NYC FIELD TRIP! (Squad Vlogs)

NYC FIELD TRIP! (Squad Vlogs)

um oh look at this city it doesn't look like an apple at all Wow oh I can't wait to try all the bagels damn I'm getting dizzy and it bitch what the hell Shh oh my god the only one without an umbrella how did that miss them the machine as one is just choosing not to open it oh there's those grass roots New York does crazy things I went on miweek I've won a Sun base right now I'm gonna sunbathe on the grass yeah I get some Sun you know hi you look so tired hi I'm not tired welcome to me a video look how nice she looks this morning I like your red lips with I'm super naughty that giant walnut right there look at that giant oh no I want to eat that giant woman oh what's the deal with that thing Oh got orange juice here I don't watch my lipstick oh gosh Oh first it did you just mess up first sip I just like blew a bubble burst it and Brigid Olivia do first step there's farm work this border that's hot that's hot no with you look at me Paul like it actually dude this lighting on you is beautiful like this bookcase behind you in the colors when it can you shoe Micah trucks yeah right now yeah I got I got oh yeah Oh beautiful beautiful yes oh oh my gosh Oh a little inside oh wow oh my well done that's so sexy I'm gonna look at those later in bed oh look at you is still stylish allegewi make it make me watch me look how beautiful I did jumpstart with blueberry pancakes so beautiful delectable like jars of disgust a mini darts you got pretty looking to guys I actually use this in your home Oh corn you look so pretty with your red lipstick I was like Taylor severely Shayne how's your food yeah we do like a close-up on that look at this imagine look at this knuckle in your mouth Wow my waffles are crunchy and what do you know that now I got clean waffles yep I don't like crunchy waffles crunchy no one Shane ordered the same thing but he this is just the difference that I love them it's good I love it they're crashing and how's your napkin Olivia took my lip stuff and tried it and just put it just on the edge I'm so late no one's not wearing his bluff I feel like it's squiggly I'm bad could you look better than me really yeah do you like focus this thing they can't focus I'm too beautiful of you what are we doing here we're walking like what we're just walking because that's what New Yorkers yeah we came to New York to walk smashing in the ring smashing in the red so basically we're going to the New York defy office that's why we came here to meet all the people who work at the fine media which is a company that helps Smosh every day and we're on our way to meet them and hang out with them in their office look how red Noah is he's just like a big old ketchup packet look where there's a lot of people and you just just dodging out of the way people it's crazy there's tall buildings everywhere there's the Empire State Building more people oh my gosh I'm already exhausted we've only walked one block Keith looks like the coolest out of all of us by far it means your game is the most New York yeah yes dude every Jewish guy that I see dressed up like the city anything I'm just going like I think it's zero reaction cuz they don't get it you don't look you don't yeah cuz I'm not doing the full star you know you gotta you got to do is that like a son is that a legit no it's not that's not a what if this is what you do Oh what do you like about New York you can use the word bodega what does that mean it's like look at that there's a little bodega over there close shop run Tomatoes here Pete sees mom Martha whoa the Empire State Building got their glory the Empire State Building brain enough uh you got poop on your notes getting slaughtered this is gorgeous everything is gorgeous around here oh oh oh just like the puddle Olivia these buildings do you think it's the right time for me to ask you where the Big Apple is uh yeah I'd go ask some people where the Big Apple is where the what why yeah where where is the Apple and she's gone I wish there's a place where you just like get gifts in New York oh yeah that'd be I wish I know that'd be really cool New York yes you know I know just like like like like my heart New York gifts I'm popping in here they've got the coffee machine where they do male no females to shut up this is C this is a clearly the site of defy that does work oh there's Liz I know they're doing work look at this view we got okay yes we are you will be whoa oh look they got a cool person drawing on their wall to sing codify oh well match King Kong do it dang it you know watch me win I'm gonna win while filming Wow I just won oh you just that's not how you do it why are you you're on purpose playing like a baby I just won again no I feel like they're actually doing work whereas weird this is a weird joke Joe can you imagine having to work like this you're like right next to people yeah no we have to you have to talk to people what's that like got over here.i inside the numeric experience in an elevator oh my god do New York do in Times Square oh my god there's time there's a big clock three yes three talks to go through to Apple it's almost 2 1 in 100 K this transfer excuse me this time squared where's the Apple let's kind of many people 1 2 2 3 dy 606 said Wow Oh Olivia's the back of your head that's great we're walking but it's traffic so I guess that's like human trafficking that was okay I'm look maybe we should turn back man this yeah I think we should turn back this traffic is as bad as like Ellie like hard rock the car truck this truck I give up Friday night the show hits and watching ever so studios Waterworld Waterworld line right now heats over the walking he's done we need a walk back just as far back all these Disney characters are asking for money what that's so weird they should be rich yeah that doesn't use like rich are they asking for money if they're real Disney characters and not fake at all we definitely lost okay blunt fun don't look at the cars if you make eye contact we want to hit you we're about to die mother died by the time I lit up by the light or dominant oh we look died yeah that's crazy okay legitimately a guy was walking across the street a car was coming in haunted him and the guy and the toughest ones goes hey I'm walking here I got a light and I was like oh that's real for real all right guys that was New York where's New York thanks for coming with us on this journey I think you guys definitely can work I still didn't find the Big Apple oh yeah she found she searched and she never found I asked everybody look like if you like necrosis yeah rolled up in that grass roll about it uh how do I work this is my favorite pizza okay but vegan pizza doesn't sound like a guilty pleasure no really good it's my guilty pleasure

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  1. When Keith said cortney looked so good in her read lipstick I was like I wish someone would compliment me like that 😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  2. In my city I was in a play in The Lion King and I saw the Lion King behind them when they were spinning around I was a zazu and I just bring back the memories it's so sad

  3. “Defy helps smosh everyday”
    …two years later…
    “Our parent company defy had to shut down”
    …even later…
    “Rhett and link bought us and f defy”

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