New Virgin Cruise Line | Scarlet Lady Cruise Ship – 7 IMPORTANT Things to Know Virgin Voyages 2020

New Virgin Cruise Line | Scarlet Lady Cruise Ship – 7 IMPORTANT Things to Know Virgin Voyages 2020

Hey there world travelers. Hey there. I’m
Tanya and I’m Dave and we are Turn It Up World. We’re going on a cruise! Right so you could probably tell from
the title we’re gonna be going on the Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady 2020 this
year it’s kicking off their inaugural launch and we put this video together
because we wanted to share with you guys we’ve done some research want to share
seven top things to know before you go yeah or just to know in general exactly
and we’re super excited at Richard Branson’s forceful ray right into the
cruise industry he’s gonna shake it up oh he shook up a lot of industry yes the
next one coming on here yeah a disrupter and I’ve proven that and proving that
and I’m sure the ship industry is gonna be no different exactly bring it on
bring it on let’s start with the room yeah absolutely and the room is actually
really cool 86% of the rooms actually have balconies on the Scarlet lady which
is pretty awesome and 93 percent actually have windows yeah so that’s
good not too many closets on there as a matter of fact the seven percent that
don’t have there’s this room package so I was to start from the lower end to the
higher end so the ones obviously the name says it all if the insider and the
insider are there all the rooms are brand new very pretty but it doesn’t
have the windows right there’s only 7% of the rooms on the shake not bad we’re
not team already exactly and then moving right up you get to see view all right
which is obvious it’s ones that have all the ocean views stepping up to that is
the sea Terrace and those are the ones that have the balconies
yeah and hammocks yeah they all have hammocks on them it’s pretty cool just
very hung out relaxed exact joy the ocean going by my jam and of course if
you really want to step your game up a little bit you can go to the rock star
suite right so let’s jump into number two it is an
adults-only cruise so I think this was designed you know for an adults-only
cruise so it’s 18 plus exactly 18 plus but for the young at heart for sure it
definitely has a party vibe to it right wouldn’t you say
I would say so for sure you could be 50 60 70 years old as long as you can hang
with those 18 year olds young at heart this cruise is exactly they even have a
tattoo parlor on board so want to get that tattoo after all these years
oh my god so about time yes and it kind of reminds me of like a Vegas in a way
it’s almost like Vegas on the ocean it’s like they don’t hang over like they
gotta go out they have a fun drinking night and then they wake up there’s like
a tattoo on your body yeah go talk to my teeth Oh God might be a thief that’s
gonna be so many parties as a matter of fact I think at the end the close of the
cruisers is this party right yes Carla night guard night party bounds dangerous
oh it sounds it sounds really gay which is great yes and a lot of fun yeah but
there’s even a drag brunch I think that was our first and these are like
resident drag queen performers that are gonna be on this ship so is a drag
brunch and drag bingo so you can certainly have a variety of things to do
on that ship which is exciting fun interesting new and certainly memorable
absolutely another really cool things are no nickel and diming policy yes and
that is a great philosophy that Richard Branson adopted on this cruise and I
think the biggest no nickel and diming policy would be but no tipping allow
about saying that’s we are really huge I mean you’re not sure if you want to give
back fortuity to that great server well no not on this ship because it’s
all pretty much included in that ticket so I think it’s really smart to do that
so there’s no questions pass you know exactly what you’re getting and speaking
to which there’s also free Wi-Fi I mean it’s basic but it’s great now if
you’re looking to do more of that live stream those parties or pool parties or
you’re trying to download or upload you may want to go for more of that premium
because I don’t think the basics is gonna work for you it’s definitely
something I those two things I’m yeah that’s great
of course they also have pretty fitness classes things like that right and
probably the biggest thing too is all the foods and
so no surcharges on food even the best restaurants on the ship no extra charge
no excuse all right so you can eat as much as you want all day and all night
exactly there are no buffets say what and we love a good book that
yeah they tell you we love buffets but there’s no birthday on this ship and I
think basically he’s changing the game once again so there’s gonna be pretty
much 20 plus restaurants okay now keep in mind they all have different themes
and different things going on for sure different food different textures but
they’re all included in your package so heat up right now at a restaurant a few
restaurants that we’re definitely looking forward to
oh absolutely is one called the weight one of the fancier ones they are which
I’m really excited about it kind of steak and seafood Chop House environment
that’s good to me oh yeah and it’s just phenomenal but lay out have like this xx
kind of you know Roaring Twenties meets modern vibe right very cool you know I
don’t know I mean I don’t really have anything super fancy so I hope
flip-flops enough sweatpants right it’s actually pretty casual still what about
razzle-dazzle Wow yeah different that razzle-dazzle is
the one that’s gonna be hosting the drag brunches in the drag bingo and if you’re
not sure where it is just look for the giant candy cane in Turin now there’s
the one Test Kitchen which is another that’s cool that’s gonna be really cool
I think it’s just kind of like it almost looks like a chemistry lab right funky
kind of vibe and every one of these restaurants has some sort of cool theme
so I’m super excited about that and I’m really good too they have a great Korean
restaurant oh yeah my one fear you don’t I don’t
you have to cook yourself on that and I don’t know if I can do that I’m not sure
but you know what that’s probably it’s because there’s no tipping go drink
packages yes and just be aware of that so alcoholic drinks will be extra yeah
they’re definitely gonna be extra they have beer they have expert cocktails I
mean there’s gonna be quite the experience that you can get and I do
believe they range $78 that can go up to 20 plus dollars in
short it’s a top-shelf one it could be a little bit more but one thing you can do
now if you’re going to be a sailor on this
boat they are allowing you to bring two 750 milliliter bottles of wine now if
you have that wine for this special occasion because it’s your first cruise
I’m not going to knock you it has to be in your carry-on and it can be no more
than 750 milliliters so don’t try and sneak on those mini vodkas because it’s
not gonna work they will confiscate those before you hit the ship don’t do
it so little BYOB yeah exactly BYOB now if you’re one of the lucky ones
to be in one of the 78 rockstar Suites you have VIP access oh my gosh and it’s
VIP access it’s almost like a New York City and I clog VIP access I mean
there’s certain sections on the ship that’s gonna be zoned off for the VIP
whoever’s pool bars and things like that as well as the island rider take you to
the Bimini Island now maybe that might be a good time to
bring a little taping yeah we’re hoping to sneak in it’s like a New York City
Club yeah we’ll find out so those are just seven of the top things in our
opinion that we thought you may want to know regarding the Virtual Boy a scarlet
lady and I will say this we’re still learning a lot along the way we’ve
spoken to a couple of crew members from the Virgin voyage to get more
information and we’re still learning along the way because we have exactly so
we’re definitely post more videos as we learn more share with you yeah it’s
definitely excited absolutely so be sure to hit that subscribe button in that
notification bell so you get notified when we do put out another video and as
always thank you so much for joining us world travelers and we look forward to
seeing you on the road and on the cruise

21 thoughts on “New Virgin Cruise Line | Scarlet Lady Cruise Ship – 7 IMPORTANT Things to Know Virgin Voyages 2020

  1. You only need to know one thing about large cruise ships. They create a negative environmental and economic impact on the majority of ports they visit.

  2. Have you been on a Cruise before? If so which ship was your favorite and why?

    Like the music we use in our videos? It’s from Epidemic Sound! Their library of over 30,000 songs is available free for 30 days
    with this dandy little link 👉🎶🙌

  3. Hey Tanya and Dave!! Very cool New Virgin Cruise Lines. Very cool that most of the rooms have balconies. Hammocks are an added bonus! The only thing about "Adults Only" is that there is a big "party vibe"… We are all about hanging out with the old people at the casino!!! We do like that there is no tipping allowed!! Love that all food is included. No buffet isn't a bad idea… love the 20+ eateries idea!! It makes you feel like there is more option! With no drink package, is bottled water included? Cool to learn about this new cruise line!! Thanks for sharing and much love!! <3

  4. We haven’t been on a cruise yet but the cruise I want to go on first is the Symphony of the Sea. The largest cruise liner as of this moment. This new Virgin Cruise line does very awesome to check out! What month are you going? i will look into it also. Livelifewithaview!!

  5. Excuse me those online addicted, phone worshipping and videogaming will find it hard to keep up with us! Please. I can't wait to see them walking around bumping into people into people.

  6. Really looking forward to my trip and that island is looking fabulous…I wonder if they will match other Cruiselines statuses (ie gold, silver etc…) that would be awesome. i was an NCL cruiser, but they have gotten out of hand with kids running around the ship and picking up half empty drink glasses that people just lay around drinking them. And that nickel and diming stuff has got to go. 5 days seems like a great sweet spot for young cruisers who only get a week at a time vacation…I know on my 7 day cruises I am ready to get off by the sixth day….and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not cut our cruise short by getting ready for the next group of passengers on the last day, especially at night. I want my cruise to last the full time I am there!

  7. I'm sailing in December 2020, so please, please make a video when you get back and let us know how everything went and some "inside" scoop info, ok? Thanks!

  8. This looks amazing looking forward to your vlog on the cruise,the Vergin brand is taking the worst storm they are even bring trains to Florida. Love the changes that you have mentioned that he is making.

  9. Great all inclusive food but no buffet is totally radical. I love the fact you can get fresh fruit whenever you want with your yogurts. Take your Cheese and biscuits back to your cabin for later. Are there kettles in the cabins….there better be.
    Not sure about it….will have to wait for. actual vbloggers who are on the ship right now to give us the true in’s and outs.
    We’ve been on Ventura P&O. Why because Southampton is literally just across the water from us. We take up 23kg of luggage as many cases as we like. There’s kettles in cabins and the ship is lovely.
    Dress up evenings are a must and there’s no enforced tipping. You tip who you want when you want as it should be….
    Being British we will give Sir Richard all the support he deserves and we wish him all the best with his ships. ( 1 new ship for the next 3 years. 4 ships in all with Scarlet Lady) and his adventure….

  10. been cruising since 1979 so lots of cruises ,was NOT impressed with this ship,, needs something ,guess the ship represents Branson's version of cruising

  11. It’s a party ship! Younger crowd.
    Middle aged couples and seniors won’t be sailing this ship for sure. It’s not their cup of tea. This is more like party, rock and roll, get laid & get drunk kind of thing, then this ships for you.
    Seen two videos already of the ship…whole tour the in and out plus the different restaurants and party rooms and hallways and much more, oh man what a waste. Beautiful on the outside not so so on the inside. Dang!
    It’s a cool ship but it’s just not my thing.
    When it comes to style, glamour and who’s who and “wow factor”, I’ll prefer to spend my bling bling on the Celebrity Edge or Celebrity Apex.
    This ship scarlet is more like IKEA and MAISONS DU MONDE had a lovechild, this will be it!the result. Just not into it. Sorry Sir Richard Branson
    Not so groovy baby! Yeah!

  12. The rooms and bathrooms are to small for what they are charging.
    Plus major design mistakes.
    Lack of storage
    No Power outlets next to bed and no end table
    Tiny main pool
    Ackward seating in dinning areas
    I'll wait for there 3rd ship is in service I'm sure they will make needed changes to it.

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