PISCES ♓️ JULY 2019 β€’ TRYING TO GET PAID YOUR WORTH AT WORK πŸ’ΈπŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ β€’ Work & Love Life Reading

PISCES ♓️ JULY 2019 β€’ TRYING TO GET PAID YOUR WORTH AT WORK πŸ’ΈπŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ β€’ Work & Love Life Reading

how's it going Pisces welcome to your july 2019 reading this is for pisces sun moon rising and Venus signs general and love life reading I want to thank you guys so much for all the love and support your likes comments shares and subscribes everything that you guys have done for me to support me sent me donations sent me gifts you guys are the absolute best I am just stunned by all your support if you're still waiting on booking slip or appointment just so that you know I'm still working on responding to everyone's emails so in between the readings as I am trying to get them all done as quickly as possible I've got at least 30 readings ahead of me and so you guys are first because so far from what I've seen the numbers you guys have the most views for the month of June and probably the most likes you and Virgo you guys Rock thank you guys so much so this is going to be Sun Moon rising sign general reading as well as your love life reading for singles and couples Sun Moon rising and Venus signs remember that this is a general reading so not all messages will resonate with everyone take what resonates and leave what doesn't you never force a message to apply leave it for another Pisces or their cross watcher or whoever it is that was just called to one of my readings thank you guys for stopping by if you're new to me I hope you stick around hope you join double tap that Bell so that you get notified when I upload I have all your July readings coming out shortly I'm rolling them out over the next few days as well as your summer love readings I'm still once we're done with the month of June I will be able to figure out who's got the most views who's got the most most likes for the month of June and they will get an extended reading for the month of July so yeah I'm crazy Virgo taking on more that they can chew right July readings rolling out over the next few days we're not in July yet unless you're reading this in July happy July and then we've got extended love readings for all my people that have supported me most likes most views for the month of June we'll get an extended love reading for the month of July but I'm also going to get summer love readings out for all the signs that is from the moment you watch it through the rest of your summer down to whatever September twenty-something is the first day of fall right so that's going to be your extended readings for all signs regardless of views and likes okay just wanted to give you guys you know a little added bonus I know that the energies are gonna be a little tough with Mercury retrograde and we've got quite a few planets in retrograde and I'm really trying to put all the readings out as quickly as possible I know I'm crazy that's a lot of readings and I'm going on vacation so I only have a few appointments left so if you haven't responded to your email or if I haven't responded to your email send me a follow-up or I'm going to you know make the next spot available to the next person I am trying guys I'm really trying I thought that my work schedule would have slowed down a bit yeah not there yet I can't wait to go on vacation but before I do I want to give you guys an opportunity to you know have plenty of readings to check out while I'm away all right so let's get started I think that was kind of a long intro for me Pisces welcome to your July reading Sun Moon rising signs for July 2018 what is the most important message Pisces needs to hear for July 2018 don't stop so just an FYI little backstory this is my second attempt at recording your video and a few cards flew out the first time and this was one of them so I feel the need to let you guys know that whoever it is that's going through that like seeing Phoenix Rising rebirth death and rebirth process listen this is these are the Angels telling you this is your sign this is what you have been going through for months and months and months is leading you to the right path to your divine path your divinely guided I know sometimes it can be difficult to understand that like why do we got to go through all this you know pain heartache disappointments you know losing jobs losing people losing relationships because the Angels the universe will bless you with something greater and better so don't stop whatever path you're on Pisces keep moving forward let's clarify that the radio wise spirit tarot deck you have swords of Wands page of swords reverse okay it's the Pentacles page of Pentacles there you go and it's funny because the other reading I was having trouble with it mercury retro great shadow period I look at that four of Wands at the bottom oh nice nice very nice I like it alright let's just leave that up so we can remember what this is really all about give me one moment sorry about that guys okay so the last reading I did for you I had a bit of a trouble with it something just didn't feel right felt a little off I had to stop recording and I don't know what happened guys I just something did not feel right I just stopped the reading however this is more or less similar to the reading I did before in terms of don't stop you're trying to grow yourself spiritually emotionally health-wise mental health or financially for some of you some of you are working on waiting's this is the message I got from the last one so if this applies to you take it as it is and then I will move on to this and the other one it the two cards that came out were be assertive and look for a sign and I really felt as though this was your sign Pisces it's time to take back control hello amber it's time to get out of your freaking head you feel like you're at a crossroads you've been waiting long enough for a promotion recognition of some sort more money like even just plain old recognition that you know you're waiting for that pat on the back that pat on the back that never seems to come or I don't know I just feel like for the most part sorry you guys my allergies are killing me for the most part on that other reading it was about being assertive and not being assertive where you have to be a bitch right like where you have to confront someone but it is about standing your ground and knowing your Worth and reminding people who you are or what you're interested in if this is someone that you've been you know perhaps you've been waiting on recognition of like someone deeming you worthy of a promotion of more pay of a lead position you know something where you get recognition for like a bonus just even simple acknowledgement maybe you've got a jerk of a boss who you know seems to acknowledge the wrong people and you get skipped ahead I really felt that with that last reading that it said be assertive it was about just a gentle nudge nudge I don't know whatever you call a nudge right I don't condone violence but you know just a gentle nudge to remind them of your worth of who you are and what you believe you are deserving of or ready for so if you feel as though you've been working your ass off Pisces that you're not being paid you're worth that you see other people getting paid for overtime and yet you're giving up your time for free that you see other people getting like these quarterly bonuses and you know you've been putting more work than that person it's time to say hey how do I get one of those bonuses for doing half the work I'm doing cuz I'm sure busting my ass off I mean I wouldn't say that cuz I don't know how your bosses mmm-hmm but I know that I could say something like that to my boss so let's move on with this Pisces Sun moon rising don't stop honey you have come a long way and yet you still find yourself in self-imposed imprisonment right where there are times where you almost feel like you're purposely putting yourself at that crossroads it's like this weird don't be mad at me Pisces like Saito you're purposely torturing yourself you're thinking and overthinking a scenario a situation it's like the minute you feel you've got control of a situation of your life where things start to fall into place you almost start looking for a reason or something you know something – almost question if you're on the right path and the minute you bring in doubt in your own situation you you might stumble a little you're still moving forward but you stumble a bit and I do feel like you're waiting on recognition like you are not being seen or watched and you're just kind of like doo doo doo Here I am working my ass off maybe someday someone will see all the hard work I do and in your mind you're like just waiting on that promotion just waiting on that offer let me just keep working keep working keep working so Pisces what do you do from here are you ready to move on to a place where you'll get recognized because I feel that this additional income employment opportunity is what you've been waiting for your household right to feel more financially free and stable and dependent independent you know so what's Pisces advice from here Oh cards one cray cray you know swords give me a minute approach this person or this situation with logic and results if you say I've been working my ass off and I am qualified to be earning more money or for this position if you walk in there without any you know real leg to stand on because you don't have a resume in your hand you don't have certification in your hand but you know you're capable of doing the job or you know that you can do a better job than someone else I'm not saying trying to sabotage someone else but you know it's about approaching that person and the situation in a very calm and cool way but be ready to show your worth it's not enough about saying it because somebody likes you and they're like yeah you know that person is a good worker and you're like yeah well I sit at my desk waiting for that big-ass Pinnacle to come my way one day I'll get recognized ho-hum let me just keep working away work work work and maybe someday I'll be paid my worth it's like you have to come in and be like look I know I haven't been here for a while or I know you don't know me well enough or I know whatever it is that excuse that they're probably gonna give you for not offering you that position you need to be ready to counter that you don't have to be argumentative just a nice professional nudge like let me show you what I am capable of you have no idea how much more I could be doing but not for the same pay I'm now not in the position I am now and so keep me in mind when that position opens up or keep me in mind when there are opportunities for me to advance I'd really appreciate that and you tame whatever excuse that they'll probably give you because most HR or management people will be like pacifists and will try to be like ok go away I listen to you or I pretended to listen to you wasn't that enough no not enough and if you have to go in showing certifications a stack of whatever invoices you've cleared your sales rankings whatever it is that you do if you have to go in and say this is why I feel that I'm worthy of that position I would surely would appreciate it if you keep me in mind and perhaps you and I can sit down at a later time where we can explore those options for me so that you can see everything that I am capable of because you haven't even begun to scratch the surface because I feel that so many of you are like in this dead-end job where you're just like no I should be doing more and either you're not working at the right place for you or you're in the wrong position for you like you're probably more qualified than your boss that type of so that's your general reading especially for those of you that had been wanting a career and finance reading I know that I I reached out to you guys and asked if that's something you want I thought my schedule was slow down where I could have had that for you guys for the month of July I won't be able to probably not to August or September but that is something in the works that I do plan on doing for you guys let's move on to your love life straight-up singles where my singles at Pisces Sun Moon rising and Venus sign straight-up singles or Inbetweeners or you got this love interest that you just haven't really gone out with yet because there's obvious attraction there but you're just not sure if it's gonna go anywhere so let's get to the bottom of that straight-up single Pisces Sun Moon rising and Venus sign July 2018 what's going on for Pisces straight up singles you got new love hello I know some of you have been waiting on that new love a new person has stirred your romantic feelings again like I had say and know if you are my regulars you know I usually only say straight up single no one in your life how to stop being single and I didn't this time because I felt that so many of you had kind of already started dipping your feet in the water talking to new people may be jumping on those dating apps may be flirting with the new guy at work whatever it may be or your barista and anyway I purposely said it the way I said it because I did feel as though some of you are already breaking through not being so straight up single and so those of you that are getting your feet wet and dipping your you know feet in the water trying to find someone new you've warmed up to the idea of being a little more social of putting yourself out there you're not quite there yet for some of you because that six of cups has you reminiscing on an old love and it's going to be very reminiscent when this new love comes in because you're gonna start thinking and wondering why why is this new love in my life I really thought I was gonna get back together with so-and-so I really thought that this dude that I've been crushing on this girl that I've been wanting to date or hang out with I really thought that we would be the ones hooking up or getting back together give me a minute a car flew out thank you baby Jesus three of swords in reverse that's the best way to have it so although some of you may be stuck on a love or a relationship from the past you absolutely are killing and I've been saying it for months for you guys especially for you know all you Pisces out there that thank you guys seriously thank you I do get a lot of correspondence a lot of email a lot of messages you know from Pisces that are telling me how OnPoint this is so you're getting out of your comfort zone you're opening yourself up to the possibility of a new love coming in however some of you still have the thought the idea the memory you know just that whole what if it would have worked out with the other one what if I move on with this person and that other one comes back what if this is your new love what if this is your end-all be-all stop self sabotaging stop closing the door on yourself you've already done the majority of the healing work Pisces you have you absolutely have done the majority of the healing work here you have the power to create the love life that you want the problem is you're assigning that one true love or soulmate to a person that either a isn't your soulmate or they're just not at that point to reciprocate everything you have to offer and everyone works at their own time you have to trust the process and you have to trust in divine timing you may be ready for something more serious you may be ready for a committed relationship and they haven't even scratched the surface with their own healing so you cannot force someone to be at your level they gotta be smart enough to be at your level and if they're not why is still fighting to be with them when you got this beautiful new love coming in if you haven't already met them yet and together you can accomplish great things this is a really strong connection or attraction that you have to one another it absolutely makes it easier to continue healing and moving on from that last person it didn't work out with and they are so gonna be you know charming and you know flirtatious and beautiful and it almost really puts you in a position where you start to question X who oh boy who oh girl who it's time to put that to an end because that is going nowhere fast if they haven't gotten it together already some of you have been waiting for these people for months if not years don't put your life on hold for somebody else to catch up to you someone that wants to be there right there with you is gonna do anything and everything to get there don't put your life on hold that's on them to make themselves stronger to be at your level but if you're carrying them know that you're gonna carry them your whole life because then you end up with this nine of Wands energy where you realize I have been carrying them my whole life I have rationalized make excuses where do I go from here where you stop to think about whether or not this is the right thing to do is start something new with that new love and you're conflicted about it and there you are queen of cups Pisces counselor Scorpio you are absolutely conflicted about whether or not you should take whatever offer comes in seriously you are healing you are absolutely healing at the end of your healing you find yourself with the light at the end of the tunnel and for some of you that light at the end of the tunnel is this new love be open to receiving it you deserve to be happy and unfortunately for some people as much as you want to be happy with one particular person in mind whoever that person is fill in the blank this name here right you got to move on with your life and hope that they come back and get their together but don't be stupid Pisces cuz you can have another mr. right or miss right come in and be like oh why the hell did I wait the last you know 1 2 3 5 years for that person because within time we heal and we grow and our needs that need needed to have been met for quite some time are finally going to be met with someone new and then you grow some more and then you reflect back at how much you really have grown because believe it or not being open to receiving it's not that easy for some people and you know you you know you are you know who you are you might think you're ready you might think you're open to receiving a new partner and love but that self-sabotage kicks in sometimes how many of you have met someone new and it's all you know great you have you know great interest in each other and you're texting and you're messaging and you're talking you're setting up a coffee day and then all of a sudden the ex comes back in and then all of a sudden they're taking up way more time than the new person is and you almost kind of forget about the new person because you're all caught up on the ex self-sabotage Pisces don't do it don't do it if you want this new love whether it's the ex that comes back in and finally has their together be open to receiving if it's a new person be open to receiving you do have cards of healing here if the ex that comes back and says I'm healed I'm in a new place I'm in a much better place I know that we weren't able to make it work before but let's try again you are going to need that for of sorts energy and don't be afraid to say it take the time you need to really think about it to make sure that you're doing the right thing by you because so many times people can come in and make you an offer that you've been waiting for for weeks months years without the intention of following through because maybe they've felt threatened by a new person that a new person that has stirred your romantic life is like how the card says right take some time to really think about it weigh out your options and above all Pisces do what is best for you and honor yourself so couples Pisces Sun Moon rising and Venus sign for july 2019 blur some of you have been working all extense tuck in routine that you forgot how to flirt with your partner whether you've been dating live was someone married or some of you Inbetweeners that are trying to reconnect with whoever it was that you were before that you were with I mean extend your lighthearted energy to others seven of cups and the Empress so what I'm feeling right off the bat okay Pisces men or women if you have a pregnant partner I'm just gonna put it out there all right I'm gonna call it like I see it don't be mad at me and remember this is a general reading it can go vice-versa or these energies are around you and I have to stop for this some of you couples married or otherwise where you have a partner that's expecting pregnant pregnancy has a way of taking over a relationship at times someone who is pregnant tends to get a lot of attention from family should also be getting a lot of attention from their partner or spouse but a woman's body changes through that pregnancy and maybe they're not as comfortable in their own skin anymore maybe they're not in the mood as often as they used to be maybe they aren't as flexible I had to say it as they used to be and maybe you're getting pushed aside a little too many times because they're so exhausted growing a baby in their belly and you start seeing what's out there you start needing that attention you're not getting from your pregnant spouse or partner and you start looking around flirting trying to get that same attention used to get from your pregnant partner before they were pregnant that is not the answer whether it's you Pisces or the cross watcher or the partner being pregnant is not a handicap it is a beautiful thing even if they feel like even if they feel gross because it's like a thousand degrees out there and they're like it'll don't touch me I'm sweating right this is why you need to flirt don't flirt with people outside your relationship or your marriage flirt with your partner stop looking outside of the relationship to get those emotional or ego needs met because I really feel that those are ego based needs you need to feel wanted you need to feel attractive you want or need that type of attention maybe take some time to be straight-up honest with your partner and yes even though pregnant people can be emotional but honor your partner you have a child that's coming in don't look outside the relationship reinforce your relationship make it stronger understand where your partner is coming from she's growing a baby inside her belly so I gotta say you have no idea how much your body changes if I'm talking to you know that Pisces who's expecting could be male/female right the partner could be male/female if it's a same-sex couple you have a partner that's expecting your body changes you don't feel the same anymore you guys need to reconnect emotionally physically no matter how no matter how you feel because they feel gross because it's a thousand degrees out because they don't feel sexy anymore they don't feel beautiful anymore they are growing a damn kid and they're about okay sorry not down bless your kid my potty mouth goes a little too far sometimes but you know what I mean remind them how beautiful and amazing they are how much they mean to you remember how excited and happy and joyous and over-the-moon you felt when you found out you guys were expecting bring that energy back maybe flirt with them over something small every day how do I look hot Tom how beautiful they look whatever it takes don't go outside your marriage your relationship reconnect on a higher level you're expecting a child together anyway I have to throw that out there for some of you see eight of cups because you are looking elsewhere thinking that you're at that point of actually almost walking away [Applause] for others of you I feel that even if there isn't a pregnancy involved this is about wanting to walk away and start something new with someone else you know full well that you're gonna hurt someone in the process you're done fighting with whoever this partner is if you've been fighting a lot with your partner boyfriend girlfriend spouse whoever you've weighed out your options and you're ready to start something new whether it's with a new partner because you already have someone in mind you've already been talking to someone or you are just saying you know what this I'm ready to start all over again I'm ready to get out there I'm not afraid of being single and alone anymore I know that I will find someone that will appreciate me because you've earned you fit you've made yourself aware of your own self-worth you've gained the clarity that you needed and unfortunately someone's gonna be left out in the cold whether that's you or your partner but you're ready to start all over again you really are you're done fighting and in between all those fights you were feeling conflicted should I stay should I go if you're dealing with the Virgo and I'm just gonna throw this out there or you have Virgo in your chart because the mid month for me a Virgo had similar message should I stay should I go feeling iffy about a relationship wanting to leave I'm feeling the same type of energy here in between the fighting you were both conflicted fighting tug of war but then there was that quiet moment that break period in between where that conflict turned into inner conflict what you're holding on inside and in that moment of realizing how much you've been through and how the two of you still can't get along or how the two of you still haven't managed to make it work and then you're weighing out your options you're wondering whether or not you should stick around or whether or not you should leave you will gain the clarity that you need this month in July because trust me you are gonna want to like refresh your life whether you choose to rejuvenate your love life with this partner is a whole other story honey because I got that eight of cups says you want to walk away your partner wants to walk away and for some of you I'm gonna be very honest with you some of you need some sort of spiritual retreat together need to take a break a weekend getaway reconnect with each other on a spiritual level and be completely and totally open and honest with each other and if you still can't get to a point where you feel like you can work things out together at least you've made the attempt at least you've made the effort to be clear with one another to be open and honest and to come to a point where you both agree that maybe it is time to sever the ties maybe it is time to you know go our separate ways but you're dropping the ones you're done carrying the weight the bird in the inner conflict you felt that even though you've been in this relationship for quite some time the best way I can describe it right now the way it's coming to me as even though you are currently in a relationship you felt like you were alone you never want your partner or you never want to feel alone in a relationship so let me pull a couple more cards just for the advice I'd advice for Piper couples that queen of Pentacles keeps popping out so if you have Virgo in your chart or you're dealing with the Virgo I will link up the Virgo mid-month here for mid-june even though like by the time you see this it'll probably be closer to July make a note of that so here it is this is like it's a I feel like it's a total 50/50 split for some of you some of you do want to come in and make that offer and say look we need to reconnect emotionally spiritually like I had said let's reconnect let's do this let's figure out where do we go from here is this something worth saving you know let's bring that love energy back into this relationship I love you so much I want to make it work while someone else here I mean it's not a lot of you it's just a handful of you are like maybe we should have an open relationship maybe we should start seeing other people and you're like what the because I don't feel like the other partners all for it yeah see those of you suggesting a polyamorous relationship could probably you know this is probably the deal-breaker for your marriage or relationship because you may have someone here who likes the idea of having several partners or having an open marriage or relationship keep that in mind this is someone who is weighing out their options this is the second time it Peaks out yeah oh dear okay do guys that is your love reading I'm gonna see what's the time here yeah I'm gonna cut it off right here thank you guys so much I really wanted to do a couple more a couple more Oracle messages but I'm gonna end it here because I do have everyone else's reading for the month of July remember I also have extended readings for those of you that had the most views and most likes which I'm sure you guys will have that because you guys are freaking awesome Rock and I'm also going to have the love readings summer love readings for all of you guys that will be coming hopefully within the next week okay so anything else what am I forgetting I think that's it I have just a handful of appointments available I promise you I'm still going through all my email I've got a ton of email to go through and if it's just an email for booking or reading I'm responding to those first so if you sent me an email about something else it's gonna take even longer to respond please don't take it personal I work full time I'm a mom like give me a break please don't be understanding here so Pisces this was your reading july 2019 hit the subscribe button to like button remember wow remember to hit the like button most select most viewed sign for the month will get an extended reading the following month so that you can get an extended August reading I'm trying to think of anything other announcements I had to make I've just been super busy and swamped but thank you guys so much for your patience your love and your support please give it a thumbs up and thank you guys

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  1. 😒😒😭😭How could you be so accurate and definite about my career life stagnation….. I'm emotionally exhausted!!!

  2. I have not 1 ex in my life. Don't be a player your emotions are not right don't mess with anyone else's, an ex is an ex for a reason…put them in the bin

  3. This resonates. My Virgo is taken, and divorce is not permitted. So we’ve been struggling with boundaries. We have a lot in common. His distance has hurt me this last time, So I can finally walk away. He’s still attracted to me. I told him to discover why, and kill it. Because he’s not allowed to end his marriage, due to Christian beliefs. I refuse to be a 3rd party.

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