[Music] they did not just leave us on this roof okay helicopters don’t come back when you yell at them now we know that goddamn whirly bird life without us okay one stop calling it a whirly bird it’s a helicopter – I don’t like being in buildings that are on fire what the heck is that chopper doing oh I think there’s an evac station in the mall hey lab girl hey see tons of fun this building is on fire grab a weapon and let’s get the hell out of here I am NOT look like the whirlybird was heading to the mall across town helicopter it is a helicopter you call that thing a whirly bird one more time I’ll beat you so bad your sisters gonna wish he never gave birth dia everybody calm down I live around here and that chopper looks like it’s heading to the mall it ain’t fall I’ll take you there sounds good let’s grab some weapons and get the hell out of here get me to the mall and I’ll make it worth your while let’s go then I will call it what I like me too soon if we stay together and keep our heads we can get out of this then let’s do it everybody grab a weapon and let’s go I think those things are down there if you already I don’t want to hear it [Music] help you three know how to fight don’t look at give me a break it’s the first time I’ve shot a gun ah they smell worse dead do those zombies are real I knew them boats were nonfiction you hear about them but until you see them time to move search these rooms might be something we can use would you look at this folks I think nollans is the last City standing Jesus the whole country’s fallen check out all the X’s man looks like New Orleans last city standing I work for a new station we heard about the East Coast but Jesus I didn’t know was this bad according to this map there aren’t a whole lot of options we need to get to New Orleans all right sounds like a plan man I hadn’t been to New Orleans in a dog’s age come on it’s gonna be fun Hey look at this here there were reports of stuff worse than zombies look at that thing girl you and news you make any sense of this yeah yeah I can make sense of this we are screwed god damn elevators out so that’s why I’m feeling so goddamn lucky we need to find the stairs through here this way all right the fire spread this way [Music] you hear that quite that is not a happy noise come on come on let’s move we can get around the fire out here she 50 beds in one room what a shitty hotel in here search the rooms might be something we can use girls got the right idea [Music] hey football man just a relative of yours careful they’ve been calling those boomers for obvious reasons so that’s a boomer huh you know it’s sad to see an eating disorder get out of control like that [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] back down the stairs alright I’m not walking through that let’s find another way [Music] this way it’s safe on the ledges hey you like our city so far um well it’s lively yeah fresh normally a lot nicer when we don’t have this on [Applause] [Music] anyone know what that is they call them chargers so that’s a charger huh you know what they say about zombies with one big arm this elevator still working hey Jesus I ain’t walking down 30 flights of stairs technically you’re not supposed to use an elevator in a fire but that might not apply during a zombie apocalypse hit the button before this turns into a bad idea well I’m glad we got that out of the way now did anyone get bit no I’m good you there’s blood on me but it ain’t mine holy shit it’s some sort of nightmare goddamned zombie apocalypse and shit shit shit shit the hell are we gonna do settle down son we’re gonna be okay what’s your name my name is Ellis but some people call me ale but I really prefer Ellis as al sounds kind of like a girl’s name but if you prefer to call me Lu can I run an auto shop around here instead of evacuating now armored up a truck to drive myself out of here built that thing to be zombie proof when it turns out it was only 99 percent a zombie proof last one percent tore that truck to shit if we’re all getting to know each other my name is Rochelle I work in television worked in television oh you don’t say wrestling Asajj no hard news I’ve been producing segments on Sita evacuating people huh everybody’s vacua ting who’s watching the news I guess my boss never thought of that figures bosses are shitheads and you Nick that’s all you need to know I’m gonna get out of this piece-of-shit City if it kills me don’t worry about learning cuz I ain’t sticking around long let’s stay together for a little while longer at least okay Nick so pleased to meet you my friends call me coach I guess y’all can do the same coach oh I don’t like this I bet there’s gonna be some waiting for us out there alright enough chat get ready fire spread are those guys fired our jollies we’re successful don’t stop fights this room looks safe hey I think we should close that door alright hey we all right Shaw huh we made it we got lucky [Music]

100 thoughts on “[SFM] L4D2 – DEAD CENTER #1 – Hotel [FIRST ORIGINAL ROUGH DRAFT]

  1. you call that a whirlybird one more time and IM GONNA MAKE YOU WISH YOUR SISTER NEVER GAVE BIRTH TO YOU
    fifty beds in one room?what a shitty hotel
    H E Y F O O T B A L L M A N

  2. This is the careers of The survivors
    Ellis: Works On a Workshop
    Coach: Baseball player
    Nick: Runs the mafia
    Rochelle* works for the news

  3. Ellis: Wirly Bird :3


  4. First of all how does Rochelle know there’s an evac station second of all how did they get on that roof(I know how)Real second of all where do they go after in the Parish they get left off where do they go?!

  5. Ellis:yeah it's usually much nicer when we don't have the zombies
    Roushelle:I guess so
    Charger: (steps in front of the gang)
    Coach:ahh what the heck is that–
    Charger:AAAEEERR!!!(runs straight at nick)
    Charger: (impales nick in his arm,as he knocks the whole gang down,and throws nick up and down)
    Ellis: shoots charger
    Coach shoots charger
    Roshelle:shoots charger

  6. Ellis: I think the wirly bird is heading to the mall

    Nick:Helicopter it’s helicopter, if u call it a wirly bird one more time I’m gonna make ur sister regret giving birth to you

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