This is My Favorite Restaurant in the Entire World — The Meat Show

This is My Favorite Restaurant in the Entire World — The Meat Show

we are about to go into my favorite restaurant on earth Saint John this is the place where I think meat cooking is we've seen it I don't think my career would exist as it does if it wasn't for this place which really pioneered nose-to-tail dining so let's go in there let's meet the man himself focus Henderson let's eat a few of the dishes and I will reveal to you why this is my favorite restaurant now we are back in the kitchen of st. John this is Jonathan wool way and you are the chef Adam there st. John we're doing all the dishes let's talk about the phone man yeah it's the the middle cut section from a veal leg okay and it's not quite as big it's not quite as big probably more tender Marilyn yeah I'm just slightly more delicate in flavor and then we're just gonna roast those through the oven so some of our four mid-weight brag on their classic salads for the bone marrow never changes this is picked flat leaf parsley it's not chopped it's just what service calls discipling so we just give it a couple Oh Dinks with a knife and then it just behaves itself on the plane there we go look at that so you call that dancing dancing on the top the next dish we're doing is the lamb sweet but I'm sweetbreads peas baked in a minute okay let's explain to the others what sweetbreads off because people get a pretty freaked out father but they are actually one of the most delicious things you can eat absolutely yeah I mean it's basically the thymus gland from a from a lamb young lambs have larger sweetbreads and then as the lamb matures the sweetbread becomes smaller and smaller till it's reached pretty much non-existent or just take a little straggly these are beautiful plump milky white looking beautiful then we're just gonna fry these up in a pan and then put a spoonful of these lovely braised peas salats and bacon and then I'm gonna finish it with some fresh mint Akhtar so you got some beat to tier with a touch of red onions and garlic we've just trimmed the excess batter okay which we then use for dripping I'm just gonna season this up it'll be delicious ox heart straight on the plate over the top then with the rest in juices from the from the heart and then a touch of horseradish creme fraiche on the side good way to start the day you go sir thank you much anytime you get to meet one of the seminal of meat masters on earth got to celebrate the occasion so thank you so much for appearing on my humble show pleasure this man revolutionized British dining revolutionized the way that we eat meat but I think that the ramifications went worldwide okay well let's not beat around the bush let's get right into the Ox heart with the beets and the horseradish there is a hint of pink in there it's you know just medium really it really smells like a steak frite like that classic searing then you get on the outside of like a cool that steak certainly a lot Sharia than the steak would be but no less flavorful I mean it tastes like the animal this tastes like beef it tastes like ox because the heart in constant use it doesn't really get a lot of fat it's constantly moving you know the most tender things on the animal are the things that the animal uses to leave the heart of course is literally being used every moment that the animal is live does the graffiti that's why it's not gonna have the striation of fat it's not gonna have a tenderness but it has all the flavor and all of the soul too let's go for the sweetbreads next this to me is like it smells like spring in Brittany and look at that just creamy if you've never had sweetbreads you're really missing out on something it's almost in terms of texture it's gentle and delicate like a scallop but there's a creaminess to it and then it has this tang it's like this this earthy tang to it but it's it's on the finish it's not gamey like mutton but it's definitely there's definitely an earthiness to it I don't know anywhere on earth that the sweetbreads are as compelling as this really sort of vibrant delicious cooking so here is the signature dish in this restaurant a dish that has been as influential I think in the last 20 years at any restaurant dish anywhere on earth in that the same time period house-made bread the roasted bone marrow is the pasta salad the salt what they've given us is actually a lobster scoop this is perfect for getting the the marrow out of the bones just scoop it as you whip it around you break it up and then you just see these Livity gelatinous lumps of marrow just sort of rising up through the use flip this guy around you've broken it up so the way that they do it is use of shimira we've doubled the parsley and then some of that salt it's such a remarkable dish because it seems like it's almost like limitless in its boundaries yet everything is so constrained and everything sort of balances itself out you get the crunch from the salt we get the con from the bread it's really just so balanced in every way bone marrow is just really fatty greasy oily it coats your entire palate in it's not really harsh it's not viscous it's very gentle in its in its in its coating it's almost liquid by the time it makes it into your mouth I can't say enough things about this bone marrow it really is one of my favorite dishes so if we didn't follow in my career for any period of time you know why this would be my favorite restaurant I've eaten the st. John more times than I can count because what they do here is they give you the best flavor that make each cutting edge and there's no reason why one piece of the animal should be any more delicious than the other it's just about how do you extract the maximum flavor from it and I think that's what's great about this restaurant by stripping away all the finer ease of fine dining by stripping away the music the sound of his restaurant is people dining it's a stand of glass and tape and China getting hit with knives and forks this represents what I think meat cooking and eating should be so my advice to you is to not miss out on st. John obviously you have to get the bone marrow but don't be afraid of anything else on the menu I guarantee you it's on there for a reason it's all delicious open up some horizons for you and let's face it it's cheaper than eating prime steak so good way to save money too thanks very much for watching for the next episode click here now put in there not a huge amount lemon juice extra virgin olive oil I mean this is this is based on

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  1. I don't like this guy because he descriminates I seen him eat the Kobe beef in another video and didn't smell it before he took a bite … You can tell he's prejudice I will no longer watch him

  2. Can't believe they got rid of this guy. Literally the only person who can describe the food in such detail.

  3. I have absolutely no doubt that bone marrow is rich and flavorful but the texture is so off-putting I can't say I would order it. I'd try it, though.

  4. Try a Chablis with the marrow next time….
    And thanks for this entire London series. It will greatly enrich the trip I planned a few months hence.

  5. Do u get paid for eating and reviewing food ? I want your job. How much do you get paid over 6 figures.?

  6. Bone marrow is delicious because it has a texture and flavor of fat. It’s not… it’s a denatured protein which is amazingly delicious!

  7. I have the video paused 0:04 right now and I'm willing to bet he will describe the flavor as being "umami" at least once.

  8. Fire the audio engineer/video editor. Normalize the damn audio levels. This is barely above a whisper. You have to raise the volume to levels that make it heart attack inducing whenever an alert or any other system sound occurs.

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