[Applause] well guys we're about to leave on silver girl fever comes Sam her gums forgots yes Sumer gyeom's yeah what what are you doing jumping always joven break something and kids Lucas joven screwed everything up it's his fault joven you're such a dingus no it doesn't even have his seatbelt oh thank you for calling me cute Courtney what here we go shame she's back here junga wait that was always an option why are we sitting through to a seat no it took shotgun because they're the two cases of water up here yeah we need water where we're going where do we need milkshakes for those three people that's got me worried about a company or something yeah tow so like you better not hope I haven't gotten to the pedicurist in a little while Damien did you bump your head on the ceiling we are on the road to summer games right into the middle of nowhere this is a southern accent everyone in the apocalypse will have southern accents its Shane just capitalizing on the camera up there yeah it's just think it's his moment to shine let it happen okay this is actually what an apocalyptic setup accent sounds like it sounds like these look at the injured live today this became he got shotgun and we all wanted shotgun but he insisted getting shot it's funny he like looked at all of us speaking me I was like popular I'm the real star of this channel I get shotgun as he goes out of control so we're doing sever gay yeah sideways you know and diagonal lock you've found again we're going and it's an apocalypse themes you're doing a very like Mad Max like almost a madman my eggs so we got a most the most we were hiding in two separate colors I'm sure their antics are gonna be incredible now it's not a TRO trip if we didn't stop and get our Starbuck is not enough ice while I told her I told her so she got it she made it for me and I told her to pour out and more coffee and then still not enough again more coffee so we have special guests you've done it now it's overdose Anna time orbital drop shock trooper how do you not know I kind of live in like the city and there's not a lot of bad food places though there is but like it's hard to access mmm there's a Carl's jr. here right next to it is a subway right next to that isn't like like Wendy's like I want to this is the most la thing I'll ever say but I feel like I'm transported into another country right now oh my god goodbye no was the most normal I'm texting my girlfriend yeah must be nice I'll come back in a minute all right Olivia are you ready for some our summer games you kidding me I was at maybe two engineers in a row about this that's not true that is definitely not true what were you MVP yo are you serious I don't hear you me mad here are some clips of me winning MVP goes to [Applause] I still don't remember I'm gonna have to see that edit real quick no what are you doing I mean you know are you putting the nuts into your yogurt yeah wait is a yogurt in there no okay so you Dre calling over okay guys so we've had what this is our dip Summer Games this summer games we had Smosh Summer Games camp camp Smosh summer games while class Smosh Summer Games be blue five what are like some of the best moments for the first one we can find that two great ideas into one horrible idea hanging out on the beach great idea running around in those inflatable giant balls great idea together the worst idea I think into Smosh is three remember when you almost sucked Olivia into a football well imagine Olivia being sucked into one by Marc the only thing for Hey I think my favorite moment was probably when we did the like punishment shootout thing and I like I hit the bull's eye and like the whole team celebrated hey Derrick I'm really sorry about that it was settled in court all right we the we the jury find we rule in favor of Damian Haws and sentence Noah Grossman to give him a fist bump I'm never gonna forget my my archery shot and I hear I hear tell there is also an archery related crossbow nope couldn't recreate your epic moment there huh myself no matter how many dangerous things we've done I think habanero peppers are still one of them yeah i specifically remember puking in the alley when keepin yah dude we don't know where all of that vomit came it was on all the milk you drink oh hey westrom that time almost broke your back oh my god that was summer camp dude we good we got so we we had so heard at that Summer Games camp as the medic ran out of Nashville last year at the end of the inflatable thing when I caught a balloon with my face and my glasses exploded yes that was that was good cuz it got the blood flowing and down my face and and I got new glasses and I got a I got a trophy out of it Oh snaps y'all we can be gettin up the highway wheels there it's already hot as bad 96 degrees but if you look a member is at 69 I have literally a crime mystery of all Jenna need not think like that right now let's like not do that we are in the middle of nowhere well you know awake away we die out here no one will ever find us rise whoa can you guys get unless uh like this we click it Hana outside everyone's saying they're actually enjoying this heat this crisp heat as I say but just you wait we're gonna hear it's hot 150 million times today tomorrow and the night that we made it and is the sunburned part of the look yeah apocalypse I don't have sunscreen the apocalypse well we made it congratulations guys we all survived and now are you guys ready for smart summer yet [Applause] now that you've seen the epic journey the Smosh Summer Games you can check out the very first competition by clicking that box on the left the punishment zombie shootout also rep your favorite team with a new shirt at smash store toxicity or mushroom cloud what it's a going be baby

38 thoughts on “OUR FAVORITE SUMMER GAMES MOMENTS | Road Trip Vlog

  1. I saw someone who said that for next years summer games they should do the roaring 20s and I LOVE THAT

  2. Is Courtney's hair pink? Like at the way bottom I keep thinking that but I feel like it is the color reflecting off Noah cause he is by the window so I'm not sure

  3. low key, Shayne is the star of this channel now. I say SMOSH will replace Ian as a "on screen talent" with Kimmy and have Ian move to more of an EP role like they had with Joe

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