So you want to work on the pipeline?

So you want to work on the pipeline?

so you're thinking about working on the pipeline well with all the talk of the Keystone pipeline being built from Texas to Alberta as well as the gateway pipeline going from Alberta across British Columbia to Kitimat there's never been a better time to get a job working on the pipeline some of you might be interested in knowing what the opportunities are that lay ahead this short video is intended to give you a little bit of insight into what kind of jobs you might expect and what kind of people you'll run into working here on the pipeline from the clearing crew to the testing crew there's a wide and very choice of positions on the pipeline the crew that I work on is called the welding crew and it consists of six different positions firstly are the machine operators we drive these huge machines to position the welding shacks onto the pipe then there are the pre heaters we use these Tiger torches to heat up the pipe and get it ready for the welding process the dingleberries work in teams of two and these are the guys that grind and buff the welds down after they've been welded and get them ready for the inspector to check them out you need strong wrists to be a dingleberry the technicians work for a separate company and they're on hand to fix anything that might go wrong with the welding operation and its systems the welders helpers like me are on hand to do just about everything and anything that the welders will tell you to do then of course there are the welders you look at so when we're putting the pipe together first there's the pipe fitters down here and they piece it all together then we have a shack and the people in this Shack the welders and their helpers they lay that down on the pipe and they put down what's called as a hawk pass weld from there we go to the next Shack and they do a fill weld which fills up most of the weld but it doesn't quite get the top of it so the next one is the cap shot and that's the shack that I work it these checks all go up and down and along the line throughout the day putting welds in all the way down until we have one continuous piece of pipe the Shack has more people inside a team of two welders and two welders helpers all working together with great teamwork and commitment to get the job done come on in and we'll show you just what goes on inside are you party okay hurry up Oh you whoa lady Oh that is how we get the job done so most people here on the pipeline started out as a welder self in order to view first Oh third and most importantly the hairdryer Oh but most important out of everyone it's all the rms welding system hey it's my fun there are other books like this one but this one is fine throw this club I have nothing it was all beef but is nothing this is boy bah bah well that's about it I hope this video has been informative and insightful and has helped to make your choices on whether or not you want to work in the pipeline industry it's a hard job and it can be stressful and it can be challenging mentally and physically but if you think that you've got the right stuff then money yeah come on out we need some fresh-made out here

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  1. looks really chill to me.

    i am personally welding shit that has been used as petrol and diesel lines which is fucking dangerous. nothing has happened yet and i really hope that nothing will ever happen but if anything actually do happen is it a good bye from me to this world caus that would cause a pretty big explosion.

  2. So you want to work on the pipeline? First thing you need to learn is to ignore the fact that since 1986 pipeline accidents have spilled an average of 76,000 barrels (more than 3 million gallons) per year, many of which in lakes and rivers, and all of which society has to pay for cleaning and restoration, not the oil companies. If you're good with that, and you probably are, you've got a great all male, all white job to look forward to. – Have a great day!

  3. It's great how they protect the blind spot on the front of their pipe layer with high pressure gas bottles.

  4. This is my Rifle, there are many like it but this one is mine. Without me, my rifle is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless.

  5. those guys would get banged out.. id punch him right in the mouth yelling in my face while im working… .be a black eyes party

  6. Maybe someone should invent a machine to permanently weld the loud mouthed cocksuckin welders mouths shut. Pretentious pricks. The intelligence level of prehistoric apes.

  7. Actually you need 4 of the welding bots, while 1 is making the pass the other 3 are sitting on the pipe bullshitting and watching lmao

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