Pakt One Review | 35L Carry-On Clamshell Duffel Travel Bag

Pakt One Review | 35L Carry-On Clamshell Duffel Travel Bag

– Hey, it’s Nathan from Pack Hacker and in this video, we’re going to be taking a look at the PAKT One. A 35 liter clamshell duffel that claims to be the only
travel bag you’ll ever want. Here at Pack Hacker, we’re
a team of frequent travelers that do travel gear and bag
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consider subscribing. So let’s jump in to this PAKT One review. [upbeat music playing] You can tell that a lot of
thought and consideration has gone into the design of the PAKT One. And the outcome, in our opinion, is a really great looking bag. The professional
aesthetic and duffel style will also ensure that no
one paints you as a tourist. You won’t find any branding or logos whatsoever on the
exterior of the PAKT One. We really respect a brand that doesn’t feel the need to plaster logos everywhere and in fact, the only
branding that you’ll find is a small, sweet and simple PAKT logo in the middle of the pack. When it comes to color,
you have three options. Black, gray, and navy. All of which compliment the
professional-looking aesthetic. Not all of the colors are made of the same materials though, and there’s a few
differences between them. Which, in our opinion, is
a bit of an odd decision. The black is their rugged option, made of 420D Nylon Dobby, and features YKK RCPU
wate- resistant zippers. Whereas the navy and the gray version that we have here, features
coated polyester canvas and unbranded zips that
lack any water resistance. So why not make all three versions out of the same durable materials? Well, PAKT do shed a little bit of light on the zipper decision anyway – on a Facebook Live video that we’ll link in the description down below – where they state that they
struggle to source YKK zips. Which apparently aren’t
that much better anyway, but that is according to them. The only other difference
between all three color options comes with the interior lining. The gray pack and the black bag have a kind of light gray nylon lining, where as the navy pack has
a golden cotton lining. Fortunately, PAKT do
explain this decision again in that Facebook Live video
that we mentioned earlier, and the reasoning is
actually quite simple – they just preferred the
way that the cotton lining worked, looked, and felt
within the navy pack. Which is fair enough I suppose. [upbeat music playing] The PAKT One has a surprising amount of nifty stuff going on the outside. There’s plenty of external pockets and a really smart design going on. But let’s start with what is
the most crucial component of any duffel bag, the shoulder strap. The detachable shoulder strap fits right into the overall
aesthetic on the PAKT One. And folds away relatively
small when not in use. The metallic carabiner on the strap and loop attachment on the bag are both sturdy and durable components, which facilitate a quick
and easy attachment even if you’re in a rush. But what’s the shoulder
strap like to wear? Well, with plenty of padding, it’s surprisingly comfortable, delivering a decent overall carry. Unfortunately, if you do max
this thing out weight wise, there will eventually come a time when the strain on your shoulder will start to take its toll. Of course, regardless of
what bag you’re wearing, if you have a heavy load,
you are going to feel it on your shoulders after a little while. The issue we have here, is that load is on one shoulder as opposed to spreading
it out across both. Some people love the duffel-style carry, but just be aware if you’re planning on really loading this thing up and carrying it long distances. Moving onto the second
way to carry the PAKT One – and that is, of course,
by it’s top handles. They feel strong, are very well made and are also molded in a way that provides you with
a really tight grip. A small nitpick on our end though is the lack of any padding. Meaning the carry isn’t
terribly comfortable after a little while. On the PAKT One, you will find four small accessory loops on the outside of the bag. Now PAKT say these are to
attach water bottles to or any other kind of
travel items you have, with a carabiner clip. Now if you’re into that
kind of thing, then great. But personally, we’ve
never actually used them. And that doesn’t bother us too much because you can’t really tell
that they’re there anyway. Moving onto the bottom of the PAKT One and you will four pieces
of leather looking material on each corner for added durability. Now they may look like leather and do the exact same job, but they’re actually made of polyurethane. And that’s great because
PAKT are committed to delivering animal friendly products, which gets a big thumbs up from us. On each corner, you’ll
also find four studs to protect your bag when
it’s resting on the floor. Since this is a duffel, you’re likely going to be
laying it down a lot. So these studs are an essential addition. Here at Pack Hacker, we
dig an external pocket, so we were happy to find four on the outside of the PAKT One. On this side here you’ll find two that are set right next to each other, square in shape. And these are, by far, our most used on this pack. The great thing about these pockets is that they are liter independent from the main compartment. Meaning they’ll always have room for you. The left-hand side pocket even features a metallic key clip and
some card holder sleeves. Not things we’ve used too
often, but cool to have. On the other side of the PAKT One, you will find two more external pockets. The first one being a long
sleeve-like compartment, with a magnetic closure. This sleeve is excellent
for stuffing something in if you’re in a rush. But it’s not a pocket you want to be putting valuables in or anything that can fall out easily, because the magnetic closure
didn’t work too well. We found it comes open
more often than not. On the front of the
magnetic closure pocket, you’ll find a long
zippered compartment here. And this houses one of PAKT’s party tricks. A patent pending TSA pocket here. Which they’ve designed for you to put your mobile phones
in, wallets in, keys in as you go through security at the airport. This is super nifty pocket. And we love the fact that PAKT has thought about how people use their travel bags and what features can
improve a user’s experience. On the bottom of this TSA pocket here, you’ll notice this red strip. Now according to PAKT,
this serves as a reminder to also get anything else out of your bag that needs to go through the x-ray at the airport separately. Now, we’re not sure if we’re
missing something here, or whether a red label
to you symbolizes this and notifies you of that? But if we’ve gone out of our way to put our phones and passports
into this pocket anyway, surely we’d also think
about everything else inside of the pack. So it sounds a little bit
like marketing spiel to us but regardless, it’s there and
it’s a great little pocket. [upbeat music playing] On the top of the PAKT One, you will find three openings. The right side’s going to give you access to the right-hand side compartment. The left side is going to give you access to the left-hand side compartment. And the middle one is going to open up all the way like a clamshell. The clamshell opening
has been a common trait in a lot of travel
backpacks for a while now. But this is relatively new territory for duffel bags, and we love how PAKT has brought this new feature to the game. Being able to open this
thing up like a suitcase is, in our opinion, this
bag’s big selling point. And we’re happy to report
that it works incredibly well. The clamshell design means
that organizing your pack and being able to cram in
as much stuff as possible is a straight-forward
and stress-free process. But of course, you don’t
need to always open up that big clamshell zip to get inside. The great thing about the PAKT One is that it retains its
core duffel function. Giving you the access zips
here to each compartment means that you can open them up, stick your hand in, get
something out quick. And we love this, as
well as the clamshell. Both sides of the bag are
pretty much identical. They’re both the same size, feature a long zippered pocket – which is ideal for smaller items that would otherwise get lost inside the bigger compartment – and
have two small mesh pockets on either side. The only difference between the two is that one of them is
covered by a mesh panel, whereas the other compartment is covered by a nylon fabric panel. And that’s because the nylon one here is also home to the laptop compartment. This laptop compartment
is conveniently located in the middle of the bag. Meaning that the weight
is distributed evenly. The main clamshell zip also gives you quick access to the laptop so it’s easy to whip out
if you’re at the airport. The compartment will
fit most 15-inch laptops. But just a note, it is a bit of a squeeze. If you’ve got an additional sleeve or thick case on it, chances
are it’s not going to fit. [upbeat music playing] We’ve been testing the PAKT
One for the last two months. And we’ve taken it on trips to the USA, to Spain, and around the UK. The considered design and functionality make the PAKT One an
absolute pleasure to use. And the bottom line is we’ve thoroughly enjoyed
testing this pack. That being said though,
we do hold some concerns over the durability and
build quality of this bag. First up, the stitching is
downright shoddy in areas. And for a premium product, priced at the higher end of the market, this is frankly unacceptable. Not sure that we can
say too much else here other than please sort this out, PAKT! Our next two areas of
concern are the materials that our gray bag is made out of. Which is the coated polyester material and also the unbranded zips
used throughout the pack. In only two months of use, we’re already finding abrasion marks on the coated polyester material. Which is not a great
sign of things to come. And moving onto the zips, they do still work perfectly fine for us but being unbranded, we remain skeptical as to how long they will last. We’re also constantly wary of being caught in any sort of downpour, because these zips will have water seep
through them pretty easily. It’s important to know though that most of our concerns here would be solved by getting the black version of the PAKT One – which features those water resistant RCPU YKK zippers throughout, and that 420D Nylon Dobby material. We have the gray version and that’s the one we’ve
been testing here though. And also let’s remember that all three versions of the bag are all priced exactly the same. PAKT claim that this is
the ultimate travel bag. And the only travel bag
that you’ll ever want. So is it? No, of course it’s not. And that’s because the
ultimate travel bag, perfect for everyone, doesn’t exist. And likely never will. But this doesn’t mean that
it’s a bad bag though. The fact is, everyone
has different use cases and people vary from person to person. So although this may not be the only travel bag you’ll ever want, the fact is that there are certain people – maybe you watching this right now – that the PAKT One may be perfect for. Moving on to some pros and cons. The PAKT One features a
unique clamshell design. There are plenty of
useful external pockets. And the PAKT One can work both as a day pack and a travel bag. Moving on to some of the cons. It’s not made using the
most durable materials. Fully loaded weight wise, it is heavy to carry on just one shoulder. And there’s poor stitching within the pack where loose threads can
be found everywhere. [upbeat music playing] We found the PAKT One
to be a great looking duffel-style option for short city breaks. And unique features like the TSA pocket and handy external pockets
will make your journey through any airport an absolute breeze. And surprisingly, we
also found the PAKT One to be a pretty good day pack, too. If you’re a fan of the
duffel style and carry, but want the ease of a clamshell pack, then regardless of its pitfalls, the PAKT One could be the bag that you’ve been searching for. Thanks for taking a look at
our view of the PAKT One. Be sure to head over to Sign up for our newsletter
and never miss an update. Thanks for checking this one out, we’ll see you in the next video. ♪ Let’s put the pocket away ♪ ♪ Hiding the TSA pocket ♪ Which is this one here? Don’t know where that went. That was a bit odd. [upbeat music playing]

13 thoughts on “Pakt One Review | 35L Carry-On Clamshell Duffel Travel Bag

  1. Nice review. You've touched on some issues that many don't. I hope that stitching problem is an anomaly. For the price, that is wholly unacceptable and I'll be returning my bag should I find same. Fwiw, I also think, especially based on how much chatter there was about intentional design yada yada, that there should be a pad and metal piece at the center of the bottom of the bag where it will (most?) make contact first. I can see wear and tear becoming an issue, especially for grey and blue models. It's a generally smart bag yes, but I'll be honest and say this is the first review I've watched where I started to really question my purchase.

  2. Hey Nathan, great review! I thought it was very thorough and informative. Just a couple of quick comments… I think you misunderstood the purpose of the red strip of fabric on the TSA pocket. It's actually there to remind you to pick up your laptop after screening, not the other way around. Personally, my only criticism of the bag is that I thought it could be an inch bigger in width or height and still be carry-on size. But that would contribute to a potential issue that you mentioned; when fully loaded it may become uncomfortable to carry on one shoulder. You mention that as one of the 'Cons', but that's really more a function of it being a duffle and not a backpack, not a problem unique to this bag.

    I just received my Navy Pakt One a couple weeks ago and will be traveling with it in a few days. I inspected it very carefully when it arrived and did not find any of the loose threads you found. I am actually very impressed by the quality of materials and construction.

    Thanks again for the excellent review!

  3. excellent review, informative without too much excess talking. The exposed/loose sewing ends already concern me though. We'll see how mine holds up, but I did also get the black bag

  4. Its a well designed product, but its made from shoddy workmanship and poorly sourced materials. It's a $40 bag priced at $275. I really like the design, but for the premium you're paying, someone else is likely to provide a more fairly priced equivalent.

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