TRAVELING DAY | Lima, Peru to Naples, Italy | Around the World Trip

TRAVELING DAY | Lima, Peru to Naples, Italy | Around the World Trip

We are Michael and Halef, and we started
our travel around the world in August 2019 We spent the first two months of
our journey in Peru and we were very fortunate to be able to explore all over
this beautiful country and to experience its amazing culture. Today it’s time for
us to leave our temporary home here and continue on our journey It’s gorgeous – can’t believe this is Peru Now, lounge first! Buenos noches – Watch this when I press
the button – So good evening from Lima Airport Today is going to be a long day because
it’s a traveling day all the way with our final destination in Rome Italy Starts here in
Lima we’re going to fly overnight to Fort Lauderdale then to Atlanta and we gonna
be in Atlanta less than 24 hours before finally head out to Philadelphia then finally Rome, Italy All right I’m sad to be leaving Lima,
but I’m really happy to be going home because I just really need a good piece
of pizza we definitely will find a lot of pizza in Italy, Yup – you can’t find it
here so yeah we’re gonna head out to our gate and Ciao Peru! Welcome to Atlanta! We made it to home in
Atlanta, Georgia and then go to bed before Italy Okay less than 24 hours later back at
the Atlanta Airport another adventure is about to start but first we have about
one hour before our boarding time to Philadelphia we can go to our home base
lounge the Club of ATL – your boarding pass please sure thank you
just grab a quick bite before flight out thank you thank you and unto maiden to
Philadelphia and it’s gonna be a pretty tight connection it’s about 40 minutes
but I think we have time right we are boarding now thank you it’s been a long traveling day
but last flight so stoked about it my flight is a basic economy fare and as
a result you have the last in priority on anything, really, so they put me here in
the back of the plane and just right in the center a row we are hopeful it’s not
going to be a full flight but we’ll see yes the doors closing and this is where
I sit and I have the whole row by myself Yay we safely made it to Rome the flight
over this morning was really beautiful now I’m trying to figure out how to go
to the city center from the airport it’s currently on the high speed train
in italy going from Rome to Naples and we’re going at 248 kilometres an hour
which is about 155 miles now and that’s three times on what we used to driving
in the United States point of view it’s about an out of our 140 something like
that yeah so respect that I in wrong with propellers and we’re gonna
head to Naples for an album we’re gonna be in Naples for six days it’s gonna be a
lot of exploration so I’m really really excited Can’t wait to try the pizza yes pizza Officially in Naples right now this gallery is the longest gallery in
the whole of Vatican Museum – walking up the stairs in Saint Peter’s Basilica and
what’s called the Vatican by train We made it to Pompeii so this is definitely
the best preserved room here in Villa dei Misteri – and we are about to
head to Mount Vesuvius – suck it all in guys We’ve arrived in Matera in
Southern Italy – pretty nifty, isn’t it? The things that you’ll notice about some
of these houses in Alberobello There are literally hundreds of them behind us so we see Mount Vesuvius in the
background now you can’t see it over there it was just above there we go
well facility is we hope so because if not everyone else on the train is
laughing at us

9 thoughts on “TRAVELING DAY | Lima, Peru to Naples, Italy | Around the World Trip

  1. Great video. I am so glad that you guys had the chance to spend a lot of time in Peru and getting to know it very well. I am sure that Italy will be fascinating as well. I am glad that you started your next adventure in Naples. Neopolitans have a saying "Vedi Napoli e poi muori" this this can be translated to: after seeing Naples you can die because according to Neopolitans, Naples is the most beautiful city in the world. Ciao amigos and good luck in you next adventures.

  2. Always good to have the whole row to yourself. Doesn't happen to often but when it happens it is indeed awesome! Such a great journey you are making.

  3. We've been to Naples four times. I was not impressed by the pizza but the pasta and seafood was great. We drove from Rome all four times and explored the area. Looking forward to your adventures in and around Naples.

  4. WOW that's a lot of flights all in a row! OMG isn't it the best though when you have empty seats beside you…and a whole row? I'll be curious to watch your next video in Naples as I have been to a lot of places in Italy but haven't been to Naples yet!

  5. What a journey! Traveling can definitely be as fun as exploring at the destination. You're so lucky to have gotten so many seats to yourself. Naples is awesome, I hope you enjoy it! I was only there for a day so I will enjoy it vicariously through you 🙂

  6. That looks like a long journey, amazing that you had the whole middle row to yourself! I hope you didn't have much of a jet lag and looking forward to your Vlog from Naples!

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