28 thoughts on “Rush – Working Man

  1. I could listen to that 13 second guitar intro before the vocals kick in, over and over and never tire of it. That tone and riff is just heavenly to the ears!

  2. For anybody that is interested about the early years I was born in 55. and I grew up pretty much in the vietnam, hippie days. I have seen most popular bands from that time. Grand funk, Angel,Eagles,The who,Three dog night,Cowsills, ect. And many many more. Most ticket prices were $5.00. Yep $5.00. They were all great shows. But, the best concert I ever saw was in {I am guessing the year} 1974, Maybe 1975, Was in Bloomington Illinois, at the University of Illinois. It was Rush opening for Kiss.Both bands were in there infancy and it was just pure lay it out of your soul rock! Well I could go on for hours. I f anyone wants more info from those days Email me at [email protected]

  3. I became a working man for the purpose of an ice cold beer at the end of of the long , hard, brutal day along with this old classic tune . Only Rush can boast decades of hard progressive work .

  4. My first concert was Rush, at the Cow Palace in SF around 1979. On the way down from Sacramento, the girl I was dating flipped off a black drug dealer in the Oakland area, who pulled out a pistol and was about to shoot us when the cops showed up out of nowhere. We were already loaded and had a full car full of weed and beer so we didn't stick around. Made it to Rush, they played this song. Amazing it's only three people, been hooked on Rush ever since.

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