The Breakaway: Stage 6 Analysis | Tour de France 2019 | Cycling | Eurosport

The Breakaway: Stage 6 Analysis | Tour de France 2019 | Cycling | Eurosport

this is the breakaway for those watching on Facebook YouTube and Twitter welcome along Dylan tines with the stage win on the first real GC test up blood loss they barely see his first win at the Tour de France his first Grand Tour victory and only his second win of the year but water stage on which to shine the 27 year old Belgian with the win on stage six Brian a difference betwee the Sager with their crystal ball so try to work out what it all means at for the overall race Brian first of all Dylan Torrence shaking his head as he crossed the line he could scarcely believe he done that could I know I was saying that anybody can believe when you take the first 2d France when he had a stage one in the critérium du dauphiné he he was on some good form in the past of the last couple of years he has done well in a lot of races even in the flesh Milan which finishes up a really steep claim this deep claim came at the top of another claim so he had to get here first looking at the breakaway I thought and I think everybody thought that Ciccone would be the better climber but he was sprinting for a lot king of mountains points today wasting a bit of energy and then he stopped contributing and it was Dylan toes it kept a pace going but in that type of sprint finish if he can't sprint finish Adam Dylan times for me would have been the strongest anyway yeah I'm not sure you can call that a sprint they came to a standstill when we crossed the line they're still sprinting but Julia takuna went when he crossed that finish line shaking his head for different reasons he seemed very disappointed and we can only assume that they were not factoring in the yellow jersey which he now wears at the end of today taking it off Julianne fleet by six seconds it seems they were concentrating on the stage win and nothing else yeah it's odd really just chatting about it then before before we came on air and I think he didn't have a clue I don't think the team had any idea or they obviously did at the start of the day but I think they just got so enrapt in him being the stage when I say I feel that he could do it and I think we even thought he could do at one point he's not contributing so you have to think right he's going for the stage win but as you saw him go past the finish line rode up on his top sort of like rolling his body across the line and when he got there he saw I've missed out but it's I just think he didn't know and I think you seem trying to be they were trying to be greedy go for the stage in the yellow jersey but you got to factor in and maybe I can't believe this for a second but when he finished he possibly was looking up he never got the stage he looked at the time he didn't know we are a LOF leap but and you probably hear the other flippers was attacking so he's disappointed when you factor in that bonus Sprint's at the top of a king and mountains on open open okay okay leo mounters that was eight seconds that got not yellow jersey well Julian ala Filipe was the fastest man on the road behind him at the time that he crossed so maybe he thought he still didn't have that yellow jersey but let's have a look then out the general classification at the end of stage six because we have said that this could be a key indicator for high and who is going to be fighting for a podium in Paris Brian pull that apart for us was talking about Howard G Corps today this wasn't his cup of tea as he said but getting Thomas for me is him across the lane shaking his head probably been the worst day ever on his bike the two of them had something to gain yellow jersey and a stage one and the way that were playing now I was scratching my head thinking what was he doing when hearing Stephen D long tonight and asked what was happening so I don't think they knew about that they didn't know about the yellow jersey but I just think they wrote it off I didn't think they were thinking about exceeded disappointed after the day so I think that was the case he just didn't that wasn't even a factor in today's stage for him I think it was just gets the top of the climb once you that go for a stage win okay so one thing that we mentioned at the start of the stage today was that this is now the fourth time that we've had La Plata Belle fille in the Tour de France and there's three occasions before every time we have seen the winner finished in the top five no we today had Goering Thomas in the top five and thibaut pinot can we read as much into that as history would suggest Brian I think so I think thibaut pinot certainly is looking good gains on our finish and I staged that didn't really sit down he rolled oats Kenny felt Goods that he said and finished it off beautifully passing the yellow jersey leave us print an item seven kilometers an hour up there all the time sprint that speed all the way up the clouds about judgin easier you say the judge sees effort but you look at everybody else behind they were just seen the yellow chairs in getting last year's winner and they would push this hard as they can so brownie stage but back into potential I sprint tomorrow but absolutely blowing stage in the sun's out even though the only problem I see with Pino is he's not committed enough he's not committing his team enough today he knows his client better than any other climb in the Tour de France did we see his team at the front once yes I don't know it was like four K to go or something or three maybe even less but it wasn't yeah it was and if he knows his climb better than any other climbing he thinks he can do well today come here at the bottom one team who have committed and who commit at this race every single time is team INEOS and look row has been chatting to Matt Stevens Luke first big stage that was an epic one in the end Garin was fourth on the stage the best of the GC riders how did it go for you I think it was almost an easier day than we expected because the way they break when we were expecting it to attack for a long time so dodged the bullet in that sense and yeah I think the team really well it's one of them standard Tour de France days where it sits on all day it's tough all day and then you know when movie star started ramped up towards the end it was you know start to explain it but for me personally I think legs got really good and I did what I had to do and obviously you know also to hear what gee what he's got undone there it's we knew we could do it we knew we were in a good chance to be an addition to try and repeat what we did last year so it's good way to go but it's nice to just show a lot of people were a bit worried about Gowens form coming to space you're a postman those in very well did his whites they surprise you I think to show it which in the end of the days it's sometimes not necessarily a bad thing you know he crashed out of Swiss before he got a chance to you know really tackle the mountains but you know I see what he was doing in training and you know I knew he'd come to the tour you know with the real ten ten to try and win the race and like I said it's it's the first one of many many mountain stages so it's going to be a tall order and but it's great you know let lay down a ride apart and kind of bit of a statement that you know we're to win the race again thanks so much I can't let you recover you well isn't it quite typically Garant Thomas to come into the Tour de France as defending champion and still manage somehow to fly under the radar to be the least talked about of the two cool leaders on that team Brian no one will be under estimating him now will they I don't think he planned that crash into this week but yeah like looks at there you never got to to show everybody is form and that when looking back now that's maybe helped him a little bit NES were just sitting towards the front de kornek quickstep played the game they were hoping someone come up it would be a little bit harder today and they would help them keep the because I don't think they've got the team to defend they've done as best as they could and you can see a la Philippe I think he knew from the team car that he was losing ideas and that's why you had to go earlier then he anticipated to try and keep a hold of that Jersey so Karen Thomas has my leapfrogged Egan Brunel he started the day five seconds back he's jumped up two spots and he is now four seconds ahead of Egan Bernal too soon to say that makes him their definitive plan a Adam no but I think his plan a plan a is the defending champion II show today that he's got the form over Egan I think I think he got anyone Torres convincingly but he was going there to help get on as well so I think if you look back at that and you think Geron if he was in the same leading looks the same form he'd have been the leader there and going away and coming back under the radar almost we didn't know what for me and but Garin was and no point throughout this whole process of the Tour de France's he said I'm worried about my condition so I think just because we didn't know I don't think we could have wrote him off by I think geez he's confident in himself and it shows today that he's right on Form it's a pure statement know that he lost five seconds to Brno and now he's four seconds in front and a nut sort of performance so I was watching other riders coming through even Adam Yates for the last 14 seconds on getting Tomas Garant knows how to play this game he had to play the game last year he wants to be solely done and I think after today you should get it we mentioned Adam Yeates and his des mark white has been speaking to Matt Stevens that's here but he's had to say about the day Matt was a fun stage to watch on TV there were some confusing moments for the guys watching how did you see yeah look I think the race played out a lot more negative then we when there anyone would have predicted I think when we saw that breakaway of that size go at the start that's a if you want to keep the jersey that's a very very hard one to control especially some of the engines in a breakaway like Tomas de Ghent for example and I think there's a lot of bit of a Mexican standoff between the GC teams and when movie star did start the chase it was just way too late I think for the stage win and I think a lot of the GC teams were sort of feeling each other out and yeah we saw some interesting things in the final there but I think a lot of people would have predicted a much tougher stage and typically the FIR big stage in the Tour de France is a big selection for the JCC guys and actually there wasn't today how did your guys play it yeah good and Adam was into where he needed to be and now other guys we had their role to play on the stage and we're happy with where and finished and he lost three in three seconds to his main rivals so it's it's a very very small margin on the first tough day this is only stage six we've got another six or seven stages before the next big mounted stage and it's a long race and you're talking about defensive riding when would be the ideal time for the GC contenders to make them who's yeah not in not in the next few days and now we've got a flat stage tomorrow which is obviously gonna be controlled by the spring groups I think stage eight and nine they've got breakaways written all over them I think they're too seriously a it's just way too hard for any team to try to control for a sprint that in fact is play 3700 meters of climbing it's got breakaway written all over and state even stage nine it's probably a little bit too hard for the sprinters so I expect really aggressive riding an eight nine and then tens another easier day so for the next four or five days I don't see any movement between the GC guys and just clearly it word on Adam good you know I actually haven't seen any we're stuck in a car park to you on the other side but he was good very relaxed at the at the bottom of the last climb and that's the last time we spoke thanks Matt wait chatting not to Matt Stephens as I thought but to Ashley hi sense signing a positive note as we would imagine Adam out of me it's finishing 13th he is no 150 on GC which by my packet calculations makes him 35 seconds behind guarantee time as he will be fairly happy with that one day I think so yeah I think the main thing for him now is not to lose any more time on Jionni as he said there is a long time for the next Mountain stage now so I think he's in a comfortable position he's just got to get through these next days but there's yeah not spending his pennies basically so save as much energy as you can and concentrate on that next Mountain day and not losing more time and Brian Matt was saying their high negatively the start of the race was written this is something we talked about at the start of the day wasn't it sometimes when a stage is hyped up so much there can be is as matt says a bit of a Mexican standoff and and GC team's GC riders not willing to commit as much and how did that affect the racing do you think well I never not did affect a race and I'm the result be this was built to be a big GC bottle and thinking to put more clays with seven claims today over 160 kilometers and it was built to be really really difficult and and we talked about it all depends on who's and Yellen who wants to chase 14 Raiders went down the road and Ala Felipe's men went to the front and they never overly committed the gap went up to over eight and a half minutes and it was a weight away to wait we're talking about in the combination box who was going to come up or any stunt after come up whose Groupama for thibaut pinot if he wants to win a stage show who wants to win the stage and it just got later later later until they went over the third last claim with seven minutes after the ballon dogs ass claimed seven minutes and it was pretty much all over for anybody thinking of the of the breakaway afraid for winning from the bunch there but oddness claim we saw movie star of it go a little bit from Groupama 4 p no but the rest but just just following well there will be no rest after the toughest stage of this year's Tour de France so far we have the longest stage of the race coming up tomorrow well at least be a day for the GC man to stay out of the wind because we're back on sprinters territory there are three categorized climbs but the last of them sits just beyond the halfway point so won't of any real impact on the day's results with the fastest of finishers after 230 kilometers well if you missed any off today you can catch the highlights on Eurosport won tonight at 8 p.m. and will be live tomorrow from the earlier time of 10 o'clock again that will be on your sport one and if all of that isn't enough to curb your cycling craving you can download the Bradley Wiggins Tour de France podcast that is available right now for you to download and listen to and subscribe while you're there so you don't miss an episode state Texas was the first GC test and it was Dylan Tynes who passed with flying colors full marks to the Burien marido rider who answered every question asked of him questions on the GC starting to be answered as well this race is on you

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  1. The last climb was as crazy as advertised! Watching pro-riders in 'slow motion' the last couple 100 meters was … something else.

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