Touring Dave Grohl's Epic Studio 606

Touring Dave Grohl's Epic Studio 606

hey everybody this is a Bobby Foley he won the contest to come and have a wonderful fantastic musical adventure and and so we decided to fly him from London Ontario down to Los Angeles your first time in the big LA right yeah absolutely hey what did you know what this place before you got here I knew that it existed in movies and that's about it you love the Foo Fighters right absolutely yeah a chance to meet him of course here we go take we're taking you to the compound basically the clubhouse the headquarters for the Foo Fighters where they make their records where they hang out this is um this is private space you're going into private space so yet so that means a lot they must like you they probably scoped you on Facebook and we're totally creeped out by your your Borat big bikini shoes that you wear or whatever oh I think up in that hand cool you met our lovely contest winners you're excited now is that good buddy hi hi oh great I'm Dave great Dave my name is Bobby nice to meet you Bobby hey Dave Nicole Nicole how are you great thanks Cheers hey you little Tory once alright so we were looking for a place to have a studio and also to have storage and also to rehearse and basically like a headquarters and so we looked at all these different warehouses and then here in the valley but the valley it's just all it's all porn and so you would walk into used warehouse and it would just is just used you know they were just totally used it's so gross so we found this one just as they it was just like concrete walls and floor when we found it so we could turn it into studio we have a control room that looks like this with people hanging out like teriyaki from the Foo Fighters oh my god away and the man yeah he's on the man's there he is it's happening so this is where we we made a record so we make here we made in your honor here and we made the last record here echoes echoes silence patience of race other bands have recorded here was ruler Motorhead made their last record here Alice and chains made their last record here them cricket vultures rehearsed in that room we did I John Paul Jones was standing in that room right I have equipment that he touched that I'll let you touch if you're nice I think Chris amp is still this bass amp is still here your bands have recorded here hey Lou then airwaves Angels and Airwaves right um handle em go anvil made a record here booyah Oh yeah so and then this is where we keep all our and to be honest it's not even all of our well isn't this here from like before color in the shape or is that like the that right there is probably in your honor yeah that right there is that's only a few years old that's not too old hey did you ever hear about that Probot record I knew it yeah there's a hundred thousand of them right there you want one I would love one cool I'll give you a box every three box everybody die every baby boxes there do what you just take them I can trade this for instant popularity yeah yeah you can just sell them for money check real live an SUV actually can I just back it up to this didn't we talk about having a yard sale or well it gives some stuff to some schools and stuff like that because I mean this is idea yeah I mean you know we've been banned for 16 years and you know I get three new drum sets every time I every time we go on tour one for here one for Europe when frost raelia so it all of it eventually makes its way back here and it's just you would think this would be big enough for all of everything but it's just not we're not is that when you're a kid and you're playing music you can't afford gear and then once you start getting money everyone gives you for free yeah like a Hummer because that aramis a broken snare head when you're like 18 is like the end of the world or so yeah I suck for cymbal as I can't I just have to suck well there's a Nirvana drum kit the black guy said don't ah isn't this players like insulated with drums about the box it up and send it to the drum missiles missiles aim we heard roped the song definitely okay have you heard white limo yes okay yep skip those saddle up partner can you show me how to stuff this laughing everyone no one means No unbelievable I know how do you need a few minutes yeah definitely definitely would you record at home again or is that just another thing that makes this record unique well it's funny because it was so much fun it was one most fun we've ever made had making a record you know and um it was just so easy just cuz it was you know it was so informal that it made everything just kind of fun so um I would want to do it again like that but I don't think my wife would let me I mean we've made we made must work if you look in here these are the tapes for there's monkey wrench in there there's my hero and here's learn to fly and I think this that's not my second favorite record I think honestly which one the color and shape oh yeah I mean there's everything about that is classic everything about it from what's nothing to finish I can't get enough of that even like what 14 15 years later thanks today I mean honestly like making albums the tape is it's easy and I think that people get scared because there's there's so much emphasis put on perfection now that that's why people use computers like if you're a drummer and you speed up a little bit or you slow down a little bit you throw into the computer and go home and then make you sound perfect and then if you sang a little bit sharp or a little flak you can smooth all that out and it just makes it sound you lose all the personality and character you know so you know imagine if you Pro tool like a who record it wouldn't sound like a you know it's like wow that's tape you know that's monkey wrench so that's not your right that's incredible so it's cool you know then with computers I mean look they're great for some things but when it comes to making like a raw rock removal record you just can't beat it you know it's just you gotta use go a tape well thanks for coming and congratulations for winning the contest

37 thoughts on “Touring Dave Grohl's Epic Studio 606

  1. "…when you're a kid and you're playing music, you can't afford gear and then once you start getting money, everyone gives you shit for free." man, that really clicked with me.

  2. The intro cords are insanely annoying. Ping pong and nasty digital distortion artifacts et al…

  3. Dude, I love that Probot record, I lost my copy and can't find another one and it's not on any streaming service. I need one of those boxes, srs!!

  4. I would of been trying so hard to act normal and relaxed but I would of been losing my shit on the inside

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