15 thoughts on “r/EntitledParents "WORK MORE CUZ I'M THIRSTY" EP105

  1. who is the first person in the story? i wanna be their friend because i truly love TLOU and wish i had merchandise or meet the voice actors troy or ashley. I played that game over 10 or 15 times and i still get emotional.

  2. Miss Voice-Over, I really hope that your mother gives you the money for school. It isn't fair for her to have a say, as to what you do for a living. That money has been promised to you! However, from what you have described her as, I can't see her doing the right thing. I really hope that you are able to raise the funds and get what you need to be successful in a voice-over career. Really rooting for her to come through for you, as you deserve a break.😢🤗❤

  3. I'm wondering about the legalities of the mother with holding the college fund. Who does it belong to. Especially as part of it was an inheritance. If Mother had access, also wondering if it still exists.

  4. To the Entitled Mother in Law, if you want to die from cancer of the liver or lungs, go right ahead. Not a single tear will be shed for your death. Where you are going, your rent will be free, but you will suffer for all eternity.

  5. great video as always Story 🐸 an if you not subscribed and you enjoy the content please consider subscribing and hitting that bell to stay up to date with the latest content and hit that like button, please and thank you for your time

  6. Given the constant dodging and threats and everything I have a sneaking suspicion that college fund doesn't exist

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