The Oxford MBA at Saïd Business School

The Oxford MBA at Saïd Business School

when I first came to Oxford I really really wasn't prepared for this magic Oxford is the experience of a lifetime it's a feeling and energy it will immerse you and also inspire you Oxford is historical and traditional but it's also uniquely alive there's always something going on Ochs it is a wonderful mix of Alderney in Oxford there are thousands of cello players from everywhere in the world from different geographies different industries different disciplines Oxford attracts the best people and that's why it's so often voted number one university in the world embedded within the university asahi Business School Oxford is known for its theories for its pursuit of knowledge and the business school brings a very crucial action element to that for Michael Bloomberg to Christian and Amanpour to Tim Cook leaders come to speak directly to the students at side business school because they are likely the next generation of world leaders themselves whatever your interests are beads your interested in physics or you're interested in government or you're interested in how business is work it's all here in the university of what – there's so many societies that you can get involved in I think when I look back on this time I think I will only have the fondest of memories it's a community of highly motivated people who are able to turn ideas into action almost immediately your your classmates will be diverse they come from over 60 different nationalities I've got friends who are setting up startups doctors lawyers politicians bankers CEOs Olympic athletes Oxford and Saeed business school are special because people come here to lead with purpose every single person wants to solve a problem in their own unique way have big ideas there are people here that will help make them a reality I feel like I'm at the center of the world from different aspects of life for business to politics to arts to culture Oxford offers that my best advice for anyone that wants to come to Oxford to do an MBA is really take advantage of every opportunity in this town and what this school has to offer you're in a place where discoveries are made where some of the greatest people have come to shape history and wear records have been broken so it's given me all the skills I could need anywhere I choose to go the world the future get ready for this class they have terrific impact to make on its whoever you are whatever you think whatever you feel there's a place for you here you

10 thoughts on “The Oxford MBA at Saïd Business School

  1. Sure! Rhodes Scholars and their superiors, Pilgrims Society members, are crawling through the woodwork at Oxford. Well, news! The British are NOT going to rule the planet!

  2. I’m 13 and have been dreaming about going to this school for years. I hope I get in 💘

  3. I love the Video and I just felt that I could be among the students at Oxford University big up for Kristina.

  4. Proud to be part of the EMBA cohort! One of the best decisions of my life was to apply to Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

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