Strange Time Travel CONSPIRACY Theories

Strange Time Travel CONSPIRACY Theories

– The concept of time travel has been theorized for hundreds of years. It speaks to a fundamental
desire of humanity, the want to go back and know,
or even change something. But while theories have been presented as to how this may be possible, there are some conspiracy
theories that exist right now that suggest that it has already happened. (liquid bubbling) (electricity zapping) Here are 10 time travel
conspiracy theories. (typewriter clicking) Number 10 is the Roswell
time travel incident. (eerie music) Much has been written about
the Roswell crash of 1947 where an alleged alien
spacecraft crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico. The U.S. government then
quickly removed the bodies and aircraft, but not
before a number of locals, and low level officials saw what happened. But one interpretation of Roswell is that it wasn’t an alien craft, but instead a failed time travel attempt from the future. Lieutenant Colonel Philip Corso claimed to be involved in researching the bodies as well as the debris found that day. He stated on record that the bodies were probably genetically engineered to withstand both space travel
and moving throughout time. The Roswell incident can then be reinterpreted not
as an alien visitation, but as a probe from the far
flung distant human future. One which perhaps wanted
to pass on a warning about what was ahead for our species. Number nine is the Iranian time viewer. (eerie music) In 2013 an Iranian
businessman called Ali Razeghi claimed to have built a time
machine which was capable of predicting the next five to eight years of a person’s life. Razeghi claimed that his working prototype was the first of its kind, and that it could change
humanity’s destiny, allowing it to negotiate future
dangers before they occur. However, the Aryayek time
machine, as it came to be called, has so far never been released. Razeghi claims that it’s because of intellectual property
issues with China. Without stringent laws to stop companies from mass manufacturing
other people’s ideas, China would be able to
mass produce the device if it saw a prototype. Razeghi claims that while China and the United States
continue their attempts to develop their own time travel machines, that his will remain safely
hidden until it is truly needed. Number eight is the chronovisor. (eerie music) Another device which allowed
users to see into the future was known as the chronovisor. Designed by Italian priest and scientist, Pellegrino Ernetti who died in 1994, the chronovisor was an extension
of the work carried out by another priest in the
1960s called Francois Brune. Descriptions of the
chronovisor describe it as a cathode ray tube, which was found inside
televisions of the time, and a viewing screen. Levers and buttons allowed the user to select any time or place in history and view what happened. The chronovisor supposedly worked by decoding the electromagnetic
radiation left behind by previous events. Conspiracy theorists
believe that the machine was taken by the Illuminati and is now used for an
unknown sinister purpose. Number seven are messages
from a time traveler. (eerie music) John Titor was an online
bulletin board user in the early 2000s who claimed to be a time traveler
sent from the year 2036. He claimed to be hopping
between parallel worlds and times, and made predictions about an upcoming nuclear war. In his post, Titor
described what the world would be like after the conflict. Describing how the United
States would break up into five smaller nations, and that the world would
be devastated by the war. As Titor described himself
growing up in the aftermath and joining a shotgun infantry unit in Florida for four years. 20 years later, he would
travel back in time to avert the catastrophe. Titor’s communications abruptly ended, and some believe this is because
he succeeded in his mission to stop a cataclysmic war from happening. However, others believe
that he was silenced. Number six is Baron Trump. (eerie music) One fascinating time travel
conspiracy that exists right now is that a book published
in the 19th century contains information about
Donald Trump’s son Barron. The book is called Baron Trump’s Marvelous
Underground Journey, and was attributed to
a 19th century lawyer named Ingersoll Lockwood. But many believe that it could only have been written by a time
traveler from the future. The lead character in
the book is called Baron, just like President Trump’s son, though with a different spelling. In the book, Baron Trump is
inspired by a man named Don who is referred to as
the master of all masters who goes through a portal
which leads to Russia and other places. Lockwood also wrote a pamphlet
called The Last President, and many believe these are coded messages from a time traveler to those
living in the current year. Number five is Rudolph Fentz. (eerie music) An urban legend tells the tale of a time traveler named Rudolph Fentz, but many believe that the legend is true and has since been covered up. As the story goes, it’s 1951 and Rudolph, a man in his 20s, appears confused and walks out into New York
traffic and is run down. Tragically he dies, but
witnesses are perplexed by his appearance. He’s dressed in 19th century clothing. Several items are found in his possession including old bank notes
and a letter dated 1876. An investigating police officer
uses Rudolph’s possessions to identify him as a man who disappeared in 1876 in that area. Somehow he had traveled through time. In 1951, a short story with
the same plot was published. Conspiracy theorists believe
that this was an attempt by authorities to
discredit definitive proof that time travel is real. Number four is a time slip. (eerie music) One time travel conspiracy theory describes how an entire
passenger jet vanished. The case relates to a
flight during March of 1975. As the 727 aircraft approached
Miami International Airport, it completely disappeared
from all airport’s radar. All attempts to contact the plane failed. Assuming the flight was lost, ground control crews were sent out to look for crash debris
or to look to the sky to see if the plane was still approaching. 10 minutes later, the
plane suddenly reappeared on the airport’s radar and
could be seen in the sky. However, when the plane landed, the passenger’s watches
were 10 minutes behind. Some believe that the plane went through what’s known as a time slip, and traveled 10 minutes into the future. Though federal teams investigated, the incident was kept quiet, other than a short report
in a local newspaper. Number three is Gray’s Sports Almanac. (eerie music) There’s a time travel conspiracy theory which is eerily close to a plot point in Back to the Future II. In the film, Marty McFly travels to the distant future of 2015, and buys Gray’s Sports Almanac so that he can go back to 1985 and place bets knowing the outcome. In 2017, however, a number
of strange bets were placed on World Series games,
which won a mystery gambler 14 million dollars. The run of placed bets was so unlikely, that’s it’s almost as if the gambler already knew the outcome. This bizarre turn of events has led many to theorize that the gambler either came from the future to make a quick buck, or somehow gleaned
information from future events before placing the bets. Number two is the
Rendlesham Forest incident. (eerie music) The Rendlesham Forest incident
is a famous UFO encounter from 1980, but some
believe that time travel may have also been involved. The events took place when
Royal Air Force personnel investigated strange
lights in Rendlesham Forest near an Air Force base in England. They encountered a
strange unidentified craft which had landed in the remote location. It was covered in unusual
hieroglyphs and symbols. It then took off in the
middle of the night. Some form of time dilation then occurred and servicemen’s watches were out of sync. Following this, one of the men, a Sergeant Jim Penniston, said that he received mental
images of ones and zeroes. These were later decoded by experts as a binary message
leading them to conclude that the craft was actually
a time travel probe from the year 8100. It’s believed that it was sent here to explore humanity’s past. And number one is Ettore Majorana. (eerie music) A scientist named Ettore
Majorana mysteriously vanished and there’s proof that he may
have traveled into the future. Majorana was working on
neutrino particles at the time. Some of his theories
stated that some particles could travel through time, and many since have
suggested that neutrinos could have been used in this manner. On March 27th, 1938, Majorana
was on a ship sailing from the Italian city
of Palermo to Naples. When the ship docked, he had disappeared. Some thought that he had been
killed, or even kidnapped, by people interested in his work, but a photo taken in 1955 proves that he was alive in Argentina. He looked the same age,
and a witness claimed to have met Majorana, who told him that he’d made a
huge scientific breakthrough. Many believe this
breakthrough was the ability to travel through time itself. So, 10 time travel conspiracy theories. But the question is, does
time travel actually exist? And if so, are these actual examples of things that have already happened? At the end of the day,
only you can decide.

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