Subliminals, EXPOSED (How To Make It Work)

Subliminals, EXPOSED (How To Make It Work)

hey everyone its star here again I really wanted to talk about subliminals because I've noticed that recently there's been a huge influx of people using subliminals to change their appearance or attract whatever it is they want to attract in their lives now I'm not gonna lie I'm really excited to see this because this is showing me that people are really waking up and noticing that you can change your actual conscious reality by programming your subconscious mind this is showing me that the consciousness of humanity is completely waking up people are becoming aware of the hidden powers of the universe and the power of their brain however I also think that a lot of people use subliminals maybe a little misinformed and I don't mean that in a patronizing or condescending manner I'm just trying to make you guys aware about the truth of subliminal so you guys can use it in a more effective way if you guys don't know what subliminal Czar's apparently things that you can listen to on YouTube that contain hidden subliminal messages and these subliminal messages are designed to trick your subconscious brain into believing something so that it actually changes your conscious reality it's a form of Law of Attraction a lot of people on YouTube have been making videos about how they change their eye color using subliminal or how they manifested love using these subliminals and by listening to subliminal while they go to bed subliminals definitely do work however what I want to say about it is because subliminals were don't you think advertisers know this advertising its whole structure is about taking away your self-esteem and selling it back to you with the product advertisers know that if they can make you feel less than or make you feel insecure and then sell you the promise that if you buy their product all of a sudden you'll be great you will have self-esteem you'll feel good and you will buy the product that's the whole strategy of marketing so because the blue munoz work don't you think advertisers and companies know that they're always putting subliminals and advertisements they're putting subliminals and all these add and every day the average person is bombarded with these subliminal messages in these ads trying to get you to buy things you'll see in on your Instagram feed you'll see it when you watch TV you'll see it on YouTube you'll see it reading an article online these advertisers have completely infiltrated anything online they even know how to infiltrate things so that you don't even know it's an ad you even know what hit you heading south parked in an episode on it as well and like i was saying advertisers know that if they rip apart your self-esteem they can sell it back to you with their product because of a lot of you guys use subliminals to try to change your appearance I'm gonna use this example let's say you're using subliminals to try to get really toned abs okay so you're listening to subliminals every night tricking your brain into thinking you have toned abs so your body changes and you have them but then you're getting bombarded by ads that are subliminally telling you that you're fat and ugly so they can sell you their product so you'll magically be skinny and you might think well I'm not that stupid to fall for it but you haven't understand these advertisers are very sneaky and they do it in a subliminal way because they know subliminal works so you're getting bombarded by all of these messages that you're fat and ugly throughout the day and then you're trying to counteract it by using subliminals at night saying that you have tone at well what it's doing is these ads are actually cancelling out the subliminals completely or at the very least they're taking away all the progress that these subliminal czar doing for you so this is why it's beyond important if you're using subliminals to really limit how much ads you're letting your subconscious brain be exposed to try not to watch too much TV because even in TV shows and movies they put subliminal ads in there try not to watch too many ads on YouTube and I know that sounds very hypocritical because I have ads on YouTube but guess what your girl's got to make a living somehow I would love to give you this information for free but guess what I got bills to pay so yes I'm aware of the hypocrisy of this video but I also want you to be aware of it try to limit the amount of TV you use try to limit the amount of internet you do because ads are woven into all your TV shows all of the internet all of social media even in music they even put subliminal messages in music I don't know if you guys watch the movie josie and the pussycats but they actually do a great job of explaining how they do that through music every time you go online every time you go on your Instagram and you look at these Instagram influencers who are subliminally selling you a product or every time you watch an ad you're getting all of these subliminal messages bombarded into your subconscious brain telling you that you're not good and not telling you that you need to buy this product in order to be good enough and it embeds in there and I don't mean to sound like a conspiracy theorist I know some of you think I'm going a little crazy or losing it I'm not going crazy I'm not losing it okay I'm right here okay it's the truth of the matter I mean look it up for yourself they'll use specific colors because they know your subconscious brain will pick it up they'll use hidden messages in the pictures so because they know your subconscious brain will pick it up and your conscious brain isn't aware of when your subconscious is picking things up but your subconscious brain always impacts your conscious thoughts and reality so that's how it's so sneaky and that's how it's so impactful I mean a lot of conspiracy channels online have shown you that even Disney movies put subliminal messages in the movies everything that you think is harmless there's actually a hidden add-in even when you're just watching a TV show or you're watching your movie there's a subliminal ad in there reprogramming your subconscious brain now that you know this now that you know that subliminals work because they influence your subconscious brain and advertisers use this if you're using subliminals only while you're sleeping it completely cancels it out when you're bombarded all the time by all of these other subliminal messages so you can be listening to positive subliminals all night long but during the day and when you're awake you're constantly hit on Billboard's TV Internet all of these other subconscious messages that are coming into your brain pretty much cancelling out all of the positive affirmations you're listening to while you're sleeping so if you really want subliminals to work you almost have to like walk out anything or block out what you can walk out all unnecessary noise try not to watch too much TV don't look at too many ads because there's subliminals and that as well if you really want subliminals to work the way they're supposed to you really have to keep your subconscious declutter by not indulging in a bunch of TV internet and I know that's really hard I'm not saying that I'm perfect and I never watch TV or use the Internet clearly I do in fact sometimes I do too much of it but I'm trying to let you guys know that yes even though subliminals will work all of those positive affirmations are being canceled out when you watch TV and you're on the Internet the less bombarded your subconscious brain is by all of these outside advertisements the better your subliminal Tzar going to work and I also want to tell you guys be very careful about which subliminals you listen to online because some people could be really nasty and put nasty subliminals in there just to mess with you so be very selective and be very careful honestly the bloomin holes even though they do work are not my first choice and if you want to change your appearance or attract something into your life because you never know who is making the subliminals and what they're putting into it honestly what I recommend most is you getting a journal and writing down all of the positive affirmations in present tense write everything you want in present tense into a journal every day saying I am beautiful I am happy I am confident I have love in my life it doesn't matter as long as it's in present tense because your subconscious brain only knows what present tense is never say anything like I am NOT ugly I am NOT poor because your subconscious brain doesn't pick up nah it always has to be something like I am rich I am happy your subconscious doesn't understand negative so my advice to you guys is if you want to attract something in your life or change your appearance the best way to do it is by writing in a journal in present tense acting like you already have these things and the more consistent you are the more likely it is to happen and this way you're not accidentally listening to someone who's trying to trick you by putting nasty subliminals in a video that they say it's positive this way you know what you're putting into your subconscious brain and when you do this even though your conscious brain is picking it up if you do this consistently it will actually be embedded in your subconscious brain and your subconscious brain will start to believe these things and because of that in your conscious reality you will do things so that you actually become all of the affirmations you're saying therefore attracting what it is you want not only that the journaling will actually train your brain to start thinking more positive as opposed to thinking negative and going the negative route it will actually rewire your brain so even though journaling doesn't necessarily go just straight to your subconscious brain it trains your conscious brain to start thinking more positively it's almost a form of cognitive behavioral therapy that psychiatrists and therapists actually recommend to people who have depression or anxiety so if you're someone who's using subliminals to change their appearance or attract something into their life I highly suggest you don't do that even though it works and try the journaling method instead using the law of attraction use journaling petitioning whatever you want to call it do this every day for 10 minutes a day as a meditative routine and I to you this will warrant better results so yes the bull mills work but I'm telling you right now the journaling is a lot more effective remember guys nothing in life is easy if it's the easy way it's generally not the as effective way we know this we're all human we're all living in the world though instead do the extra work write in your journal every day and present-tense using affirmations and I guarantee you that will be more effective than listening to subliminals and also safer if you're still caught up in the subliminal thing you can also make sigils and hang them around your room these vigils have hidden positive affirmations and every time you're in your room even though you're not directly looking at them even if you see it out of the corner of your eye or just walk past it your subconscious brain picks it up and when it's constantly bombarded by these vigils hanging around your room it will reprogram your subconscious brain with whatever affirmations is hidden in this vigil I actually have a video about how to make sigils I'm gonna post it down below so if you guys are interested you can check it out making this vigils are also a lot safer because you are making them and you know what subliminal messages you are putting in the sigil and you know no outside influences are trying to influence you in a negative way so that's all I have for you guys thank you so much for watching and as usual I will see you guys later bye

33 thoughts on “Subliminals, EXPOSED (How To Make It Work)

  1. Ok I’ve always thought like people listen to subliminals out of desperation or something instead of actually stepping up and doing the action yourself, like your own intuition, but this, seems really genuine? Does it actually work? I’m still having doubts though. :/

  2. So if i wanna look like yazonline what should i write In my journey then and do i need to look at a Picture of her? Please answer

  3. I watched the smaller ribcage subliminal videos, and suddenly, it’s been three months, I was about to make my upper body smaller. A small and narrow ass ribcage while my butt is a little big

  4. Sooo… I understand that you have to keep negative interections and thoughts out before listening to a subliminal because your subconscious mind just won't affect as well as you may want it to. What I'm confused about is how to ise a subliminal… AT ALL! I know this sounds a little dumb, but I'm confused about wheater I'm supposed to be hypnotized literally to what I'm trying to achieve, or I just listen to the subliminal.

    Please… somebody answer me… I need to know

  5. so basically everyone here is asking people very sweetly to keep this sublinimals a secret, i'm a straightforward person

    shut your mouth, and if you dare to talk about this to anyone, remember this biatch is still alive 🔪

  6. Stargirl, you are so pretty. I want to be like you. Wait, let me try this, stargirl, I am as beautiful as you.

  7. How can I not watch adds on YouTube if I can’t control the bombardment of their entire increase in every vid I greatly appreciate and enjoy

  8. I remember I was into it back in 2013 I did one on changing my eye color……shoooooooot I remember my eyes gotten lighter like a lighter brown. I mean it is a brown color you can see it now than when I used to have dark brown

  9. Do you have to listen to subliminals at night or when your sleeping? Or can I just watch them during the day

  10. can everyone stop moaning about how subliminals are gonna be popular? Subliminals can improve your life and confidence, why would that be such a bad thing?

  11. Umm hi, I’m completely new to subliminal. I clicked this to find out more because I chanced upon a video about subliminal just now. Totally random video recommended to me. Can anyone explain why some people are trying to keep this low key?

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