22 thoughts on “Ocasio-Cortez wants to abolish the Dept of Homeland Security

  1. WHY must the whole of America have to suffer through her existence? Seeing her name followed by a
    Beginning – and End date
    would be lovely. 😵😵😵

  2. Than you should open your house for these idiots morons illegal immigration and live your life with them……good citizens don’t do illegal activities!!!

  3. Geraldo has gone insane people only crime is because they want a better life. WHY don't you little moron go back to where you came from. Puerto Rico?

  4. I can't stand AOC but I too hold issue with Department of Homeland Security. I think the Department of Homeland Security was granted too much power with no respect for our US Constitution and I could almost but guarantee the founding fathers would see it the same way. Honestly I think that the Department of Homeland Security was put into place by the criminal known as President Bush as a way of getting the American people to accept their liberties being taken away. In other words chipping away at our rights at our US constitution and at our freedoms.

  5. No matter what it looks like, Geraldo Retardo always snaps back to his Leftist preferences whenever push comes to shove. Geraldo should go back to finding Capone's secret vault. I liked him more in that role.

  6. Trust passers Get off Scot free if their trust passing in this country illegally if you're a citizen trust passing and someone else's property you could get shot and/or arrested

  7. Hey garage door The close minded idiot They are rounding up the people who missed their court gate and refused to leave the country if you got a ticket and missed your court date wouldn't the police come knocking on your door we have a warrant for your arrest and throw you in jail if you were in this country illegally and you missed your court date or you have already been sentenced and your supposed to leave the country and you didn't you're not supposed to be thrown out of their country are you serious If you are going to be left alone why did they even bother giving you our court date to appear to have a hearing while the you're allowed to stay in this country or not if they were just going to let you roam freely about the country Mr. Arrage door

  8. What would happen to Americans if they went out and broke banks and stole money? Does this guy think the FEDS will leave them alone? Nonsense. These people broke the law.Period.

  9. This is how you become a one term congresswoman. The four ladies might never see the doors of Congress again.

  10. Why does AOC need to abolish Homeland Security? It was created to make this country safer from terrorists.

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