This is Our Home - New York City (Apartment Tour)

This is Our Home – New York City (Apartment Tour)

this week's edition of show me your home just kidding a lot of you guys have always been wondering what's up at their home asking for home tours so figured I'd give you one starting with our door so cool right it's kidding let's check it out first and foremost get yourself an electronic entry forget your keys who cares alright so this is our home that's my wife and yeah I guess the best way to do this will show you kind of a for and after of what we did since I have a little shots from before the renovation and then we'll kind of explain what's up so here we go living room living room let's light that thing let's do it yeah because then we like to just relax you know classic bookshelf a little engagement gift from our good friend love watts we really love this piece it's a grant Haffner it's the highway to Montauk pretty much reminds us of getting out there as much as we can in more plants you know vintage chairs vintage table not vintage wife our patina mirror which I really was adamant about having a patina in mirror and just cuz I thought it would give like a nice like touch and vibe in this room and custom made that's a dining room chairs by CB to go up to go crazy get stuff you can just kind of afford this table courtesy of my sister Dyson in the corner we like our fresh air and then this painting right here obviously want to be into it so we were finding it pretty difficult to find something we both resonated with and then we literally were walking through all different halls and stalls and the Art Show and we both stopped at this Michael Cooke piece and we were really into it and so we literally purchased a really large photo all the way across the other side of the world it was our first piece of art you got your living room right over to the kitchen obviously you got your bar they open that thing up best to keep a well-stocked bar you know it's got a lot of a lot of goodness in there yeah my thing is priming for the weekend yeah moving to the kitchen here's the before so the kitchen was a closet and a bathroom which you can see beside the door right there behind that little table and now it's that I guess you can go back further and kind of see but before after so some of our favorite parts of the kitchen are one I'm not in two lines four drawers anywhere so we kind of came up with the system where everything just opens and closes and then there's drawers inside pull out then another easy invention just get big cutting boards on either side tell us about the stove it's a classic French so comforts up top dishwasher we did these built in marble sinks which we thought would be kind of a pain in the butt to start but they're pretty great and then and pretty much my favorite thing in our kitchen for sure is this black interior fridge from jenn-air why wouldn't you just pour black injection molding and make your fridge look supercool instead of having a white fridge inside to me this thing looks bossy AF all right so that takes us over to the bathroom which was this whole little strange kitchen with a weird dining table before and now it's a closet in a bathroom and the bathroom has our favorite new addition to the house the todo which greets you when you show up hey also has a remote on the wall which can come off in case you need that hands-free this was a wallpaper that we had custom-made it's the only things in the house that has wallpaper and that was really important to me I wanted to have one element another place that really find it felt like a sanctuary of sorts and this is also my favorite marble that we have in the house which we don't have anywhere else and what's one of the coolest parts in here not many people do wallpaper on the ceilings which you quickly forget when you have it yeah but no one does that can we have our washer and dryer right in here which we love obviously living in New York City having laundry in your apartment is techno coats are happy how cool is that the little girls in my neck and all the top hats me yeah stairs we got a lot of our inspiration through Pinterest and we saw this little detail which we thought was super cool and we had them custom build it in so now they're like this super artistic stairway it's made of all metal with no seams because this guy is pretty much a genius so this is the master bedroom before works on the second floor and now the lounge save a nice little l-shape all from Design Within Reach Ottomans and this might be one of the best parts when you fire that thing out the big TVs in living rooms never have been bedrooms I think living rooms amendments for people to sit around and talk with each other you know we do some of that yeah I think people always put them above the fireplace turn them on and kind of ruin the mood for everyone to be hanging out so we created our own kind of secondary area with this screen which tucks away which is amazing so it doesn't kind of intrude on your day all the time and people don't get attracted to it and just kind of TVs are a bit unsightly still so for us it's kind of the best thing and that's how you put it to bed well forgot to talk about our neon from our wedding that says to DJ's walk into a bar which is really tough to read from this angle but it lights up pretty cool that I'll install this overlooks the living dining room and why don't you take us on the next zone your favorite space actually didn't exist you can't really tell from the pictures but this space was just literally like this floor ended right here and yes Brennan and I share this closet no magic really happens in here it sets the daily fashion magic magic happens in here always dreamed of having a walk-in closet that's my first one yours nope when I met you had a walk-in closet I might have one before that I really know but for me that's my first and I like it and we have a door that closes it so we can you know not have to look at it all the time but we pretty much enjoy looking at it all the time so we keep it open all right so from here we head into the bathroom looks like this before sweet turquoise wall Grateful Dead poster shower and now basically we took the shower out from over their vanity put the tub in over here chandelier over the tub which was our architect Jeff white it was his idea pretty regal kind of amazing to take a bath in there and you got a lot of clawfoot tub get a black marble floor which is really cool this painting of us we have in here is from hotel dekap probably our favorite hotel in the world currently haven't been to a lot of them yet but we love it there and that's us lamp in out and then we did some built-in marble sinks storage behind the mirrors and over here was laundry before which was super interesting and now we have a very dope walk-in shower do you like most about the bathroom um well besides my beautiful tub which I'm obsessed with I have to say the skylight what about the thing I built you in here oh I mean the second favorite thing I don't know if you guys heard of a squatty potty but these people made all this money raising your feet up like four inches will you go to the bathroom and they're kind of unsightly big and white and plastic so just some scrap wood I have lying around I also have built this table oh yeah this is such a great team law which ends up being towel storage you know just a crafty Canadian man doing crafty Canadian things let's take them to the bedroom it's our own little like cloud in the sky little slice of heaven yeah so we have this little lofted kind of bedroom she's got some art from cousin Pippa so before there wasn't a wall it was just down the stairs and there was those windows right there and now it's what big doors in and a wall for some privacy so it's not much of a loft it's more of an actual bedroom and that goes to the outdoors which we love we got this little piece of art which I had made and frame someone sent us pencils before we got married enough I'd be really cool to frame them and just make a kind of tonal piece of art for the home I think we'll have this one forever guys you can see with my shirt it's a new day but I had to wait for some things to be planted it's kind of a mess out here let me show you this place really quick boom we designed this but too under the trees in here gonna barbecue a table plants all from the top all irrigated and we have a nerve ball which we're about to plant basil chives cilantro parsley edible flowers we had last summer that's crazy we got the little secret back here which isn't set up yet but that right there ladies and gentlemen the dill bout door shower and from a scope go to New York City to vo the shower and the outdoors is a pure luxury and very fun Oh herbs for the wall soon to be in here and one other don't feature is that all these doors open up completely not right there makes New York amazing line in bed looking outside that is an invisible wall and that's one of the best things in our home and definitely makes line in bed on a Sunday morning very worth it all right that's our apartment stay tuned for the herbed wall stay tuned for the shower and just stay tuned you guys soon

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  1. you is very cat, beautiful and she is very feia, e não combina nada com você, pena que não é solteiro, como sempre as brasileiras são as mais bonitas do mundo, e simpáticas e bem feitas de corpo, o povo brasileiro são mais trabalhadores, se ficar solteiro já sabe só me procura, kkkkkkk.

  2. I will decorate my new house as your apartment style. Envy you! What is the feeling living in that kind of gorgeous apartment.

  3. Wow, I'm in love with your place! I would never leave there! BTW…you guys are a beautiful couple! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I know this is a million dollar apartment, especially with all those levels. Very tastefully decorated…nice.

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