… It was so crazy Let`s see what we have here. We have like 60km until the boarder with Hungary. We made a quick pit stop. To relax a little. We put some diesel in the car … We even used this wonderful toilets Jesus Christ … i was in that one. It was full of flies inside … It smelled like crazy … dude, do you know how it was inside that box? Shit everywhere … and a lot of flies. You went there to? Yes It`s 10PM and we are at the boarder at Nădlac. And we are waiting to leave Dani here and leave without him ( joke) We made it retty fast here because it`s 10 PM Wait a little, does the hour goes behind? We are winning one hour. Ok, prepare the paper please. We made it, we crossed the boarder. Felling like in heaven, Dani? To bad it`s dark and we can` film that much now … We are gonna stop near the Cirus factory and sleep a little. ( Me and Dani in the car and the guys outside in the tent) We will film tomorrow morning when we will have light. See you in the morning. Stay straight with you back! Let`s go tour giude … Man what face you have … ….and action It`s 5:00 AM No, it`s 6:35 AM We are in Hungary, in Vesprem. I think so … strange name. I slept like a hobo He slept like a hobo, me too and Lolex We are waiting. Like a promised Today we are making a little video from the Cirus Factory Let`s start with my new pro model graphic They will be out soon for sale They are only in 7.25 now, but in the near future they will be in 7.5 as well. And single kicks too These 3 boards are for Paderborn contest to give. Yeah, so this is the factory Ehere the magic happends Raw material They use them to make boards. They glue together 7 layers of these canadian maple After they press it I think they let them a couple of hours or maybe a couple of good minutes … i don` know. Here we have some mold shapes 8.75 man that is big 7.75 these are for street. I can`t see mine, but i think it` in another place. I don`t know what these are … There they collect the sawdust Big vaccum So this is what a factory looks like It`s not Jart or a bigger company you know, so yeah, this is pretty gnarly. These are already pressed These are street boards They need to cut them now … Let me show you again the graphic (made by Matteo Dumitrache) I like it a lot To sick And let me show you the guys how are behind all of these. So this is it. This was the tour This was it Now we are gonna leave And after we will make our next pit stop in Austria. Tell me boss, you like this factory? I like it, but what i would like more now is to sleep. It`s cool, i never saw a skate factory before. What do you think about it Dani? You saw how it`s made and stuff I don`d know. I want to sleep. Film here Next stop, Vienna In what country is Vienna, Dani? You killed him with that question. I don`t know. 195 km to Vienna Tell me in what country is Vienna!!!! Man how long do you think about it? Come on guys leve him alone. We are entering Austria I`m going to that toilet iver there. Wait i`m coming with you to film the reaction. The guys told me that is like shit I want to see if you pass out Damn … You know how bad it smells? A lot of flies Let me sleep for a few minutes because i need to drive after. Put the gopro in mouth, see how many caries it has. Come on Dani, will you give some
autographs to those girs? They are waiting for it. Tell me will you give them or not. What shold i tell them? Come on Dani, will you give them autographs or not? Come on don`t act like you don` care, tell me yes or no Those girls are waiting for nothing? We are in Germany now. We still have 583km until Paderborn Dani is off duty He went down for the country He is sleeping again. He is really tired There is Undertaker Wake up, you have homework to do. Oh is holliday, i forgot. When he is not sleeping on me he is sleeping on Lolex. This is it, we arrived. I have the impression that e enter from another place and i don`t know why. Wait, wait Yeah, we got in from a different place. We will find the skatepark don`t worry. Someone put goldground skatepark on google maps. Wait, wait, let me film this We are here It`s already almost night Boris ( grandpa we call him) was already waiting for us. What`s up grandpa? Look at his tent with the flag and everything. I got the grass if you can see … This year is more space for the tents See you in part two Tomorrow morning fhkewbqdio23ufh3wfnvlms It got cold man! it got cold I just got my drawers on me.

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  1. imi lipseau vlogurile astea)) super treaba… abia astept partea a 2 a .. felicitari Marius pentru locul 9 la pro si felicitari si celorlalti participanti! keep up the good work!🤘🥇🏆

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