Tokyo Station Hotel Review - Best Hotel in Tokyo!

Tokyo Station Hotel Review – Best Hotel in Tokyo!

a video review of the Tokyo Station Hotel in Tokyo Japan literally this hotel is located inside Tokyo Station it's one of those hotels that I've passed there Tokyo Station a number of times and never even realized it was here but it is it's a really cool hotel it has a hundred and fifty guestrooms and it feels like something out of London a little bit to have a little bit of a British Flair here in the central of Tokyo so in this video I'll show you around the property and one of the guest rooms one of the cool things about staying in the Tokyo Station hotel is the historical nature of the building this building constructed in 1918 was constructed to be a great central train station for Tokyo and what a train station has become the architecture is very typical of the Meiji style construction at the time and it looks on the outside like nothing like central Tokyo looks today everything around it are these high-rise office blocks that look something like out of Star Trek and the board cube but here you have this a palatial looking thing that's really neat on the hallways of the building they have historic pictures of what the station looked like throughout the years and actually there's this one building that we're looking out at from our room we found a picture of it in the hallway because you can tell there's a clock on it it's the post office today the outside is still there but now there's a 80 story high-rise coming up out of the building so although it may look like the main entrance to the Tokyo Station Hotel is there and it probably used to be it's no longer there the main entrance is actually over this way through those little doors right there that's the main entrance to the Tokyo Station Hotel super easy to miss they've also got some special entrances on either side of the building just for hotel guests you can go into those once you have your keycard also important the Tokyo Station Hotel is on the Marunouchi side of the station which is this side with the big brick facade if you exit out the Yasu side you'll be on the wrong side so don't go that way if you get to the station look for the Marunouchi exits because that's the right side this side with the brick facade even though the hotel is fairly small with only 150 rooms it can be slightly confusing to navigate because there are one two three four five different elevators and not all of them go everywhere once we figured it out it was easy and it took a little while for us to figure out where we were going to help you identify the location of the elevator they've made two of the lights on the side of the hallway orange that's where the elevators are that's a very interesting way of marking it this is room 30 82 a superior twin room on the third floor come on in let me show you around as you turn right from the front door opens up to the main part of the room two twin beds the bed's are very nicely appointed Topher is already very comfortable here on the bed they have these very nice tall head boards and very tall ceilings there's moldings up there there's the very fancy diamond chandelier and on the bed is the typical Japanese control panel that you can control all the room lights from the bed which is pretty nice along with the clock there is a very interesting cheer you can sit in here along with this glass table in the middle there's an air purifier flat panel television there's a thing here where you can plug in your iPod there's a desk here with a very comfortable looking chair and this mirror which is really probably not useful for actually looking for yourself but it's really neat from a video effects to give this like fish eye perspective onto the room kind of cool this mirror is kind of surreal and actually this room is kind of surreal too because if you come out this way and look out the window out the window there's like this crosswalk that 200 people cross every two minutes in central Tokyo people in business suits central Tokyo out the window British guest room inside it feels kind of like a window into another place okay let's come this way and I'll show you the rest of the room if we come over here and we open these double doors this opens up to the rooms minibar of sorts there's a little ice thing no doubt you can get ice there is a teapot so you can make tea and yes it has the Twinings British tea of course underneath there are some of the in room minibar assessment necessities I'm sure those are not complimentary there is a minibar fridge down there with sodas and the course a selection of Japanese beers all right we'll go ahead and close this up over this way is the rooms closet and it's a very large closet actually I've never had a hotel room in Japan that has a closet this big I'm also going to point out they brought our luggage in here and when they guided us up to the room it wasn't just one bellboy but it was a bellboy and a bell girl it was two of them that came up here with us because apparently three bags that's enough for two people to carry okay the final part of the room I'll show you is through these double doors right here these enter into the bathroom and it's quite a large nice bathroom there are some lovely bathroom amenities here and when I said it feels like central London the soaps and creams are actually this Gilcrest and somes of London England so it apparently wasn't just me thinking that that's apparently what they were going for through this door over here is the large walk-in shower and a handheld shower and also a stool so that you can sit while you're taking a shower there's also a large soaking bathtub just over this way this room is a good echo chamber echo echo the final part of the bathroom that I want to show you and I think this is really kind of neat is through this door over here the final part of the room this is the bathroom it has this fancy toilet that occasionally when I enter it opens by itself but it's not doing it right now so I think I just came in here but there are some buttons on the wall where you can actually push the button and it opens the lid and if you want to see that too you don't even have to bend down there's another button that you can push it pull the seat up now you're ready to put it down well there's a button you can push to close it too by the way this also has a bidet it has two different types of flushes it has an oscillator and has a deodorizer deodorizer I mean this toilet practically does everything except cook your pancakes I just want to I want to do that again that's like it's like really cool I mean I don't I don't even need to go see Tokyo I think I can just entertain myself here in this bathroom okay Topher it's that time it's that time for us to do our review are you ready okay so the review of the hotel the location is excellent the service is great sleeping in the room was excellent it was very quiet you'd never know it was right above one of the busiest train stations in the world or outside one of the busiest pedestrian intersections the actual property kind of makes a Topher said it makes him feel like royalty it makes him feel like a king or queen well moving on a queen but a king or a prince it really does have this British Flair in central Tokyo it doesn't feel like a standard Japanese hotel and by that I mean like one that's modular and plastic this feels very nice the bathroom is very nice there was no modular plasticity to it at all so our rating that we're going to give this hotel Topher is five Topher's we get a five Topher is that's the highest rating you can get on the Topher scale but we're going to give it with a caveat of it's expensive our room here for one night was about $500 and so our rating is extraordinary but the price is extraordinary as well so take that into consideration if you can't afford $500 a night and we're glad we stayed here once but I'm not sure that we can afford staying here again there's also the courtyard Tokyo Station Hotel which is right in this area as well it's about half the price though the rooms are less than half the size but you know it all depends on your budget if you can afford this hotel it is amazing you'll really enjoy you'll enjoy the service that's not too over-the-top just perfect alright so if you enjoyed this video and you'd like to see more like it every Sunday then please subscribe or follow us on Facebook Twitter Google+ play to the description below or you might enjoy watching one of these other videos click any that described and the one in the upper left that's a review on the courtyard Tokyo Station a hotel is also in this area as well

19 thoughts on “Tokyo Station Hotel Review – Best Hotel in Tokyo!

  1. Been there done that. The room are small and layout is strange, for that kind of money I would stay in the Palace hotel.

  2. 🙋‍♀️Thank You very much for your video of Tokyo Station Hotel. I'll be going to Tokyo (17th to 22nd May, 2018). As I am on a budget tour, I can't afford to stay in this lovely but pricey hotel.

    🌸🌸However, thanks so much for taking the effort to film the Tokyo Station Hotel and its surroundings. Your video is important indeed, and provides advanced info for first-time visitors like me to Japan. 谢谢您!


  3. It should be noted that the quote "Old" entrance of the hotel is actually now reserved for the Emperor of Japan for when he catches the train around Japan.

  4. Love your videos! I will be taking my daughter (18) to Tokyo in January and am debating between the Tokyo Station Hotel and Park Hyatt…which would you choose?

  5. It's a lovely hotel and since it is pricey, I can only afford one night. When I travel to Japan, I book it for the night I arrive. It's a nice treat after a long flight to take Narita Express straight to Tokyo Station and know that inside the station, there are lots of restaurants to choose from and Ramen Street of course! The next morning, you can have the fabulous buffet breakfast, buy a bento and hop on the Shinkansen. So convenient!

  6. Thanks for the review. I was curious about this hotel, but already knew I couldn't afford it. ☹️ Do you know if all of the rooms have windows to the outside? Or some to the outside and some inside Tokyo Station.

  7. Haha, at 0:50, it looks like a toy model! The building definitely looks like it's been transplanted from Britain. Britain of old, that is, cos today, the UK is a trash country that constructs trash buildings to make easy money for trash companies. >:(

  8. I'm a little disappointed you didn't get a room overlooking the inside of the station. That would make it worth $500 for me!
    Also, at 1:26 I'm pretty sure you're pointing at the entrance that's for the exclusive use of the Emperor. 😉

  9. This could not have come at a better time as I plan to go to Japan soon but this hotel might be slightly out of my price range! How are you able to fund all your travels?! Do you have a video on this?

  10. wow cool! i always walk passed this place and wondered how it looked like. i always love the marunouchi area. some parts of taipei reminds me of marunouchi when i visited. i love Kitte, the Marunouchi, and Shin Marunouchi, Oazo, Otemachi station area, and the Marunouchi Bricke Square. That hotel i would say is in a very very convenient location. Lots of places to eat nearby, and walking distance to a lot of shopping areas.

  11. awesome video 🙂 and that hotel looks.. E-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e haha.. you're very lucky to travel as much as you do. Thanks again!

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