Mount Rushmore Vacation Travel Video Guide

Mount Rushmore Vacation Travel Video Guide

sit within the Black Hills the state of South Dakota is one of the most famous landmarks in the USA the Mount Rushmore National Memorial here for monumental portraits of the most famous American presidents have been carved into the granite symbolize a kind of spectacular tribute to democracy since their unveiling in 1941 the huge faces of George Washington Thomas Jefferson Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln have created a good deal of interest the area around Mount Rushmore is also most striking the Black Hills mountain range is a masterpiece of nature the native Indians that lived in his region were captivated by the black hills they believed that they were sacred indeed they're still worship today for the Lakota Indians the Black Hills continue to hold much religious significance with the arrival of the white settlers and the discovery of valuable natural resources such as gold and other precious minerals this region suddenly became extremely important however the treasures contained within the Black Hills created much conflict between the native inhabitants and the American government in 1876 the Lakota were forced to abandon this territory and this splendid mountain landscape was thus free to be exploited the sacred rocks of the Lakota Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians were treated with little or no respect by the gold prospectors who came here the construction of the month Rushmore monument was also treated with dismay by the native Indians nevertheless it is perhaps some recompense that today the holds of visitors who now come here provide the local Indians with a good livelihood two and a half million visitors traveled about Rushmore each year in order to gaze of the USA's for legendary presidents the sculptor of this impressive monument Gutzon Borglum gained much acclaim due to his creation the first image to be created was that of George Washington although unfinished work on the Mount Rushmore monument continued for 14 years until borglum's death in 1941 in addition to the difficulty of carving into hard granite from the beginning the project was played by severe weather conditions and lack of finance following borglum's death his son attempted to raise the money for completion of the monument but his efforts proved to be in vain the original plan was that the four presidents would be carved into the rock from their heads to the hips due to their incomplete nature it looks as though the 418 meter high faces are actually emerging from the rock itself 25 kilometres southwest of Mount Rushmore another stone image towers up from the landscape The Crazy Horse Memorial constructed in 1947 it commemorates the famous chief of the Oglala Sioux it's dimensions are even larger than those of Mount Rushmore when completed the Crazy Horse Memorial will be a hundred and ninety five meters long and a hundred and seventy two meters high a stone giant the nearby rail indian museum provides a fascinating insight into the history and culture of North America's native Indians the museum features Chief Crazy Horse who was an important leader in the Indians struggle against the white settlers the sculptor of the Crazy Horse Memorial is also mentioned here God jogs your Koski a good friend of the Indians who died in 1982 the collections contained within the red Indian Museum are constantly being added to new treasures of Indian arts and crafts are featured each year it's not known how long it will take to complete this vast undertaking in this region of the United States the artifacts and traditions of the Native American Indians are to be found everywhere throughout the centuries this land was inhabited by the Indians long before the white man arrived at the beginning of the 19th century almost the entire region of what is now South Dakota was in the hands of the Sioux Indians Indian culture is still evident in their dancers and despite their many historic setbacks the Lakota have retained their pride the Black Hills are still important to them each year many return to visit one of their last great sanctuaries the Mount Rushmore area is far more than just a symbol of American history it's also a region that is steeped in the rich culture and traditions of North America's native Indians

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  1. Has nothing to do with the title it's a historical background, not a travel guide also outdated still uses Indians instead of native American.

  2. They need to used explosives to blow off the faces of slave owners Washington and Jefferson, replace them with hero's like Nation Of Islam's Louis Farrakahn and the Messiah, God all mighty Obama. They can inlist the help of Al Queda and the Taliban because they are experts in destroying statues they are intolerant of.

  3. if they wasn't stone they would be crying right now seeing what these people have done to are country

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