What is going on Members of the Barrio It’s Jon coming to you from Guadalajara And today we’ve got something special in store I’m talking World Record Special We’re in front of Karne Garibaldi Which has the guinness book of world record For fastest service. At a restaurant I believe it’s about 15 and a half seconds And we’re going to put this place to the test And we’re also going to be trying out.. Karne en su jugo At the same time Which is a speciality of Jalisco I guess two birds with one stone Let’s go try this place out Alright Adriana so you are ready with your timer here? Huh? I have it right here.. So let’s see.. And what are the two things we’re going to be timing We’re going to time when they bring the appetizers.. How long it takes.. And how long it takes to bring the main course So we’re putting them to the test today Let’s see if they live up to this expectation Let’s see. and let’s see if it’s good That’s the most important part.. yes Wow this place is packed. Here it is guys.. by the way 13 and a half seconds To get a menu.. We are going to start the clock as soon as we sit down. Okay so.. We didn’t have to time anything. The appetizer actually beat us to the table I’m surprised. We already know what we want.. We’ve got the menu right here. We want to get two karne en su jugos medianas The anticipation is killing me. I’ve got to see how long it takes for us to get this main course I had enough time to eat one chip An our main course is here Adriana what do we got for main course time? We got the main course after.. One minute and fifty seconds And we got two carne en sus jugos One minute, fifty seconds From sitting to food. I think the only question now is will this be the fastest vlog in history? Because I don’t have a lot to say.. Let’s examine the food before we eat it of course. Beef.. Bacon I think some onions Definitely chile in here What surprise do we have in here? Be honest.. what do you think? A little bit spicy But good.. Perfect. To spicy for me though? No this is fine.. I’ve got a big spoonful here.. of bacon Bistec And all that good juice. Carne en su jugo First bite ever I like it. Honestly, not the best beef I’ve ever had in my life But.. It’s got a little bit of spice A little kick to it In a good way It’s about the maximum amount of spice I actually like. In my dishes here. But I think i’m going to enjoy this a lot And I may actually start using the tortilla a bit And dropping in some.. Onion And cilantro And lime.. Try to make this the perfect stew. Clearly this place is legendary In Guadalajara It is absolutely packed There’s barely any tables open. I think when you come here You know exactly what you’re going to get In Mexico tortillas are like a human right. So if you run out of tortillas You can always ask for more. And in most of these places Almost everywhere.. They are free. Feel free to ask for more tortillas We’re going to time how quickly.. We get the check That’ll be the ultimate irony If the check takes like 10 minutes 10 minutes.. si todo. Fastest check time for sure since I’ve been in Mexico What do we got? 33 seconds.. 33 seconds to get your check. About 7 dollars and fifty cents per person For this meal After 5 dollars each for the carne en su jugo We are both Completely full And completely satisfied Hasta Luego Would you recommend this place to your friends visiting Guadalajara? I will.. To have the experience. It’s not the best meat.. meal ever But.. it tastes good And it’s a cool experience So why not? And if you’re in a rush Definitley try it Adriana and I were discussing this. I think this may have been the fastest lunch.. Of my life At a sitdown restaurant And I know the assumption always is That you leave the United States You go to Latin America That service is a little bit slower at restaurants Which many times.. it is.. But this spot right here.. Is a Guiness book of world record holder for fastest Meal service. We had our appetizers already waiting Before we could even say anything I think the entree took about a minute 45 seconds The check took about 30 or 40 seconds also Overall, I thought it was a great experience I would take a friend here.. For sure. Definitley recommend that you do use the tortillas The soup by itself wasn’t really my thing But with the tortilla it was excellent Guys tell me in the comments are their better spots to try karne en su jugo? Or other food places you recommend in Guadalajara Thank you so much for watching I’ve got a lot more coming up
From this part of Mexico Until next time guys The things we do to try to get thumbnails guys..


  1. Where is the fastest serving restaurant you've ever eaten at?

  2. I love carne en su jugo, with crispy bacon inside…and fresh chopped jalapeno in it….at least everything was served fast and hot, every mexican dish tastes better with warm tortillas, I haven't had breakfast yet and I want a warm meal like that…..thank you Jon.

  3. Muuy buen video 😍 espero que sigan así y la vdd a mi se me hace bien esa carne, no es la mejor pero es muy sabrosa y esos caldos exquisitos, saludos sigan así viva México y Usa CABRONES!!!

  4. Im from Guadalajara and I'm proud to be it! Glad you like my place! Regards! Have a nice day. I recomend you to go to the Zoo

  5. Que curioso, no sabía de ese récord, yo comí ahí y no es la mejor carne en su jugo pero el guacamole y frijoles están buenos, Saludos

  6. This is amazing! I didn't know this is even possible! :DDD We just vloged about Serbian traditional food. Kindly check it out, you guys might find it interesting 🙂

  7. I’ m acord with you karnes Garibaldi is fast service and the meat is regular and yes there are another restaurant similar with meat with juice is Kamilos 33 it’s by side 😉

  8. Bien. Estoy sorprendido porque todo que yo oía fue como se relejado, lento. Todos los restaurantes, sino uno, es relejado en México. Creo que el restaurante más rápido fue un restaurante vietnamita sopa de fideos con carne, un lugar de "Phô". In the US things are usually rushed way too often.

  9. Soy de Gdl., me encanta la carne en su jugo y la como unas cinco veces al año, en mi casa o en algún restaurant. El caldo o jugo es muy sabroso y el tocino y frijoles refritos que se sirven con el plato son deliciosos.

  10. Mexicans often pride themselves that they do not rush you a check and hover of you while you have your meal. It is often considered rude to bring a check too quickly to a guest and usually they wait until you ask for it.

  11. That's awesome! of course the real test is how long does it take to get your change when you plop a 500 peso bill down on your bill?

  12. Prueba los lonches de pierna bañados "GEMMA" son clásicos de Guadalajara te los recomiendo y visita las pirámides de Guachimontones están a 30 minutos de Guadalajara 😉

  13. My favorite restaurant in Guadalajara by far!!!!! I cant wait to go eat some carne en su jugo. Will be in Guadalajara next month for spring break. Will also be going to Sayulita in my parents home state of Nayarit. Nice videos. Been following you guys for a while now. Saludos from Boyle Heights CA.

  14. Mi bro, se le agrega el cilantro y la cebolla antes de comer, cuando el caldo esta aun caliente….es como si te comieses un plato de pozole solo con el caldo, los granos de maíz y la carne sin agregarle cebolla lechuga rábanos limo etcc… Pero bien buen intento muchachos….saludos!!!

  15. Fuí ahí alguna vez con mis primos de Guadalajara y me gustó también la carne en su jugo, no es la mejor que he probado pero sí me gustó mucho.

  16. Hey John, great videos. I'm visiting Guadalajara in 2 weeks and wanted to know how secure is Guadalajara right now. I will be visiting with my wife and kids.

  17. I just found out that the word "bisteck" or "bistec" in spanish comes from "beef steak". Never too late I guess.

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