The ONLY salt LAKES in EUROPE!!! Tuzla – The City of Salt – Bosnia and Herzegovina – TRAVEL VLOG

The ONLY salt LAKES in EUROPE!!! Tuzla – The City of Salt – Bosnia and Herzegovina – TRAVEL VLOG

welcome to new video traveling with Mahalo Kimi! Our today’s location is Tuzla – it’s small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the only place in Europe with salt lakes!!! [Music] No, it’s not about the sea, it’s about Salt Lakes! The only place in Europe would Salt Lakes, so let’s see it! A long time ago, here on Balkan and in the middle of Europe was Pannonian Sea and it disappeared 600,000 years ago. During the climate changes Pannonian sea disappeared and the consequence is that you have very fertile land in the middle of Europe like in Vojvodina, a part of Serbia, Hungary, Croatia as well. Today we have a big amount of salt here in Tuzla and it’s about millions and millions of tons of salt and healthy water, saltwater. We came inside, and here we are Pannonica lakes – the only salt lakes in Europe. By the way it’s early morning so my voice is fuckin’ shit… The name Pannonica Lakes is really connected with Pannonian see that was here on Balkan long time ago, and you can see that connection Pannonica : Pannonian, like lakes : sea, salt – salt as well here, so that’s that connection. Here you will find three different lakes as you can see on this map and they are really good organized. These lakes are organized like some kind of swimming pool but the water inside of it it’s full of salt, full of different minerals especially is good for sterility, reumatic and respiratory diseases. And this part is organized like swimming pool so you can see the edges and everything but it’s still good it’s saltwater inside. Probably you can rent some of these bikes to drive around the lakes. Open-air gym. You can find this waterfalls as well as you can see this lakes are in the middle of the city so it’s really good opportunity if you find some, some accommodation in the middle of city in the center of town it’s really good because everything is really nearby. Right here I’m on the top and the view is really beautiful, it’s not so high but it’s good. So… What I really like about Bosnia – the prices are really good: this beer is like 1 euro or something like that for lake and everything it’s really, really cheap. This area is very famous by producing salt for centuries and even the name of this city means Salt Works. During the past the name was changing a lot of times and some of names we can see on this building here let’s see! As you can see here is Salines – it’s on Latin, the other one is Soli it’s South Slavic, the third one is Tuzla it means from Turkish word Tuz- what means SALT and then they convert it in Tuzla. The first written words about Tuzla dates from 950.a.c. That year Byzantine Emperor and historian Constantine Porphyrognitus wrote the Imperando Imperior??? He wrote “The Administrando Imperior” or how to how to manage the Empire. And he explicitly mentioned Tuzla as city under Roman name Salines which means “The city of salt”; and he mentioned that it was a part of country of Serbian Prince Chaslav who died in battle with Hungarians. Some other places that you can visit here in Tuzla are The Square of Freedom, that’s this one so you can see maybe… And it’s the biggest square in Bosnia and Herzegovina! The other square very famous is “Soni” square where you can find a neolitic bowl which is implemented in some Fontaine and it’s really good with, with the some mosaic from Raveena, you know the city in Italy. Very interesting story and some people say that it is a fact that the King of France Louis 14th or Louie the Sun King was buying salt from Tuzla for his palace. The salt is not the only thing white Tuzla is famous! The other thing why this is famous is this a Archeological Park with 7,000 years old houses I mean these houses are rebuilt but in old style. Thanks to archeological evidences scientists archeolists found out that people here seven thousand years ago we’re producing salt as well like today – they are producing salt still, so that’s some kind of tradition here in Tuzla. They found a lot of pieces of evidences like ceramics bowls, some axes, hammers an’ all these interesting things so it helped to find out how people were living here 7,000 years ago. Unfortunately, here in Balkan governments in almost every country are really corrupted so they don’t want to invest a lot of money in culture… and personally I know because I’m from the place which is old 8000 years so it’s really really difficult to rebuild something again… Here in Balkan governments just don’t want to invest money in culture, they don’t want to invest money in all of it but if they would it would be great to keep our identity and our culture and I mean,,, hey it’s 7,000 years old place or eight thousand years old place it’s really good to know more about that place and to keep it and to rise it and yeah. In some future videos I’ll make video about my place, because it’s 8000 years old place, so, yeah. That’s really good to know I think that people should know about all these places! A lot of places with ice-cream and I suggest you to try “BUREK” you have to try “BUREK” if you’re in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and of course “ĆEVAPI” or “ĆEVAPČIĆI”, so let’s go to try something. Let’s see how it looks… Service here in Tuzla is very good! In two locals we came 5 minutes before closing and they were like “Ok! We will make everything for you!” So, we ate “ĆEVAPI” and now in the second one we are drinking beer. That’s perfect! We bought magnet here, it’s like 1 euro, it’s very cheap so I suggest you to come here, in this street, and to buy some magnets. Thank you for watching if you like this video please SUBSCRIBE and see you in the next video!

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  1. Hvala na ovako lijepom reprezentu naše Tuzle. Uvijek ste dobro došli i sljedeći put kad dodjete pišite da vam i ja pošaljem koju turu pive 🍻 🙂✌️

  2. Aferim, ljudino. Vjerujem da 80% Tuzlanka nije upoznat s historijskim činjenicama koje si ti, rođeni Beograđanin spomenuo u ovom vlogu. Hvala ti što si posjetio naš grad, hvala ti na lijepim riječima i sljedeći put se najavi da ne šetaš sam po gradu… 😉 <3

  3. Napravio si bolju prezentaciju Tuzle,nego što bi to uradila gradska uprava.Ljudi poput tebe,uvijek su dobrodošli u Bosnu.

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