Real Chinese, Part 5 - Food and Restaurants

Real Chinese, Part 5 – Food and Restaurants

China boasts one of the world's most sophisticated and varied cuisines and for the gastronomically adventurous it's paradise in this program a taste of the huge diversity of food on offer from morning through tonight a look at how to order and say what you'd like and a flavor of home cooking during the mid-autumn festival at this countryside B&B just outside Beijing breakfast is traditional and filling breakfast it's all Phan literally morning food corn porridge and rice porridge are the main dishes here they're accompanied by pickles beans onion pancakes and spicy scrambled eggs in cities many Chinese eat a fast breakfast on the way to work yogurt dough sticks the top favorite fried dumplings gen balsa Patties filled with meat and vegetables serbia sweet bean paste parcels songs ville they all make tasty morning snacks lunch fan literally midday food so important is eating to city dwellers that even canteen food can be excellent students at Beijing University are spoilt for choice and quality true to eat what Siwon sure I like to eat what you want Rodolfo I like eating tofu was your wonderful we found how dear old me fan rice Jiro chicken was he won't Rypien doll whose you hundred words had both you aren't sure I don't like to eat what's mansion yarrow the whole high or phrase down who should I treat me but once you intrude on all the town that pulls you in sure gamba is a healer in Beijing one of the most traditional lunchtime places with much of its original character is the old Beijing noodle King as guests arrive way to shout out how many you are and rush to look after you for ordinary people in Beijing lunch is generally a hearty meal and chunky northern style wheat noodles fit the bill they're quite different from the very fine noodles of southern China minke are noodles it's the multitude of sources pickles and spicy vegetables that make the noodles appetizing it all adds up to cheap and tasty family food or even a convivial business lunch one of Beijing's finest restaurants the chin judor offers a wonderfully traditional setting in which to savor the city's most famous dish Beijing duck ducks have force-fed before slaughter so that their plump and fat they're coated in honey water and vinegar and roasted in wood-fired ovens Carla roast duck toward a duck you can say Jinglei you Joe Collier please bring one roast duck the waitress asks Niemann true yoshiyama what would you like to eat Newman true dilemma – Adria Kalia remain your zermat since i ching hai vegetables they decided on beans and mushrooms to my heart how dull job apparmor warm ting light please bring those yeah apart child OTR a plate of fried beans those are beans voila EEP arm walk or a plate of mushrooms morel mushrooms then the pancakes arrived along with spring onions and sweet soy bean sauce to accompany the done once it was only the city's elite who could afford this delicacy now it's a popular choice for all kinds of people when you're ready for the bill say ching jia jiao the bill please damages for baggage our bad i buyed you're shortening this yeah if you visit china on business you may well be entertained by your hosts in style at the grand capital seafood restaurant you'll be offered some of the most authentic Cantonese cuisine to be found in Beijing seafood is one of the main ingredients of Cantonese food Canton's capital Guangzhou is a port and many foreign influences have found their way into the cooking the result elaborative mixtures of flavors and textures the ODE cuisine of China the head chef is mother Guang when he arrived here he brought his whole restaurant crew up from Guangzhou he's been passionate about cooking since the age of 15 well that's a gorge losers are laughing jadeite really slow just a moment or two light I see clay and Jenko no man there's a woman – water – Lana – that alert you on a good day there can be as many as 500 guests to feed at one sitting but he relishes the challenge mama Lee allergy bill Heath Allah can fund – Silvana dodging achieve and some 10 million dodging Xander move each other lady if you're being entertained by Chinese hosts they're likely to do the ordering and simply ask you for your preferences sure prawns you fish nice your hand she you I should shoot ya do you like to eat fish or prawns these you're unsure you hazard to shop what's your interest yeah what's it my treat ah this one children how to shop Jinyoung Ching Jeong steamed whole shop cooked in soy sauce next they decide how to have their rice I want to buy a vile hydrogen tava they choose by fan plain rice ciao fan is fried rice restaurants catering for business clients offer more seats in private rooms than in the open area these former lunches often turn into banquets costing thousands of um it's the done thing to offer guests far more than they can possibly eat quite sir chopsticks designed it seems to make you savor every morsel yin yang is well versed in cultural differences in China Gwen see connections helped to oil the wheels in business dealings and often these connections start over a meal well I don't water and Columbo DAC Guangzhou Giada hacia Hollande Rogers Yenta intro xie xie na session Arteaga water – eager people cut out the one tear each other competing of fan washa settie the yen hop aren ta set a yahoo santiago ant Antrim news Henan Jiangxi dear mama who Sunday auntie a fashion an official to cut it insertion quote ha ha ha want a janaka's antigen e-tron continues yo leo Gianna wanna your true you need socially the cheung-kong oh yeah for many Chinese a fun night out means eating good food in good company at this Citroen ease restaurant traditional hotpot provides the best of all worlds sizzling spices and a friendly atmosphere most people order a double hotpot yin and yang mild and hot beware of young the main ingredient is meat roll new or raw beef chihiro chicken you can also have fish and vegetables yo literally fish meat Morgul mushrooms OPN lotus root slices kings high greens the process of cooking your own the way you want it is half the fun of hotpot dining hmm the duo to Hawkshaw Jiro drill hot shirt the chicken is really good everyone has their favorite ingredients osu entering your own so you hunt you till out well push you want you know what you watching what's your opinion or all wobbu she'll introducing eating out on the streets is what many Chinese enjoy in Beijing people flocked to snack Street for the tastiest morsels in China grasshoppers frogs not everyone's taste maybe but there's plenty to choose from and it's cheap around five you and a portion to order you can simply say war yo I want or your eager Tom yen I want one portion of fried noodles well you are you good Tom you know what they are you got mobile now go see laughs ha ego more go a portion of mushrooms Lee Angus Eli who are two portions of broccoli let's imagine our Caesar out in the countryside China's middle to moon festival is when families traditionally come together to enjoy the fruits of the earth everyone expects a good spread can be Cheers mooncakes are the centerpiece rich heavy pastries filled with fruits or meats there are nuts dates and plenty of other locally grown delicacies traditionally people gather and philosophize under the full moon and there are poems extolling its magic Pancham you yeah Guan you sure d sounds wrong she tall one mean yeah did whole circles young one legend has it that the moon is inhabited by a hare endlessly pounding the drums of immortality at his side is a beautiful woman transported there with the help of a magic potion she's achieved its Hearne a life but at a price eternal solitude when the autumn moon is full she gazes out on the world she's left behind

33 thoughts on “Real Chinese, Part 5 – Food and Restaurants

  1. What's missing in Chinese eating manners is a civilised way to put, press, or how you will call it, the (sometimes, not always, excelent) food
    into their mouths, which is disgusting to look at.
    They can learn from my pet. He's better table manners; not neanderthaler like!

  2. Real Chinese, Part 5 – Food and Restaurants
    Published on Oct 11, 2011
    Real Chinese is a 10-part series which was broadcast on the BBC learning zone.

    The series covers some of the basics of Mandarin Chinese while looking into various aspects of Chinese culture.

  3. 我的妈妈是肥胖的lololololol,我也很胖,我的兄弟是胖的lolol,汤姆是胖的

  4. WO YAO "FLIED LICE" (something I can eat in a cave, somethinbg that will be edible after about a decade — and by then Amelika and her ifiot red-caps will be finished, cooked alive by the sun's ultraviolet rays…and I will be in a cave underground with my Chinese friends, who survive to repopulate the entire planet and spread happy picnic culture everywhere) P.S., careful what you touch, there are still lots nasty human corpses lying about everywhere, unburied {Isaiah 26:21 & Jeremiah 25:30-33, Isaiah 51:6 and Amos 8:9 say what IU cannot, but iut IS the sunshine that will liuterally "beat them down" –Isaiah 28 explains it for you}.
    Shalom, if you mean to those nearby and to those faraway, too!


  6. Both the restaurant servers and the guests did not know table manner, etiquette. It is very bad manner to eat the food off a plate. One puts the food in a bowl before one brings the food to the mouth. That is the proper way.

  7. this lady was describing "Peking Duck" NOT barbecue Duck.the two are very different animals. bbq are with many flavours and can be made in a day. Peking duck has very few ingredients and the original process was five thousands words and took up to 3 days to prepare !

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