New Orleans Cruise Port Guide: French Quarter On Your Own

New Orleans Cruise Port Guide: French Quarter On Your Own New Orleans is a cruise port city that has
a ton to offer! But, if you only have a limited amount of
time to visit, you can still easily get a small taste of the French Quarter — and the
yummy Original Café du Monde Coffee Stand — if your cruise begins, ends, or visits
the Port of New Orleans, which is located behind (or east of) the New Orleans Convention
Center. Your journey to the French Quarter starts
with a walk to the Julia Street Station to catch the Riverfront line streetcar. If you’re starting from the Erato Street
Cruise Terminal — which serviced Carnival Cruise Lines at the time this video was published
— walk out of the terminal and head to the right (or north) toward the large, nearby
shopping mall. If the mall is open, you can avoid walking
on the street by going up the stairs, along the pathway on the waterfront side of the
building, through the mall, and then down to the Julia Street Station. However, if the mall is not open — or you
don’t mind walking along a mostly quiet street without a sidewalk — just follow Port
of New Orleans Place — the road outside the terminal — to the right (or north) to the
Julia Street Station. If your ship is docked at the Julia Street
Cruise Terminal, the Julia Street Station is located directly on the other side of the
mall that’s at the terminal. At the time this video was published, the
fare for the Riverfront line streetcar to the French Quarter was $1.25 per person each
direction and only cash was accepted. Exact change is highly recommended. The streetcars run every 10-15 minutes, and
— since the Riverfront line begins at the Julia Street Station — you won’t have to
worry about heading the wrong direction. Once you’re headed toward the French Quarter,
make sure you pay attention to the digital route map overhead. For easy access to Café du Monde, Jackson
Square, and other popular French Quarter attractions, you’ll want to get off the street car at
the Dumaine Street Station. Make sure you pull the rope by the windows
to signal your stop or the streetcar will not stop! After you exit the streetcar at Dumaine Street
Station, you might be able to see your ship in the distance. From the station, walk across the parking
lot and through the opening in the wall and you’ll quickly find yourself at Decatur
Street, in the heart of the French Quarter. Turn to the left and walk about a block and
you’ll find the world famous Original Café du Monde serving up delicious coffee and beignets. Be sure to enjoy some before you continue
exploring the area! When you’re ready to head back to the cruise
terminal, just reverse your trip via the Dumaine Street Station and remember that the Riverfront
line will end at the Julia Street Station, even though some signage still indicates that
the line ends further along at the old terminus: the John Churchill Chase station. Just make sure you get on the streetcar heading
in the right direction — back toward the cruise port — and you shouldn’t have any

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