35 thoughts on “The Gravity Tour UK

  1. I love this album and I don’t care if it’s “pure metal” or not I just enjoy good music.
    Ps: fan of bfmv since SAF

  2. Life long fan of Bullet since I was 14 in 2005. Can’t listen to this though. I find myself starting to daydream like a minute or less into leap of faith. It’s not a bad album. It’s just a bad Bullet album. It would be a good album for some other subpar band. I support them in whatever they do but it seems that Matt has started to become quite the dictator. He seems to rule with an iron fist. I wouldn’t mind it if he wasn’t making bad decisions that’s effecting the whole bands career. I remember when these guys and A7X where in a neck to neck race to the pinnacle of modern metal supremacy. Lol that race stopped long ago with the release of TT. I don’t think it’s too late if they really dedicate themselves. After this tour they should just go back to the drawling board and start work on an ep to get out by years end. Then start working on something metal, but still mature. Show your music is maturing with your fan base. So maybe something like a mix between fever and SAF. I would make the songs longer too. Also I think they should 100% make this next album a 2 piece album released in 2 volumes and 6-8 months apart. Apologize to the fans as well. That would be the only way to get the attention of the fans they lost along the way. Venom was very good and Matt shouldn’t have jumped ship on their metal roots. I think he hit panic button cause venom didn’t automatically bring them back to the level of success they had prior to TT. He failed to see that it took one bad album in TT to crest the mess, so it was gonna take at least 2 albums to fix the problem. SAF hit #4 on billboard 200, and Fever #3, then Temper Temper #13, Venom was #8 and that’s pretty good comeback since they were recovering from TT. Then Matt said we would get an EP, which all we got was don’t need you. It created a lot of buzz and I’m fairly certain if they would have stuck course and made the album along the lines of don’t need you like I remember Matt saying then I’m sure that would have debuted in the top# on the 200 chart. Then boom their back. Now he just created more of a mess. You guys can stick up for gravity and that’s okay. I get it. I support them in whatever they do, but I’m also a realist. Gravity had the exact opposite effect that Matt desired. Then to make things worse he keeps defending his decision by making stupid comments that metal is stale and pissing off potential listeners if they were to do a comeback album. Sorry for the grammar, I’m in a hurry.

  3. Porfavor alguien save ¿como se llama esa cancion? Porfa que la ando buscándo y no lo encuentro

  4. So many fans around the world….i seriously didnt expect so many from spain and brazil.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK 🤘🤘

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