Sadhguru – Living for the weekend..

You said that in Isha Yoga, there is no weekend.. if you tell that to young doctors they think there is no life because sadly due to Whatsapp messages and Facebook and all the things that come there’s a big problem for the younger generation on work-life balance. so how did you manage to make […]

[OFFICIAL] SONIC X Ep20 – Cruise Blues

-(joyful music) -(suspense music) -Decoe: Dr. Eggman, the main engine has been repaired. -Bocoe: Everything is tip-top shape. -Splendid! Now, why does it always take you two slow-bots so long? -Bocoe: It is because Decoe is grumpy and wants to complain about everything. -Decoe: This is the third time I had to fix this hunk […]