r/ Choosingbeggars I "YOU'RE 5"8 AND WORK A WOMAN'S JOB" I ep103

r/ Choosingbeggars I "YOU'RE 5"8 AND WORK A WOMAN'S JOB" I ep103

smile hope your day is going excellent Thanks hey there I'm not trying to be disrespectful but I just wanted to let you know I think you are incredibly handsome with an even more attractive personality I've had my eye on you for a bit I asked Alex about you and he said a lot of good things about you that resonated with me which caught me even more intrigued who would you be at all interested in getting to know me on a deeper level we can grab a bite and some drinks if you're interested my treat if not I completely understand and I can take a no ha ha just let me know law you're like 5 foot 8 and a nurse too short for me and you work a woman's job we're not compatible oh you can still take me to dinner though as friends ouchy can you go please please thanks for three girls for a week or two weeks please thank you we are disabled people I have a very bad coughing fits i black out with them so I cannot work anymore or go anyways so please my lungs are giving up to now and my migraines my chest in pains and Deborah has lupus she gets in a lot of pain with lupus but my hover daughter Gabrielle is my daughter carriers so please thank you for having a great daughter so so how cheap can you go please please thanks you come to burn the anytime that's a tongue twister hey girl so I've entered your giveaway and I really didn't know who pretty much is but I Shawn everyone commenting the hoodie so I was wondering if that I win instead of a pretty much merge of I would have the chance to pick an area on a grande piece of merge they cost the same pretty much that would be amazing but if not then the phases hoody would still be amazing thank you I'm sorry no this is specifically for my subscribers on my youtube channel and majority of them are pretty much fans so definitely not I am a subscriber though law stupid IKEA just the drawers 25 pounds for sale 25 pounds it's 25 pounds because I want 25 pounds I don't want 20 pounds or 15 pounds the measurements our depth is 19 and a half the height is 37 and a half the width is 37 and a half the drawers are deep enough for a newborn baby or three cats or even you can use it to put clothes in once you pay for it it's yours to do with as you wish I don't want a rabbit hutch in px or a second-hand guinea pig I can't deliver and I don't want to hear that I would have brought it if had it been bigger or smaller I certainly don't want messages saying I will have it and then I never hear from you again I understand your last tenant it's a major damage but we would never do that I take great pride in ever place I've lived and can provide excellent references to attest that although unemployed I have still been able to pay my rent every month I know you are asking 2,800 but would you be willing to take 2,000 as that is what I'm paying now once I land a job I can probably afford to increase the rent some please just think about it as you would really be helping a fellow single mom someone who isn't me I can make my own cover art so I'm not really looking to pay hashtag sorry and this is in response at their own post I want someone else to make the cover art for my new song who is he who is he hey guys it's come to my attention that you've used my work on your website without my consent or without even telling me I took photos and an event hosted by from the hive at roar live we will remove it from the site but it's your loss for free exposure and so on you took some awesome pics and now no one will see them so what about their private Instagram or Facebook hi is the PlayStation available for 100 with games because I can't pay for it in fall yes but it's 250 euros with two games and 150 euros with oh the games it's my nephew's bday and I want to surprise him and I want the PlayStation with games for 100 though sorry I specifically said in the ad I would only sell it for the asking prices you you ruin a 9 year olds bday some people have no respect for others 100 is my last offer take it or leave it I'll leave it sorry making your final offer the same as your first offer as your bargaining chip doesn't really work yo it's eaten I got an Xbox yesterday can I gain share you'll get games no you can friend me though no anyone recommends someone that makes cakes I just need a backup person in case this one girl that's supposed to make my daughter's second birthday cake but just want to have someone on standby in case she doesn't fall through someone who can do a last-minute if necessary but still do a great job and not be sloppy or showing work that they rushed her party is July 13th so would let them know by that Tuesday of that week if they would be needed and someone that is reasonable pricing for not extraordinary work but definitely what I wanted and worth the money I love the girl who did my daughter's cake last year and wanted to use her this time around as well but the communication is not there this time around and I'm worried she may not fall through and then I'm stuck buying a cake from tops or any store that's one thing I will always make sure about all my daughter's parties is that it won't be a store-bought cake just feel more like a cake that's made is more special and better not downing anyone who does use store-bought cake just something that I want to start as a tradition with my daughter and future kids my aunt always makes cake or cupcakes or cookies for holidays and it just seems more family comfortable and all the good things that happen around holidays or celebrations thank you to anyone who has a recommendation sorry for being last-minute but it's been stressing my head out like crazy the past three days after the girl didn't answer about everything going to be the same as last time after not getting reply back didn't make me feel too confident this time and I know it's definitely a selfish thing of myself to somewhat have them maybe get rushed and put on the spot to do such a project that takes time and effort but the cake is not something extreme either just a basic cake with a little mermaid theme and I'm willing to make adjustments if needed looking for recommendations Hey sorry to do this but yeah I'm going to have to decline I realized that I really haven't spoken to you in months let alone hung out in years yes I saw you at this person's funeral but I just don't feel right with helping you with your portfolio and asking for twenty dollars that's a little absurd to me sorry for the inconvenience um sure I guess well thanks for letting me know in advance considering at this person's funeral we sp3 about when your wedding happens to come you wanted me to do your makeup I'm not upset about twenty dollars or anything but that's for supplies for me kit literally you even said yourself or do works graphic work and people accept free shit and third I've been raising my child and in school for the past two years trying to better myself it's not like you've made plans with me either to be 100% fair I've seen you once twice once you came over to my apartment before you left for Cali the Gerst home and then at Steph's funeral in the last two years so I'll respect your choice but as friends go don't always have to see each other especially when some of us are currently working on trying to get their life together friendships a two-way street even when I was pregnant I still came to you anyways again I'm not upset thanks for letting me know and it's not absurd it's called building your supplies if anyone would like to buy me Raptors memorabilia you would be my best friend law we already did a few times law yes but not champion and more Abilio law they made history gotta have it law stating in the ad it is 12 cups for $40 what about 25 $24 it's way too low my asking price of $40 is already extremely low as these cups are worth a hundred and twenty dollars twenty five dollars no these are $120 cups I'm not taking that little for them hey guys real life here and thank you so much for watching this video if you liked it please leave a like comment and subscribe I'll see you again real soon and have a great day

19 thoughts on “r/ Choosingbeggars I "YOU'RE 5"8 AND WORK A WOMAN'S JOB" I ep103

  1. It shocks me that people ask for less rent on a house rental. Uh no you don’t bargain on rental prices they are what they are and if you can’t afford that you need to lower your standards to what you can afford. Smfh it’s unreal the things people expect for nothing. My many of years in retail has shown me that the more time goes on the more people expect to get something for doing or giving absolutely nothing but disrespect and insults.

  2. There should be a rule with comments etc that they won't register unless you spell and punctuate correctly. The amount of these idiots that can't string a sentence together is truly shocking…

  3. To the male nurse: the friend who praised this woman and encouraged you to pursue her is either clueless, or he is not your friend. Either way, he’s got some explaining to do…

  4. If they keep insisting on their lowball offer, start raising your price.

    I can only do $25. I need it

  5. Dude…it’s 19 and a half… 37 and a half… those are measurements, as in 19 and a half inches by 37 and a half inches. The way u added periods where there are none, just made me feel weird all over. 🤦‍♂️😂😂😂

  6. I really don't understand some people, why would anybody enter a competition for something then ask for a different prize, if you win something and don't want it then just give it away ffs

  7. What’s with people constantly using “lol” now? Has it become some sort of vocal crutch? It was meant to be used after something funny was said, but people are using it to end all of their posts now. Stop.

  8. Why are these beggars so certain they’re going to win a giveaway that they go to the person’s page to request something different for when they win? I’d flip if I had to deal with that everyday.

  9. I feel like I'm under-utilusing my disability. I feel bad enough using disabled parking and these people be like "I have lupus GIVE ME FREE SHIT!"

  10. Time to make fun of the way you pronounce something? Mem-OR-a-bil-i-ya was funny to me. It's always like mem-ro-beel-ya to me. Thanks for the video, as always!

  11. These beggers are a bit crazy. Most seem to want reduced price games or consoles. If any of these little fucks would be in front of me (at a retail place) i would go ape shit on them. ) 38 years of retail ,i have lots of experience teaching beggers respect.

  12. Does the " I'm a single mother" line actually ever work except for getting a check from the government ? I have had people try that crap on me multiple times and my response is always the same " I don't support people just because they made a mistake, if you can't afford raising children you should have never had them". I get called various colorful things but screw it if everyone replied this way then maybe people would stop using their damn crotch fruit as an excuse all the time.

  13. Insulting and then say that you still want dinner as friends is… Well I don't know, insulting.

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