Tour de France 2019 Stage 3 Highlights: Binche - Epernay | GCN Racing

Tour de France 2019 Stage 3 Highlights: Binche – Epernay | GCN Racing

hello and welcome to the GC and racing highlights of stage 3 of the 2019 Tour de France after flying around the team time trial course like jumbo jets Mike Turner sitting creatures advantage in the yellow jersey yesterday to 30 seconds on his closest rival Jamie must gone of team INEOS washing Bev isthmus dominance over the first two stages meaning now for the first five spots in the overall GC the question is can I defend that lead over what is the longest and toughest stage of the race so far starting in banished the riders crossed the border into France after just 12 k's the majority the rest of the stage is reasonably simple except for the finale which is tricky to say the least for classified climbs in the final 50 k's much of which is on narrow twisting roads with an uphill finish into the champagne town at apron a eddy merckx once again setting the riders on their way this morning from banch but it is race director Christian Prudhomme who signals the official start and after a couple of skirmishes in the early part of the stage we soon have a five man breakaway established within it four riders from wildcard Pro continental teams Antony delle Platt of our care Sam secure na Fredo wanted Group Gobert pull or saying of total direct energy Stefan Rosetta of cough lit and in the best place in the overall classification tim wellens of lotto su down the belgian sits at just a minute and 10 seconds behind terms and as such he is soon in the virtual race lead for much of the stage it was the Panzer Wagon himself Tony Martin who was the only man setting the pace on the front the gap over six minutes at the coast 80 kilometers of the stage the intermediate sprint mean both points and prize and it's Tour de France debutante or saying of Towton direct energy takes both as they cross the line and there's another big battle behind Elia Viviani is the quickest and there's a good deal of daylight between him and green jersey where a Peters again Jakov volsang is still suffering the after-effects of that crash from the opening stage and here he is having his wounds redressed by the race doctor today is going to be a big test for the Dame midway through the stage now and de Kooning quick step and hit the front a relief I'm sure for Tony Martin with an hour of racing still to go though tim wellens can't help himself any longer here he is doing what he does best and put in a long range solo attack however we've Deker Nick Borre and eunbok bhisma all chased him behind he's going to have to be on the form of his life to stand a chance of winning the stage he's distances former breakaway companions quickly though and with 30 case to go the peloton now have them in their sights in winning the second categorized cloud a day the coat dopes Vilia Welland has secured himself the provisional lead and the king of the mountains competition but it's the stage when he really wants his gap hasn't come down over the last 20 kilometres he's got a minute and 17 seconds with 26 case to go that is down to just over a minute though as well as takes yet more points on the next climb of the day Astana have hit the front now though clearly full sang is feeling strong and they really bring that gap down quickly and in fact hit by the top of the final client a day alla Philippe attacks and Whelan's is caught we've all been expecting something for the frenchman today but i'm not sure any of us expected him to go solo so far out and it looks like there's a mechanical problem there too for balance that is the end of the belgians day aleksey lip-sync Avastin i'd also on the attack here will anybody follow him and there are problems at the back – for the yellow jersey where this looks like it's the dream over for the Dutchman might turn us in our Philippe is absolutely flying here he has had by far the best season of his career so far the strength of the French whom now is really quite incredible in fact he's already got a 36 second advantage over a very strong group behind lipsync oh they're joined by woods Shakman and GC threat Mikkel Lander behind Sun web an hour on the front rider for Michael Matthews and they caught that chase group the yellow jersey though is well out of the picture now two minutes the gap between Anna Philippe and Turnitin but the gap still hovering around 35 seconds – this group of favorites including Peters again in green and still the gap hold steady alla Philippe now on the outskirts of fna but let's not forget we've got that hard old climb to the finish line but he's traveling at 73 case per hour there he Neos now in the front keeping Thomas and burnout saved but it's looking good for ala Philippe knows who almost got the finish line in sight and he still the virtual miles jaune what Anna metres to go and he's done it it's a third stage victory at the Tour de France for the Frenchman juliana philippe of de Koranic quickstep but will he take the yellow jersey – or having just taken ten bonus seconds he only needs a small gap and he's done it who will be second across the line best of the rest and it is Michael Matthews of team summer he'll be disappointed with that Jasper's Durbin taking third place there on the Stade and it looks to be a small gap there back to get Thomas the stage though all about this man dude an athlete we all knew what he was planning on doing today and he did exactly that there's confirmation of the top ten a lovely taking it from Matthews sturb and valid of a Martin fourth and Peter's again in thief and I can tell you there was a five-second gap between egg and banana and twelfth and Guerin Thomas in 13th well he's enjoyed the past couple of days might turn it and hasn't he but his reign in the yellow jersey has now come to an end what a few days it's been for young boy bhisma they do now have second place in the overall classification in Wow than us 20 seconds is is deficit to Judah now Phillipe who takes the yellow jersey don't forget that if you're on Europe you can get full live coverage of every stage on Eurosport and Eurosport player let's look at tomorrow though another long one at 213 and a half kilometers from rm2 non-si which we are expecting to finish in a bunch sprint of sorts I say that as with 13 K's remaining they start the cote de Muro a 3.2 kilometer climb that averages 5% and which will be a big test for the pure sprinters

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  1. Stage 3 how can I be critical. Maybe Dan doesn’t get as excited as Simon ? I mean it’s over right ? So I guess that’s ok. 5 stars GCN.

  2. This video was so much more informative than what was posted on the official Tour De France 2019 channel. Please continue to post for each stage so we can see what's happening here in N. America

  3. Really nice highlights and good commentary. But, for me at least the use of present tense is too contrived. Past tense would be ok.

  4. Bravo Julian! This is one very classy rider. Thank you GCN Racing for these short and punchy daily recaps. I start my day with them. Keep up the good work!

  5. Love it when the links to other videos at the end cover up half of the preview graphics for the next day.

  6. great work guys, this is fantastic coverage! Finnally someone is making informative, entertaining race summaries!

  7. Great job GCN. The informative commentating throughout these snippets gives a greater understanding of how the race is unfolding. Looking forward to more of the same 🙂

  8. Love the way Dan is adding extra r's into Team Arstarnar… Correct pronunciation is with hard northern A's. Maybe it will change to Team Nursultan to help him in future 👍

  9. I want Wout to take a stage so bad, I don’t know if tactics and strategies will allow it but I’m certainly if the gloves come off he can take one or more.
    cXfactor is real I believe.

  10. I am the Founder of Free Rider 1991 to 2019 Motorcycle Club after A Series of chitty events I was voted yesterday to be Stripped of my Patch for life! I feel for you Mark Cavendish

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