Terrence McKenna Decribes DMT Trip (rare)

Terrence McKenna Decribes DMT Trip (rare)

well over time and using tricks you can drag a certain amount of data out of it and what I'll do is I'll describe a DMT trip and it's it's a composite of maybe 40 of these trips and then you can see what you make of it so this is I'll just describe it all be the the graduate student you be the guy with the clipboard you're saying to me so what happened okay here's what happened you won takes most people can get off in about three to four hits now there's a trick to it hash smokers are greatly favored in this endeavor because you really need leather lungs for this the great problem is that people will call or not be able to hold it in you take two hits in a situation where your clothes have been loosened and you can just flop backward when you need to you take two hits now many people miss the point because after two hits you feel completely peculiar you feel as though your body is undergoing some strange kind of anesthesia all the air has been pumped out of the room this is the visual acuity thing I talked about last night the colors jump up the edges sharpen its and at that point people say wool wow it's really coming on strong and then what you have to do is you have to take one more enormous hit and this separates the Intrepid from the casual believe me because most piece and the facilitator doesn't want to lean on the person you say you know dammit take the third hit saying no I feel completely weird I know you feel weird take the third hit well if you can coax somebody into that then what happens is you close your eyes and you see the ordinary warm brown back you know closed eyelids scenario and then these colors begin racing together and it forms this Monde aaalac floral slowly rotating thing which I call the chrysanthemum this is a place in the trip that you want to see as you go by it the chrysanthemum forms and you watch it for like 15 seconds if it doesn't give way then you didn't do enough you have to do more one more hit usually will do it well then what happens is it like physically propels you through this chrysanthemum like thing and you there's a sound like a saran wrap bread wrapper being crumpled up and thrown away you know that crackle a friend of mine says this is your radio intellect leaving through the anterior fontanelle at the top of your head I don't know what it is but it's something as being yeah right that's what it is and then there's this very very defined sense of bursting through something a membrane and on the other side and this is now remember my experience on the other side as you break through there's a cheer there's a whole bunch of entities waiting on the other side and they you know that Pink Floyd song the gnomes have learned a new way to say whoo well it's that place it's those gnomes and you burst into this space and and they're saying how wonderful that you're here you come so rarely we're so delighted to see you and the one of the things about the MT that's really puzzling is in a sense it doesn't affect your mind in other words you don't change for instance if you take ketamine the first thing you notice the very first thing you notice before the trip hits is you notice that you no longer are anxious about having taken ketamine you just sort of anxiety leaves you that means it's affecting your mind it's doing something to the judgmental machinery the MT doesn't lay a hand on the judgmental machinery you you break through into that space exactly who you were before breaking through and the usual reaction of most people is something like you know you think God heartbeat normal pulse normal everything's normal yeah everything's normal Oh God because these things are there and they're hammering at you and they come forward they're like Jules self dribbling basketballs and there there are many of them and they come pounding toward you and they will stop in front of you and vibrate but then they do a very disconcerting thing which is they jump into your body they jump into your body and then they jump back out again and the whole thing is going on in this very high speed mode where you're being presented with thousands of details per second and you can't get a hold on you say you know my god what's happening and these things are saying don't abandon yourself to amazement which is exactly what you want to do you just want to go nuts with how crazy this is they say don't do that don't do that pay attention pay attention to what we're doing well what are they doing well what they're doing is they're making objects with their voices their singing structures into existence these things are and what they will do is they'll come toward you and then and you have to understand they don't have arms so we're kind of downloading this into a lower dimension to even describe it but what they do is they offer things to you say look it is look at this and as your attention goes toward these objects you realize that what you're being shown is impossible it's impossible it's not simply intricate beautiful and hard to manufacture it's impossible to make these things the nearest analogy would be to they fabergé eggs or something like that but these things are like the toys that are scattered around the nursery inside a UFO or something celestial choice and they are the toys themselves appear to be somehow alive the toys themselves can sing other objects into existence so what's happening is there's just this proliferation of elf gift and the elf gifts are moving around singing and the whole thing is directed toward that they're saying do what we are doing and they're very insistent they say do it do it do it and you feel like a bubble or and now this is subjective I mean only a you know 5% report this but it happens to me you feel like some kind of bubble inside your body that's beginning to move up toward your mouth and when it comes out it isn't sound its vision you begin to use that you discover that you can pump stuff out of your mouth by singing and they're urging you to do this they say that's it that's it keep doing it and if the whole thing is like you know we're now at minute 4.5 with this stuff and you speak in a kind of glossolalia there's a spontaneous outpouring of syntax unaccompanied by what is normally called meaning it's sort of the you know he ding Wow walks up TV movie thing get Roxy key beeping in Mohave dictum Beauregard a peg and this is accompanied by a modality something seen and they say yes do it do it do it and then after a minute or so of this the whole thing begins to collapse in on itself and they literally begin to physically move away from you and usually their final shot is they actually wave goodbye and they say deja vu deja vu which makes no sense at all if you analyze so then you come down and you're now at minute six to seven and you come down and it's like being more loaded than you've ever been it's like about a 700 mic acid trip but you embrace it as totally down you say I'm totally down I mean you look you look like a termite from our tourists and the room is decorated in Amish quilts but I'm completely back and then over a minute or a minute and a half or so the room just comes right back together and and four minutes after that some people can give no account of it whatsoever they just say I you know I don't know it was the weirdest thing that ever happened to me and I I can't remember it now

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  1. Every single thing is a frequency. Frequencies create vibration (physical anything.) Those beings are here, just existing at a different frequency. Our bodies are a frequency. (65 hz) The planet is 7 hz. You just adjust your frequency to connect to their frequency.

    I had a dream of a big brown being that came up from a sinkhole home/bed in the planet and was expecting a kiss. It was like a giant worm but with feelings. It actually expected a kiss like it was my friend. I saw that as the planet speaking to me via it's frequency impulse into my "dream." I have never taken DMT but it sounds much like my Dreamland. Very powerful activation tool. 🐍

  2. I just had my first DMT experience last Friday it was pretty good. I made a trip report if your interested in hearing more about it. It's the last upload on my channel. Let me know what you think.

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  4. Dude last night I hit some dmt. I swear I went through fucking two walls. It's an amazing feeling, my first time was amazing. I seen so many deities. Rainbows and two golden suns. I miss that trip.

    When I used to trip downstairs I would open my eyes and I would see these little things and they would just watch me and laugh it was the funniest shit ever. This drug is simply amazing.

  5. I felt like I was a phone that was on vibrate when it hit lmao I had to walk to my buddies bed and I was just ringing lol

  6. I haven't dropped Acid for fifty years but that drawing looks like the stage at Filmore West… " When the Truth is Found, to be Lies.. "

  7. The entities are not real. We are formless what gives the form is the thought when it enters the mind initiates the shape. That's why some people see in Out of body experiences or Near death experiences angelic beings, demons and religious figures.
    Thoughts are lies.

  8. i just had a trip where i saw kokopelli in a tubular animated style, in a bright white 3D room full of slowly bouncing rainbow polyhedrons. and he kept chanting "all is one"

  9. I think that a lot of what he explains may be very true for individuals who have absolutely no experience in the astral realm/spirit realm/alternate dimension/4th plane/ etc. Wether it be through a spiritual experience or a pyscahdelic induced experience. but I will say that it was so drastically different for me. I had no will to hold on to my current feelings, emotions, senses, mindset or anything else. The only thing I truly wanted in my DMT trip was to allow the experience to encapsulate me so greatly that I wanted to be permeated with it. It was then that I saw my spirit guide and he took me to the astral plane. I know DMT can be different for everyone, but I think it is so much more beneficial when you toss all preconceptions out of the window and allow the trip to take over your very essence. It's often more harmful imo to go into full details about what an experience like this will be like, because its attempting to explain what the inside of a black hole would look like. Or better yet what crossing a certain river on a given day will be like. No one can prepare you or explain to you REALLY what a pyschadelic experience of any kind will be like to you. You just have to be willing and accepting of that fact that you will go on a journey like no other. Only then can you truly appreciate the beauty of the situation.

  10. Anyone wondering what my 7 gram mushroom trip sounded like : go to my channel and listen to the video “It’s Transcending”

    Interesting stuff!

    I’m here cause I know you’ll find value from this video. I’m not merely spamming all videos. I care about anyone and everyone reading this.

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