RoadTripOK: Ep. 3 – Stroud, Arcadia & Depew | Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department | TravelOK

RoadTripOK: Ep. 3 – Stroud, Arcadia & Depew | Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department | TravelOK

(high energy music) – [Narrator] Our state is
one of the most beautiful and unique states in the USA. (birds flapping) ♪ Whoa oh oh ♪ The diverse geographies, the historic Route 66, unforgettable restaurants and some of the greatest
people on the planet. We want to show you why traveling within the great state of
Oklahoma is a great idea. So come join us for thousands
of miles over the next year, from Broken Bow to Black Mesa. This is the Oklahoma Road Trip. (guitars striking) This week, we’re headed west down the historic mother road, Route 66. And our first stop, Stroud, Oklahoma. This historic town is home
to the iconic Rock Cafe, a diner with a heritage as rich
as the mother road herself. (slow guitar music) – It’s been here since 1939 and in all those years only
three people have owned it and it’s always been the Rock Cafe. So it’s been a staple on Route 66. One little tidbit of history is at the end of the movie “Cars” there’s a credit to the Rock Cafe. In 2000, Michael Wallace
brought John Lasseter through and visited with Dawn, the owner, and told her about his
idea for a cartoon movie. Six years later, we come to find out, she is the Sally Car, which made us super-duper
busy the summer of 2006. It’s just been an experience. I mean we’re keepers of history. That’s what we are. – Jerry, this truck is yours? – [Jerry] Yes, it is. – Man! – And it’s a ’41 model, same as me. – So you’re a ’41 model. – [Jerry] Yeah, I’m a ’41 model. (laughing) I’ve been coming in here since about ’48. Me and my wife dated in here. – Really. – I build cars, I told you that. I pastor at church. – Yeah. – And I’m also on the city council. – Oh, well you are the man. – No, not really, I’m just another dude. – Just another dude. I think it’s fair to say that if you live in
Tulsa or Oklahoma City, that in less than an hour, driving over to the Rock Cafe is worth it. – All right guys, as promised, lunch! – It’s here. – Bacon cheeseburger,
– All right! – Oh! – Bacon cheeseburger,
– All right! – homemade fried pickles
– Oh fried pickles! on a homemade hamburger bun. Eat your schnitzel with spaetzle. – Oh my God!
– Ooh, spaetzle! – That looks good! – Oh, dang, that’s amazing! (laughing) – I need napkins! Can you give me a napkin? – [Host] Ah, it’s so good! This is unbelievable. (twangy guitar music) – [Narrator] Head West from
Stroud down Old Route 66 towards Arcadia, and you’ll find Pops. I’d tell you where it
is, but let’s be honest, you can’t miss it. – Tell me a little bit about
this big pop out front. How big is that? – [Dusty] Sixty six feet tall! – Sixty six feet tall?! – [Dusty Laughing] Right.
It’s become kind of an icon on Route 66. – [Missy] And when we first
opened, we had sixty six red bud trees out back. We had sixty six seats,
we also had sixty six parking places. And, our building says sixty six degrees off of Sixty Six highway. It’s a fun stop for the whole family. The kids can go out back
and run in the backyard. We got plenty of candy! Everybody loves soda! And we got great burgers
so, it’s just a nice little getaway. – If I were to ask one
of the people up there if I could get a mixer of
all of the different sodas, do you think they would do that for me? – [Dusty] It would take em a long time cuz there’s over 500 of them! – Okay! – Got high tower, got the
Rock Cafe, now we’re at Pops time to head to The Living Kitchen. What do you think about Pop’s? You uh, I’ll take that as you like Pops? – Oh, that’s good! – Alright, let’s head on. (twangy guitar music) – [Narrator] From
Acadia, we head back East just off the Old Route
sixty six and between Stroud and Bristow, we
find The Living Kitchen Farm and Dairy. This working farm is also
home to one of the more unique dining experiences along Route sixty six. – Hey Lisa, How are you? – [Lisa] Good! – Thank you so much
for having us out here! – [Lisa] You’re so welcome! – Well, we were driving
in and all I can say is this place is magical! I mean you must feel the
same, I assume you get to live here everyday? Be here everyday? – [Lisa] Yeah, I get to do this! I moved here ten years ago,
started a farm Living Kitchen Farm and Dairy. Luckily, I have about thirty six years of restaurant experience. So, I thought well to
support my farm habit, I will invite people to
experience a farm table dinner. That first dinner really,
really saved the farm. And that’s really how
these dinners started. This is a night out, this is
not grabbing something to eat or even going to a nice
restaurant in a city. This is a full evening. So the dinners last from three
and a half to four hours. They’re about nine to ten
courses. It’s a tasting menu. – Wow! – [Linda] Having folks
sit at one long table, we want them to feel at home. They come in, not really
sure what to expect but from the time they walk
in the door, there’s somebody there to greet them, help them
get acquainted to the space and every time without
fail, within minutes they’re at ease and really
enjoying themselves. – [Lisa] All the food
either comes from this farm, or a farm nearby. Let’s give our guests something
challenging and then let’s give them comfort. Let’s just make sure when they leave, they’ve had something
they’ve never had before and they absolutely fell in love with it. – So good! – Literally the best bread I’ve ever had! – Wow! – Flavor! Flavor explosion
is what’s happening! – [Lisa] People that love
food, that want to have a eating experience, they
will make reservations up to three months in advance. We’ve managed to sell out
our seasons pretty fast. – [Linda] The popularity
of what we’re doing is because people feel a need. They feel a need to connect with nature, they feel need to connect with eachother. It’s an opportunity to
do something different. – Oh dinner!
– Ohhhhh! – It was good!
– It was! – That bread and butter,
that bread and butter! – The bread and butter was
the best bread and butter. The best bread and the best butter. – So good!
– I’ve ever had in my life. – The carrots!
– The carrots! – The carrots were amazing!
– And the polenta! – Out of the world! – Everything was amazing, can we say? – Whole notha level! – I would say today’s
road trip was a success. It ended nicely and it’s
time to go to sleep! (upbeat music) – [Narrator] We began
today’s Route 66 road trip at the iconic Rock Cafe
in Stroud, and fun fact, the secret to their delicious
food is their grill, they lovingly call Betsy. Over the last seventy five
years, Betsy has seared over five million burgers for
travelers from all over the world. We continued West until
we saw the sixty six foot soda bottle, right off of Route sixty six. Pops was packed out and for good reason. They know have over seven
hundred types of drinks to choose from. We ended our trip at
a local farm in Depew, where Lisa and Linda
met us with open arms. The Living Kitchen Farm
and Dairy left us in awe. But don’t forget, they book up fast! Be sure and make your
reservation as soon as you can. Join us next time as we
head up towards Stillwater. There we’ll check out a giant
roadside blast from the past. We’ll also take you to lunch in style at The Rancher’s Club Steakhouse. Then, we will join the
herd on Herd in Edmond. We’ll see you then! (guitar striking)

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  1. The good thing about oklahoma is that it can feel like your in a big bustling serious city. But also has a lot hospitality and a "homey" feel, this is coming from an okie

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