what's up guys and welcome back to my channel if you guys are new here my name is Giulio Giulio I was gonna say my name is Julia and this is KY go and she is really not having it right now my name is Julia and I would love for you to subscribe because you're already here so why not so at the end of this video you will see a picture of me and if you click on it you can subscribe or right from there also don't forget to turn on my post notifications that were updated every time I post a new video so I asked you guys on Instagram if you were interested in seeing a summer vacation haul because I just recently bought so many things I think this is the most amount of like clothing items that I have bought at one time so I kind of went overboard and I wanted to show you guys what I will be wearing on vacation this year usually I'm on vacation right about now I go with my family every year but this year couldn't really happen everyone in my family schedule just isn't really like matching up so there won't be a huge family vacation like we do every year usually there's about like 25 to 30 of us on vacation every summer or at least we try to get every one and this year just didn't end up happening I am going on vacation with my parents and my sister in a couple of my cousins but like not everyone I'm gonna start with forever 21 which it seems like I only got a couple of things in here but there are things that I ordered online that are not in this bag so this dress that I'm about to show you guys I actually bought for the purpose of filming weddings whenever I am also invited to a wedding because so if you guys don't know I'm actually interning this summer with someone who films weddings more professionally so that's why I'm like interning with her so that I can get more advice on how to grow my business filming weddings as well and I love it so much it's so much fun and I've already learned like so much from it and I can't believe it's like almost halfway over but anyways a piece of advice that I got for my boss is that you should wear all black whenever you're filming a wedding and it should be like a black blazer black pants black shoes black everything just so that you kind of like fit in if you happen to be in the background of Lake of the tiger first photo you're not gonna stand out as much so a lot of the wedding's that I have been shooting in the past have been weddings that I've also been invited to so it's been like a family friend or a family member that has asked and reached out to me if I can film their wedding just because they know that that's like my hobby so whenever I film those weddings I never really know how to dress because I'm invited to the wedding but I'm also filming it so I want to look more professional I got three different black dresses but this one was more on the side of like vacation but I can also use it for the whole wedding situation but I wanted to tell you guys that because that's basically that's something that I learned this summer is how to dress for filming weddings but anyways you guys probably don't even care about that but here is the dress it's very hard to show but it's like a midi dress that goes to about my ankles maybe a little bit above it but it's a really pretty black dress with cute little Brown buttons on it and I just thought this was super cute honestly I wasn't expecting to like it on me just because I'm not a fan of the whole like midi dresses I like when they're like a little bit above my knees I just don't like long dresses on me I don't know if it's like my height or whatever but I really like this dress on me and I'm not gonna be doing a try on haul if you guys could already tell because if I'm gonna be wearing these on vacation I'm probably going to vlog them on me so I kind of wanted to be like a surprise of what they look like on me whenever I'm vlogging on vacation if that makes any sense I love it so this I will definitely be taking to the beach with me and then the other two black dresses that I'm going to be using for like weddings that I was invited to but also filming I'm not gonna show you guys just because it has nothing to do with vacation I just wanted to like tell that story because that's like the main reason I got this dress but then I realized it's more like a vacation dress anyways because of the little buttons down the middle so I really like this and I'm excited to wear it this I'm super excited about wearing to the beach is this Hawaiian shirt that buttons down the middle but I have it open that's probably how I'm gonna wear it I actually have this purple bra let on right now and I love it it's so pretty and I just pictured wearing this bra let with this shirt I just think would be super cute with it like open or even tied in the front with some high-waisted shorts so I'm super excited about this I think Lauren said she has a Hawaiian shirt too and I think we should have like a Hawaiian night I don't know I'm weird but I thought it was super cute and I had to and I couldn't pass it up and it was only a $14.99 I got this in a size small so I got these shorts and they're super cute it also comes with the belt which was awesome but they're just a really pretty like pink color and I think these were so I got this on an extra small which is awesome I tried these on they look really cute and I'm just excited to wear these to the beach these were in 1990 and I was planning on wearing these shorts with this shirt which I will show you a better look so this is the shirt it's really choose and flowy and I feel like whenever I put this on it kinda reminded me of like a pirate but um it's fine pirate vibes are cool right I don't know the front is really cute – it's like a crochet lacy detailing so this shirt I pictured with these shorts so you guys will see this together on me at the beach I'm really excited about these shorts which I thought we're gonna look really ugly on me but I actually really like them and I've already worn them like a crazy amount of times but it's these shorts and I think they're so cute like they looked really cute on the model which is why I picked them out but then when I got them in the mail they kind of looked like too baggy and I just felt like they would look weird on me but they're kind of like giving me 80s vibes and I was watching stranger things 3 which if you haven't seen it go watch it like it's crazy like my favorite season by far but max from stranger things was wearing shorts like this and I just thought it was funny because like 80s is definitely coming back with the scrunchies the biker shorts like I think 80s is such a look so I got these I thought these were super cute and like I said I've worn them so many times already this is in a size small though and I think the only reason I got these in a size small is because I saw that like it was cinched at the waist I think these were 2490 I took the tag off but I'm pretty sure that's how much they were so that and then these two items just came in the mail the other day I was waiting on these so I will show you them together cuz I got them as like an outfit I've been eyeing up these pants for a while I thought they were super cute they're a little bit wrinkly because I kind of just got them out of the bag but these are in an extra-small and they're just really cute little trousers my grandma would call them slacks but these are just really cute like plaid looking pants and I thought that they were like cute for the beach and I also got a shirt that would match it perfectly I haven't tried them on yet but I'm guessing that they would look fine I like pants like this where they like flowy at the bottom this shirt was super cute and it was weird cuz like last week whenever I put it in my cart it was out of stock in my size and then I checked again like the next day and it was back in stock so it was like a sign like that I should get this shirt but I thought it was super cute it's it's a plain white crop top but it's already tied on the front like that's how it's made and I just thought it would be really cute with these pants it's such a look I thought it would be super cute the last thing that I got from forever 21 are these really cute hair clips their clips are like in right now you guys know barrettes were in whenever I was like probably in elementary school they're back in and they're super cute like why did they ever go out of style I don't know so I got a pair of these these are kind of like cheetah print and I thought they would be cute with that black dress that I showed you from forever 21 earlier it's in the next place that I shopped at was a place called she in which is an online clothing store I'm literally obsessed with them and you'll find that out once I show you everything that I got from there I kind of splurged I would have to say but I'm super happy with everything that I got and I didn't even end up spending that much like I feel like I spent I think I only spent like $150 but you'll see how many things I got for that price and that's like crazy so I know some people pronounce it Sheen but I'm pretty sure like 99% sure that it's she in so I don't know don't come for me if it's like not she in but I'm pretty sure and she and so she in is mostly known for like their bathing suits and how inexpensive they can be but they're also super cute so I got a couple bathing suits by a couple I mean a lot this first one is interchangeable which I thought was really cool and patterned on both sides is super cute but I think I'm just gonna keep it to this side so this is the first bathing suit that I picked out it's like a blue and a peach color but the pattern is super cute and like I said it's interchangeable the other side is like not as fun but it still cute so I'm really excited to wear these so this is what the first bathing suit looks like this next bathing suit is definitely going to be too hard to show on camera you guys are just gonna have to wait for vacation whenever it's on me and I'll show you but I'm gonna try like my hardest to show you what it looks like so this is a one-piece and the pattern is super cute but it's like in three pieces kind of but like not really so like this is the front and then this is like the middle that ties around your waist and then this is the bottom if you can understand that probably not so we're just gonna be bought but just trust me and super cute I tried it on and I loved it so I can't wait to wear this one at to the beach this one I'm super excited to show you guys because I have on like Facebook on the Facebook ads like for Sheehan and I have just wanted it since I have seen it on there there were so many other colors and patterns and I like fell in love with this one but this is her top how pretty is that it's like a snakeskin over here and then it's just plain blue over here but the color blue on this bathing suit is like the prettiest blue I've ever seen it's so pretty and then the bottoms are just snakeskin but I thought that this was like the prettiest bathing suit and I kept seeing it on the ads for chien and I was like I need that bathing suit in my life I think I would see like the neon green one which was also really pretty but like I said I liked blue this is the last bathing suit I got from she in which I've already worn if you guys saw in my fourth of July post on Instagram I post it in this bathing suit so this is the top it's a very a bright red color and these are the bottoms which was kind of hard to show but these oh my god I can't even show you this it's kind of hard to show but I will actually put the picture of me from the fourth of July here so that you guys can like get an idea of what it looks like the bottoms are a little bit big on me I will say and you might be able to tell in the picture but it's still super cute bathing suit and Bobbi said this was like his favorite bathing suit on me so far its kind of supposed to be like this on your hip if you guys can like get the picture but the bottoms just felt like a little bit big on me I think that they could have been a little bit tighter but you can't order a different size bottom than you can top and I think small was the smallest that they had so I just really liked this bathing suit and I had to get it so yeah I don't know if I'm gonna bring this one on vacation with me because I already wore on the fourth of July I know I'm weird but I already have enough bathing suits anyway so I don't know this might be out of the running but we'll see so this was a two-piece set I thought the pattern was really pretty and these are the shorts and they're just really flowy and the material is really soft like I'm obsessed with it so it's like a silky ish like soft material but there's also it's high so you can make it tighter if you need to and then this is the top it's just like a little tube top but they're like identical matching set so I'm excited to wear this at the beach this little shirt is super cute it's like a little girly like cute little blue top it's kind of hard to show but you guys will see it on me at the beach but I had to tighten the straps quite a because when I first tried it on it was like way too loose no like how is this even supposed to work but it's really cute now because I tighten the straps but the back is gonna be like all open there's just a little bit of like the peplum part at the bottom that shows on the back and of course like the straps but I think it's a really cute shirt overall and I love the color of it there was also a ton of colors for this shirt as well but I knew I wanted the blue color cuz I'm like obsessed with blue this next shirt is a little bit wrinkly so try to like get the best image of it as you can but it's super cute it's little crop top you probably think it looks super small right now but on me it like stretches out just because it's a little bit like cinched but it ties in the front and it's just super cute like on it looks a lot better just because it's not as wrinkled whenever it's on I definitely have to iron it but um for the time being whenever I was trying it on I thought it was super cute they actually sent me two of these though I don't know why I didn't order two and I even looked back in my order sheet and and there wasn't two they didn't charge me for two they just gave me two so I gave the other one to my sister but I thought the color was super pretty and I couldn't pass this up I like don't have many purple items so I thought this was cute and perfect for summer so the next item I got I can't tell if it's like a bra light or a crop top I thought it was a crop top on the website but now that I have it I think it's a bralette anyways I thought this was super cute and I saw something like it on Urban Outfitters and it was like a very overpriced for this little piece of clothing and this I think was only like five dollars so it's like more in my price range so I ended up getting this I really like black on me I think it's like a nice color for any occasion honestly so this outfit is another two-piece set and it's also black but I plan on wearing this for my 22nd birthday which is actually going to be celebrated at the beach this year so I'm super excited about that but the pants are just like flowy pants with little tassels on the bottom and then the shirt is similar it's just a little flowy crop top and it has little tassels on the bottom of that as well so I'm excited to wear this that's all for the clothes that I got from she in but I also got some accessories you thought I was done but I'm really not I feel like this is gonna be the longest hall in the world and I feel so bad but at the same time I love watching halls so maybe this is like fun for you so I got one of these and it was very inexpensive I know it like American Eagle forever 21 Urban Outfitters like all those different stores they charge like $50 for a purse like this and this was very inexpensive and it kind of does look cheap like not gonna lie but I don't really care if his in a picture you won't be able to tell and that's like the main reason I got it for and of course to carry some of my things but like let's be real most of these things are for pictures anyways if you guys know me this was kind of just like a fun purchase that I got I like getting different weird kinds of sunglasses and glasses in general like I have the dwight schroot glasses from the office they're not actually from the office but you guys know if you have watched the office before I actually don't but I know the guy and I know that he has like funny-looking glasses and I actually have those glasses but I think that they're like cute for different photo shoots and different occasions like that but I have always liked getting like weird random shaped glasses and my sister makes fun of me for it because she like says that's what you're gonna spend your money on but I just want to be trendy and I thought that these glasses were cool so bear with me okay so I wouldn't actually like wear these like on the street but for a photo I would totally wear these and be like try to act cool I don't know I thought that they were cool and I still think that they're cool so if you don't like them another thing I got from chien is something that I've been wanting for a while I just never really ended up getting one because I honestly have a hard time spending so much money on belts and some belts can be overly pricey and I don't understand why like it's literally a strap that you put around your way so your pants don't fall down but anyways I wanted one you know how like the Gucci belts are in yeah I can't afford that so I'm improvising and I found these ones that are like that they kind of look like the G's criss-crossing and why can't I get it in here so this belt that I got from Shion has two circles that cross each other that look like the G's on Gucci not really but we can dream like I'm just gonna wear this and like pretend it's Gucci who's gonna carry the belts that looked like this on forever 21 we're like 10 dollars more and I was like she in thank you for being you now I have a couple little earrings to show you that I got from Shion I'm super excited to wear these first ones our little star fishes and I thought these were super cute I don't know like when I was looking at all the jewelry on there I honestly wanted everything everything was so cute and like tropical because I typed in like vacation you know accessories and like these came up I just thought that these were so cute like little starfish earrings come on if your star fish earrings weren't enough I got little like elite earrings so they look like little palm tree leaves and I thought these were super cute as well they're also gold I think gold jewelry looks the best on me silver tryna just makes me look like more pale than I already am so I like gold and I thought these were super cute so I have little starfish earrings and I have little palm weight earrings and then I got these little hoop earrings that have little like beachy stones you know how people wear those like stone beachy necklaces like they used to be really in like the choker ones that's kind of what it reminded me of but they're little earrings so I thought these would be super cute with that black dress but that's what they look like the last accessory and thing overall that I got from shiiin's this little necklace that I am obsessed with it's so cute and I actually think I'm gonna wear it like now that I have it onto the package because I was waiting to do this haul I didn't want to lose anything whenever I was hauling for you guys so that you guys could see everything but I really like this choker it's super cute I actually think I'm gonna keep it on the rest of the video okay we're almost done so yesterday I went to H&M and I just wanted to show you guys this outfit just because I literally just bought it yesterday and I thought it was cute so as you know biker shorts are in not everyone likes them and ka my sister my roommates and I'm pretty sure my boyfriend doesn't like them either but I do and I'm gonna buy what I want to buy so picked up a pair of black biker shorts I thought they were cute did you hear me saying that you don't like my biker shorts no yeah I said not everyone likes them aka my sister my roommate and my boyfriend anyways they're just plain black ones and then to match it like to go with it I like oversized anything like oversized t-shirts or hoodies but I picked up this one it was literally right next to the biker shorts and I thought this color it was cute and I actually wore it in the last vlog that you saw or the next vlog that you're gonna see I literally vlog today in the outfit so I don't know whenever I'm posting it but this was like the outfit that I chose together one of those Instagram ads like drew me in and I couldn't help myself but by – bathing suits not just one but two from this website I think it was called lanique lanique swimwear or something like that but they had super cute bathing suits on there so I picked two out and I don't have the bottoms to this right now I don't really know where they went but this is the first one it's really cute it's like a little polka dot pattern and it's like mauve color it's like a pinkish purplish mouths like I don't know but it's really cute this was the bathing suit that I saw on the ad but it wasn't the color pink I like the navy color better and I thought this was super cute they have little hearts as the pattern it kind of looks like polka dots as well I don't know what's with the whole polka dot theme but anyways these are the bottoms and this is what like drew me into the bathing suit I thought this was different they tie right here but there's like a little opening as well so they're also high-waisted which I love high-waisted anything so I think these will be super flattering on the beach and I thought this color was cute as well so that's from lanique swimwear I'm pretty sure that's what it's called the last place that I went to which you guys will be extremely extremely surprised because I never ever ever shop here or go in here but they were selling stranger things merch and I had to buy things so there was actually a buy two get one free deal so I have three stranger things shirts and I'm actually like perfectly okay with it so this one I got for myself and it just has the cast on it and I just thought it was cute it says friends don't lie I like the style of this shirt it's like baseball tee ish get it yeah yeah yeah yeah the last season of stranger things was so good and I really hope that they have a fourth season which they have too because like if you guys saw the ending like there obviously has to be a fourth season but I was obsessed with it like the season was so good so good so if you haven't watched it yet like literally after this video go to Netflix and watch stranger things 3 this one I bought for my sister for her birthday but she already knows I bought it for her so I'm allowed to show it on camera but this one is just like the stranger things craziness happening all in one t-shirt kind of thing but this is like more of like a Mirchi looking t-shirt and then the free one that we got the scoops of Hawaii on it which you guys if you know you know and then it has the back that says the same thing and it looks like you actually like you're working at scoops ahoy which is pretty cool but that is everything that I got for summer vacation I'm not gonna wear like the stranger thing stuff on vacation but I just wanted to show you guys in the hall because I went shopping yesterday with my sister and I saw them and I just wanted to show it in this video because like stranger things is like the newest thing everyone's talking about right now like the third season so I had to I had to show you guys what is that that isn't even a meow so why are you mean if you guys like this video and if you think my cat is cute to give it a big thumbs up okay you literally are not having it right now go eat the rest of your food I think she's maxed I interrupted her lunchtime if you guys enjoyed this video definitely give a thumbs up and if you would like to see more videos subscribe if you haven't already and I will see you guys in my next video bye

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