Sims 4 but I open a restaurant/graveyard

Sims 4 but I open a restaurant/graveyard

Jesus that is a menacing sound to come into when you load your Sims game hey there friends has going my name is Kevin and today we're playing The Sims 4 so if you didn't watch last time we trapped Santa in the basement and then we trapped his replacement also in the basement we've been feeding him like poisonous food but he's just not dying for some reason I'll probably bring him more snacks from the restaurant and that's what we're gonna be focusing on today I want to work on the restaurant a lot of businesses come out and they become rich and they do an idea and mix it with another idea and be like why did no one ever think of this like why doesn't that company that manufactures computers also make phones why doesn't that company that makes a console make a game why doesn't that restaurant have a graveyard and that's what I want to do today I want to combine a restaurant and a graveyard but I want to demolish my whole restaurant and start again so that's what we're gonna do I don't want to actually start a new restaurant like sell this one and move on elsewhere because I've got two star rating I mean I I depend on those ratings for my customers no but really I just have the perk that allows me to get F grade ingredients and I don't want to lose it it's like by honey I'm gonna go knock down the restaurant and start again all right we're gonna have to have a bit of a quaint restaurant here because we need like half the space for graves I don't want to spend too much time because I always spend way too much time building and I don't think you guys really care what it looks like do you oh man I don't know what I'm going for anymore I don't know what's happening you know what I'm time to fake it all up and a squeeze this bathroom in between the windows so that people aren't looking in it you there we go much better it looks good might be good to just let a little bit of light in you know this was actually looking nice until it wasn't it just took a radical turn for no reason just the case for babies come to tell you at the restaurant what's that movie called boss baby I gotta appeal to the professional baby oh god I want to make you look bad but I don't know if I can stand that Brown Jesus okay that's that's more manageable it just looks like stained concrete out here is if it colorful it's for the kids you know really want to appeal to everyone put a nice carpet down in the public bathroom I think that's everything we actually need to run the restaurant so we'll just polish it off now I suppose we're not even a fish-and-chips place we just like fish can I have the fish oh we don't serve fish here then why do you have it don't ask any question this is my favorite spot right in this chair I don't like the foliage I like to sit here and just have a nice view while I eat my meal peas good in my inventory for some reason on this fish and these animal crackers it's good we're already off to a good start on some garlic nice I can put those on the table you get like complimentary garlic or on the ground next to the table there we go instead of salt and pepper shakers you got just some garlic if anyone came back like the old place was so fancy they'll be really surprised by the changes and happy I assume Jesus Christ only people is he murdered fucking hell god damn that's a lot that I mean Pickens up around the place gotta have a bit of air after other ways the place isn't classy oh sweet Jesus this is gonna be the most haunted restaurant I've ever seen luckily a lot of them are old so the spirits might have like left I want one VIP table in the middle I don't even know why I killed you I think they could be said for a lot of these area that's a nice grand table to have out there I was going to like putting dirt for all the graves but I don't know if I can be bothered there's so bloody many of them there we go that's looking pretty good don't want it to actually look like I take care of the graves I've just dropped stones and cobbles and put the path straight across some of their graves not to mention these ones go right under the seats talk about disrespectful and then we're gonna need like a menacing shed I don't even know what it's gonna be used for I just wanted to bear to be menacing right now I might have a basement that goes underneath Oh someone's here already okay good good good I need to drink from you oh god I wanted to do it in private but a few people have shown up now okay it didn't work Jesus Christ the owners just go to the toilet as soon as you come in we're still buying F grade ok good everything's the same oh my god I need to turn down this marketing it's so much 1,200 a day eat peas yeah why not eat the peas what you putting them down for him he doesn't want the peas just eat them you don't like the peas well you keep eating the peas ok maybe I should have forced to leave those Peas he's immediately cleaning it up he's like for facts sake why did he eat those pocket Peas I'll just have a water please he's gonna have his meal out here like the boss is outside in the garden he wants me to bring him water oh we can mount this fish No and he finished the whole thing too he doesn't even have like a full plate to soften his blow when he does that hey everyone I've mounted this fish on the wall oh my god he's such a small fish yeah I know he's dying he's done get over it dude don't leave dishes on the grave that's really disrespectful about everyone's coming out to watch Jesus Christ I tried to do it out here in private all right go about your day folks buy a meal I recommend the puffer fish what the fuck are you doing in my restaurant pick off this place is beautiful and you're ruining his rude introduction go over and teach her our lesson Jim we all were swearing at her when she's sitting with her family Chege what no love a lesson hey don't push me back all right that's it trash another sim trash her mom Rempel pill pin yeah yeah she can't be all that bad I tell her to go away now no get out of this conversation it's just me and your child oh my god he failed a prank I think I found my match I'm gonna remember you for when you grow up even written down in my book you're lucky Jim doesn't kill kids why does it not work is it just it doesn't work on kids cuz you're not allowed make them have tinnitus when they're 10 you know tinnitus you know they they're 10 to have tinnitus I said thanks folks 1 million subscribers welcome to my restaurant I trust everything is going well now a flirty introduction to the lady like they're loving the place confess attraction she's like that active single okay yeah they're together I don't ask on date right in front of her family even her kid all this attention from the owner is making me feel real special what about this guy will he accept my advances oh he's liking me so far why are you getting angry hey stop it thumbs up everyone's feelings about Jim Jim is just smiling away where is the waiter they've been here forever is he even working he's just staring at the leader yeah they're storming out of here I don't really blame them it seems like she's you know stood on some fire though or something it's nothing to do with Jim I imagine probably just the jacket is a bit too warm I hope you come back hope you enjoyed your time she actually looks relatively happy or else dazed I'm not sure which we got a ghost here and pumpkin pretend to bite I don't think that's gonna back in annoying ghosts okay maybe it will oh wait that's Luis oh good he's freshly dead of course he's a ghost Malka mortality again I don't think it really counts if it's a ghost get a sim abducted can't even escape my shenanigans when he's dead I'll see you dude who's a good ghost cat who's a good little ghost cat I don't think the waiters serving anyone anymore I think we'll have to close for the day oh we're down to one and a half stairs we got excellent ambience apparently no all right close up shop for the night come on we've worked enough look net profit minus 612 the business is working that's not too bad of a loss for our first day as a new restaurant and the graveyard business is booming at least yeah yeah you're a bit stinky that's okay you've been murdering people and setting up a graveyard restaurant our good project is cleaning the baths for me thank you very much son you may leave you have prepared my bubble bath all right there's a naked gnome outside my window I'm gonna keep this one I'm just gonna lock on my way I don't fuckin trust him look I'm just effecting singing in there he just can't be bothered at all no matter what you do to him I forgot to bring him back some puffer fish and I'll bring it back tomorrow it's rebait day what happens in rebait day all object purchases in build mode earned a 10% rebate for today only I had to build my restaurant yesterday and not today didn't I I may as well buy something just to get a bit of a rebate what do I need there we go a big roller rink for absolutely no reason it's like a rebate sale day what do I need the guy has too much money for his own good what effect in a weird family oh there goes grim the Reaper of souls has fallen happy rebate day everyone wait what the hell did he get out how the fuck did you get out I feel like I should give them something special I guess new comers they should get something nice there we go nice little fireplace that's lovely Santa's love fireplaces they just better not be able to escape with it I should also mention that they've patched it so you can't join Santa into your club anymore which is really disappointing because I had done that in the last episode that's the second thing in a row to be patched after I've done it Jesus what is he doing I think he's just trying to find his balance rebate received I got 1,200 back that caused me 12 grand all right to the restaurant folks let's go my boss is calling should I pick it up no don't even give me a choice I'm burning I need to go in I know I'm missing work I'm at my restaurant when is the force gonna realize that I have no interest in stopping crime it's death day tomorrow oh thank god I thought that was Jim lighting on fire when I heard the fire I should started gathering he just changes into his robe grognak over there rock neck I'd stay away from the puffer fish just a warning kay let's get another waiter I want to be really culturally diverse so you joined my team god I've got a bit of a problem I need to keep on top of Jim's hygiene but also I need entertainment that's more like it now it's like going to a hooters or something except there's just a naked man showering in the middle of the floor oh Jesus someone's dying at least they have something to cushion their fall yeah there we go much better you might want to put that down I don't think that's a good idea no not the water put a well the water's probably a bad idea – but why are you eating this after it just killed someone he's like oh here's my moment to shine i grognak you might want to no no that would crack next evening it oh my god she ate the whole thing i Jim there's no point pranking her anymore I tried to do it to get her to drop the plate but it's too late now this is just going on I just want my meal we need somewhere to whoo-hoo on this second restaurant get a really fancy coffin it would kind of fit this area wouldn't it well who would Santa see if it works oh they're going their separate ways it's like I'll meet you there this works crying at the graves I love her like grognak is crying over my cat when you never knew my cat do you think this is inappropriate I don't think so oh Jesus bet you're glad you're in the cult now buddy huh take that as a packed lunch need it for Santa Claus what are you doing you're a horrible waiter people are just wandering in amongst the kitchen because it's this open-plan idea which was just a horrible idea but that kid is back but with different man that's strange what swearing at her again I can voluntarily throw up is that because I will who'd with Santa Claus oh and Apetit just watching him foam in the toilet Oh someone's down oh my god it's the kids Oh her head didn't even reach the plate poor little thing I think they're drowning are you singing maybe they're crying because it's so beautiful this meal definitely doesn't look too great well you still ate it you idiot packed that into a sack lunch I know just the man who'd like to eat that alright you've successfully distracted them look at her she's so happy the smile looks of it forced though she's mildly annoyed what do you know about that the meal doesn't look too great not that your child just died no I'll look at them making out to stir a few the food was digestible but not the bill oh my god there's quite the crowd outside appreciate you like the gravy outside of the business but please buy some food we're not our library people you can't just come in reading The Grapes Aidan is very unsatisfied with this job really wait who died someone just died wasn't me I don't mind you know what you deserve a promotion then you've been doing a fine job today it's like really I thought I killed three people you've been doing a fine job I can hear the Reaper somewhere this must be his favorite place to eat surely it's convenient anyway he's to keep coming back here for work I lost power because I didn't pay my bills I'm sure we can function without it folks come on it'll be a romantic let's get the candles out on the table yeah I even lit up outside look at this it's fine I hope that stove is gas and not electric and that computer is also running on gas and not electric stop stomping in it okay just lie in it then he's lying in trash right you know what end gathering go home guys The Gathering is over upgrade Santa's falling asleep on the kitchen floor sounds like a Christmas song not sure that's for general use but okay and why aren't you wearing your uniform that's better all right folks we're done for the day close up shop minus 400 yeah we're getting there we're getting there we're back to one and a half there might have something to do with the fact with no power in the restaurant anymore do we really need the power like it was only for lighting I was using it apparently apparently your computers are just powered off dreams and imagination I don't know there's the packed lunch Jesus I'm blind rylander's exploitin gluttonous Sims can eat and eat and eat anything we'll see about that what was that oh it's death day what do you want to do on death day water fun yeah I forgot it's pretty it's pretty nasty the holiday I'll definitely invite some people over for that oh he's got the pufferfish he's pretty happy about it too a great feast awaits participating a grand meal she's such a strong stomach go on you may as well eat the next one and be totally fine again somehow she said nearly eat it just to get away from the singing but he's not bad but it's just non-stop he's fine again Jesus Christ he cannot be killed I'm gonna have to have a parity for death day we got the pool ready and everything I was grim using the computer it's broken what is he doing just ignore that he likes the sound it makes or maybe he's actually doing the sensible thing and reading the error all right well I think we've done enough for one day I love the new restaurant I hope you do too if you want to come over any time don't worry about it don't even need to ask but yeah other than that I guess I'll just say I hope you enjoyed appreciate you as always and I'll see you next time folks bye for now sheriff patrons mayor Deborah Kahn Michael David Rose Michael Sandel @midnight cook Nadine Camille Nathan norland nerd of Justice Nicholas McMichael Nick Corning Nicola block Nichols Coates Nile start Oh Land Rover gastrin Randy Drake Reilly Simpson Sean Fitzgerald Sean Locke's Naima vane Jones the call me Kevin subreddit Toby water work Tomlin and Trey Fisher William Shannon Alena Nikitina Zachary 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  1. Killing that kid is actually pretty sad. She could have been a great long-term nemesis for Jim. Make enemies of them while they're young!

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