Makeup I Had To WORK For!

Makeup I Had To WORK For!

I was about to film this video just for just right now and I spilled this entire refill to the size cup of water ice tea size all over my keyboard all over my camera battery all over my memory card and all over everything that I think is expensive in my life so that was a stressful 30 seconds where I thought everything that I hold dear to my heart died hi friends hello hi how are you I hope you guys are having an amazing day today so today's video we are doing something I'm excited about I what I thought this I came up with this idea like a while ago and I thought it was a kind of cool idea cuz I feel like there's a lot of talk about on YouTube when you're a youtuber products kind of get there one moment on your channel and then they're gone so if you're too like a first impressions or I do slays the names every month or every month I kind of talk about things they liked and didn't like I noticed that like she didn't change your mind on a product you didn't work with it and then change your mind and then tell everyone because it's kind of like it's moment has passed so today I wanted to talk to you guys about products I had to work for makeup that I tried the first time wasn't super obsessed with and then found ways to make work for me so yeah that's pretty much what we're doing today there's a lot of different reasons some of this stuff didn't work some is petty some actual problem but for whatever reason these are just products that the first time I tried them or saw them or use them I wasn't crazy about them and over time I've learned to love them they're not my babies um so let's get start with it we not make a product so this is the Moroccan oil treatment looks like this I got this for my 20 my 23 or 24 I got that for my 24th birthday I got those for myself from my hairdresser it was on sale and she convinced me to buy a couple bottles at first time I used it I hated it you know when you go to the hairdresser and they make your hair look better than its looked in a million years I thought by buying this I would be able to recreate how she made my hair look which was better than it had looked in a million years and then I bought it and I you my hair looks like a greasy mess it would make my hair I would need to shower like every single day and like actually wash my hair every single day because my hair would get so greasy and that wasn't normal for me so I was using this and I was like it has to be this stuff it's making my hair greasy then I realized I wasn't evenly distributing it well enough so what I was doing was taking like a dollop I used like two squirts two and a half because my hair is pretty long so I use like two nice words and I would just like kind of like Pat it and then I would just kind of like go in on the ends really hard and I realize it's not what I should be doing so my hairdresser told me she was like you need to be rubbing it like all over your hands really really good even on like the back of your hands like rubbing it everywhere and then evenly distributing it through your hair in all different places so by having it like only in certain parts of my hand when I was rubbing it in it was only getting on one section of my hair which was making that part of my hair look really greasy that's why I had greasy hair so the better way I learned how to use this was the evenly distribute it and since I've been doing that I have been obsessed with how my hair looks I think it looks amazing I mean not to toot my horn but I think it looks really pretty I love the link that its longest it's ever been in my life and I love it and I think it's really soft it does still got a little frizzy but I have some like anti first stuff I use for that this was one that I really didn't like at first I thought it was doing that thing oils typically due to me would just make them although now that I'm thinking about it cuz they used to hate oils for that reason because it made my hair greasy but maybe I was just always using oils wrong yeah I need to give all the oils I tried my life another chance okay next this one actually bashed in a video so this is all Mark cosmetics this is their color ripped blush trio what I found with this after I post that video first of all a lot of you guys agree with me and said you also hated the palette and a lot of you guys said that if you you weirdly enough which this products shouldn't be like this just so you guys know but a lot of people were like the more you use it the more you'll like it like the top layer is pretty bad but then once you actually get past that top layer it's actually really good so I did that on these two because I actually liked these colors a lot this one's a little too light to even show up but I did it on these two colors I tried to like use it like I tried to force myself to use it on days when I didn't really care how my blush looked just because it wasn't very pigmented so I've been doing that and I'm wearing it today this orange shade and while I still think it's definitely not as pigmented as I would like my blush to be it is definitely more buildable than I first gave it credit for it unfortunately you have to use this a lot to get to making it good and I think that sucks and it's not something and I don't condone I still wouldn't buy this product because I think that's silly I think it's silly that you would have to use something you don't like multiple times in order to make it something you do like it should just work when you buy it you should just be able to like it when you buy it but I do want to like update that that I do think this works for me now especially these two shades they're actually quite pretty once you get them to work the formula is nice the lasting power isn't like fantastic and they start again like I said are not the most pigmented but they're definitely better than I thought they were before I wasn't gonna throw this away I thought it was trash now I'll probably keep it for like a blush day like today where I have this really light eye look and I just need something light next okay so the honest thoseö Beverly Hills Sun dipped glow kit I bought this when it was Black Friday last Thanksgiving and you can see it hasn't gotten a lot of use but I talked about it in a video and I was like I don't like it I didn't like this palette I thought it was not pigmented it wasn't very good I didn't think the glow was like particularly amazing or groundbreaking I couldn't understand why everyone thought this was like the best glow kit that a BH has put out because for me it just really didn't work and I felt the same way about the suga glow kit what I found is that you have to either wet your face with setting spray or wet your brush before using these if you go in a dry brush like I am right now it's just not going to show up whereas if you spray it first it is pretty beautiful like I'll do an example I prefer to spray my brush first just because I think that works better but to each their own so if you spray the brush first and I'll go in with this shade now and it really is super super blinding and pretty so a little bit more texturizing when I like but my big complaint with it at first was that it wasn't polo II nor pigmented this is just something you have to do an extra step with which I think a lot of highlighters especially older formulated wieners like these because these have been around for a while older formulated high leaders I think were like that there hadn't been a standard set yet that high leaders needed to be like one swipe pigmented amazing like some of them are now so I think just because this is an older formula it's like that however once you spray it I mean it's beautiful to really with and I think you guys honestly a lot of these are products I changed my mind about because of you guys like you guys were able to give me tips on how to make them work for me that's why the makeup community on YouTube is dope because we give each other advice and it's awesome so that would be this palette it's do the other highlighter so this is the Julia's place loose highlighter I really just had to work with this and that you guys are gonna be like because the loose highlighter and no I had to work with this because I struggled with picking up the correct amount on my brush this was more something that I knew I loved from the gap because the formula was amazing it was so pigmented it was so blinding it was so glowy and beautiful like I loved this from the get-go however I did have to learn how to use it like it wasn't something that I bought and immediately knew how to use I definitely had to work on how I dip my brush in it how like aggressively I dip my brush into it how aggressively I wanted to tap stuff off like this is something that because it is a loose powder and because you don't it's not like a setting powder where you could just put on however much and it's like whatever this is such a like you don't want to over overpower your cheeks at least I don't this one was more of a learning curve because I had to learn how to use loose highlighters especially a super pigmented lose highlighter because this is like you need the tiniest amount and it's very hard to grab on like a bigger highlighting brush like it's hard to grab the actual amount you need I actually what I do with this highlighter if you guys want a little tip I have these little tiny brushes that I use for like nose contour and I'll use these and I'll kind of like place like three dots on and then I take my actual highlighter brush and like highlight it out and that's how I apply it because it just gives me the right amount instead of dipping my big highlighter brush in there getting way more than I need and then either having to waste a bunch by tapping it off or having to like look crazy in that maybe sprays but this is I just grabbed this particular palette but this is actually all Julia's place palettes and it's not because of the formula the Julia's place eyes shadow formula is I mean it's beautiful it's very very very thick the color this is the masquerade mini by the way the colors are gorgeous like everything is great I had to work for these palettes and I think this was actually like this is gonna sound lame but I think these palettes actually helped me expand my idea of color when it comes to eyeshadow because for me I had to work for these because I looked at the colors and I just couldn't figure out how to make them work together like I just couldn't figure out how to make them cohesive I struggled because the colors like this one's a better example of one I figured out but even when I did figure it out I was either using these neutrals or these top ones together I was never mixing and matching because I just couldn't figure out how to make the shades that they put in the palettes work together and that's the reason people love Julia's plays palettes is because their color stories are very unique and different they're not something you see everywhere and a formulas amazing on top of that that was something that was actually a negative for me at first because I couldn't figure out how to make the colors work together in a way that was like cohesive what I realized I needed to do was number one be more creative and number two and I don't think there's any shame in this I looked it up I looked up eyes shadow looks people thin with the palettes that I had and it gave me inspiration sometimes I think there's this like weird thing where youtubers who do makeup aren't supposed to admit that they like watch other youtubers who do makeup but I am fully admitting that I'm not the most creative person sometimes especially when it comes to eyeshadow I struggle with color theory and color stories and so I googled people who had like the masquerade palette and I saw the looks that they created and I replicated them and by replicating them I got more used to what colors paired nicely together and then I was able to use the palettes more on their own so if you have palettes like these palettes that are you just look at them and you're like I'm inspired and I want to use you but I creatively just don't know how look it up I guarantee you there's hundreds of people who have creatively found a way to use these types of palettes and they are willing to help you and inspire you to do the same so that's my tip for like palettes that you're not super good at I had to definitely like try to like study its pillars how to use dubious blaze though this is a no por Blum prime essence by touch and soul I love the original no Portland primer so when I got this I was intrigued too because I thought I was like oh they make one good primer no make to this I hated it when I first tried it first of all it comes out of the – it's a water-based like you can actually hear it rattling around kind of a gross noise I'm sorry but you could hear it and it's got like this little type of dropper as the applicator and it comes out very fast so the first couple of times that used it it was honestly just like I was using too much product the other thing I realized about this was this is definitely a product that doesn't stand on its own for my skin type so because I have pretty intense pores especially in my t-zone this product when I would try to use it alone I felt like it was doing nothing like I didn't feel like it was particularly doing anything to be perfectly honest I would put it on and I would be like there's been I realized that this is a primer that I have to mix things with so what I'll do is I'll put on this sounds really weird but it trust me I'll put on like my Bobbi Brown face base or my Clarins smoothing primer put those on and then I'll pour this out like dollop that on it's like a cream pour little bits of this like here and then I'll take that priming brush my priming kabuki brush I think it's over there take my prepping kabuki brush and I'll rub it all in and mix it in together this works is such a good base to lighten primers that might be a little bit thicker so for example my Bobbi Brown face base is a little bit of a thicker primer if I don't want it to be necessarily as crazy thick going on my face cuz the Bobbi Brown face sprays and MacLaren's smoothing primer almost feel like a layer like that you're putting on in a good way it's like a moisturizing layer but it still feels like a layer this makes it not as Larry and it also makes it a little bit more tacky those primers aren't particularly tacky from my experience so this helps add tackiness – I just hit myself up phase this helps add tackiness to those primers that don't typically have it so this is more of a like I would say it's like an aid to other primers instead of standing on its own cuz on its own it's bad it's just really bad but I like when you mix it with other things and you work with it it's really good he lilies oh so I got this this is the pea Louise eyeshadow base I believe I have the shade oh one I got this for my birthday and I was so excited because I was like oh my god I'm gonna be like all the Instagram models I'm gonna have my people we have face like I'm so excited then and then I got it and I the first time used it I loved it I thought it was the most amazing thing it made my eyeshadow look beautiful I think I did it right the first time and then couldn't figure out how to replicate it it's just tricky because it you don't need a lot you need two very very very little and I think the main problem I had with this was that I would use too much I also found that it would definitely crease on my eyes very badly what I found when I first got this people were like don't set it you don't need to set it just leave it as is they don't have crinkly eyes so I have really crinkly ones so I had to be setting it and I wasn't because people told me not to and then I just tried it one day because normally I would set an eye primer so I tried it one day and I had a lot more success of leaving my eyes kind of like I rose up slightly closed and I would like Pat it off and I would use my sponge that's the other thing I did the first time I used it first few times they used I tried to use a brush to blend it out it was horrible use a sponge to like blend it out because it was bad use the sponge to blend it out and I leave my eyes like almost closed and my eyebrows look like this and I set it with a powder and really really really get it in there and really try to like set all of my creases first and I find that I have a much better success with this I still do think this is a little bit thick and I definitely wouldn't repurchase this because I think for the price of the actual product and you pay shipping from the UK its overpriced for what it is but and it's it is thick but I do like it when I do more sort of like crazy colorful eye locks cuz it really does make the shadows pop beautifully like they pop so nicely when you use this let's talk about this bad boy this is the Anastasia Beverly Hills and this is their brow this their new brow product the brow pomade gel this took this was like a lot of trial and error I just took a lot of practice so when I first got this I was excited because I basically thought it was just going to be a brow gel it's not it's so like grotesquely pigmented to the point I put it on and my eyebrows just looked rig at like so low like how you would put it on brow gel like a pigmented brow gel you would just put it on so low it was so pigmented that it was like scary my brows were so dark and they looked so overdrawn and you can see the brush marks from where everything was because it's so paid I was used to like the accents gimme brow which is like not the most pigmented thing in the world it's very natural-looking which is why I liked it so I was a little thrown off by that and I didn't really know how to use this I find this is best not used on its own that's my personal opinion with it the brush is kind of big it's bigger than you would normally see what I used to do is start like here and just brush all the way through the whole eyebrow and that really didn't work for my eyebrows so what I then started to do I saw videos where people would like stick their brush in here and use it as like a pomade I wasn't really interested Mac's like happy a BH pomade so I was like I'm not gonna do that so what I will do is I'll fill in my brow with some sort of like this sounds like a lot of work but it's not I'll fill in my brow with some sort of pencil or pomade which is my preferred way of doing my brows and then I like to put a gel over top to not only set it in place but just to give a little bit more color so I will take now a clear brow gel usually the a BH clear brow gel and I'll run that through just this top part right here the front part of my brow and then I take this and I rub this through the end of my brow through the tip and I only like the flick of the brow and I almost use the top part of the brush as kind of like a almost like its own brush kind of just to really really emphasize the little flick that you got going on here that's kind of what I do with this product now any like I almost dragged it you need very little so this will allows me a long time I find you set my entire brow with it it's just too much it's too overpowering but once I played around with it and realized its purpose I think now I have a much better purpose for it and it does make an I like this part of my brow just look a little extra like you know I mean this one was simple so I got this color pop no feltzer foundation and the first time I tried it I really didn't like it and then I realized because I used to only put on my foundations with a sponge that was the only way I would put it on I thought brushes were actually pretty dumb I thought they were streaky I thought there was no way to not make it shrieky and I didn't really love brushes so I used sponges and then one time I bought the morphe y11 brush I think that's what it's called the Y 13 some it's like a family it's their big foundation brush and I bought that and I loved it I loved how to apply foundation so I started only using that to apply my foundation and I did that for a while and then I got this foundation this is the colour-pop nofilter foundation and I put it on with a brush and it looked horrible on me like you could see the streaks you could see the texture it just looked so I'm wearing this today actually so so so bad on me so I was like trash they tried sorry colour-pop you lose and I hated it I didn't like it and then I realized that what I could do I just did this on a whim one day because I remember I had the Fenty foundation and this is how I had to apply the Fendi foundation to make it look good and I was like why don't I try this with this colour-pop one I don't want to give up on you so I tried it using a brush and a sponge I would do the brush first and really buff it in with the brush but leave all of those brush strokes and all of that texture that the brush would leave with this foundation and then I would go in with a sponge and a little sponge but go under the sponge but I would smooth everything out with the sponge this is the most beautiful foundation when you do that it looks I'm wearing it right now so sorry that I'm just staring at myself but it looks seamless like it looks so so pretty when you do that so that was my big tip was like sometimes I think with foundations and this is why I don't love first impressions for foundations because I think with foundations it's very easy to just do it the wrong way some foundations especially because skin types are so different are just super temperamental so if you have a foundation that you don't like maybe switch up the way you're applying it because I've actually ended up loving foundations that I previously hated because I used a different way of applying it in a different technique I think because there are so many different ways you can do it that would be something look into so that was my trick with this one and now I love it I mean I wear it a lot and I think it's beautiful let's talk about this so I only have like two left this is the peach blur powder I actually bought this at t.j.maxx for like ten dollars when I was in Virginia and I was so excited and I bought it and then I was using it and I loved it I thought it looked so pretty on my skin I loved it and then I was watching a video get ready with me and I'm looking at the footage I'm editing it and I'm like why am i turning pink and I was I was turning I was turning full pink this was turning me pink if you can tell it has like a pink tint to it and that is what was turning me pink was this so I talked about that a video I was like it turns me pink and a lot of you guys suggested using it as sort of a blush don't think it's pigmented enough to be its own blush would I do like a full beat however when I'm doing more natural things this is beautiful it's so so pretty if I'm just doing like a concealer mascara highlight kind of day and I want to throw on this is like a little blush too rosy up my cheeks my cheeks are very very red so even when I do like light makeup like not a lot of makeup I'll just do like concealer over my cheeks to cover the redness but I don't want it to look just like whitewashed this is the perfect flush of pink without making it it brings out the natural color in my pink cheeks without making them look super super red by themselves this has actually been perfect as a blush I think if you find this at Marshall's and you want like a blush kind of situation this is good I don't think it's good with like a full beat though so if you just do full beat all the time jump by this and also don't use it as an all-over face powder because you're gonna turn pink and look ridiculous but yeah I was happy I found a use for it though cuz I didn't want to go to waste and the packaging is so cute next so this is the Milani hypnotic glaze holographic lip chopper so this was a error in my reading I thought that I don't know if you guys know this I've been going through a massive gloss phase I literally went from owning probably three lip glosses to like fifty number-one brands have been sending me a lot of lip gloss cuz it's summer and they're all watching lip glosses and number two I've been buying them like a crazy person cuz my friend Misa so I bought these Milani lip toppers and in my head I was like topper gloss same thing so I put it all over my lips umm I looks like a disco ball it's very out like swatch it for you it's got a duochrome e-shift to it and it's very very sparkly and pigmented and I looked crazy with it over my lips it looked a little nutty on camera it actually looked really pretty but in person it looks nuts so what I found with this which I think maybe you guys know really well that's the lip chopper that's what you do I didn't know I'm not perfect so what do you do is focus it on the center and then I have like a little bit of like I spread it around a little bit and that it is the perfect amount of subtle glitter and shimmer without being overwhelmingly all over my lips crazy above I also think shimmer lip glosses like this that are super super shimmery don't look fantastic on me because my lips are kind of small so when you have that much glitter it's like overwhelming on my lips whereas when this amount of glitter where it's just that tiny little bit I put right there and then spread it around a little bit it's a lot more manageable and it actually has a really beautiful effect especially this eye look actually I should have worn this from the start this is really pretty but I think that worked really well so just so you know because I didn't topper and glosses different different things the final product I want to talk about is more fees concealer I actually got their white concealer I bought it because I was trying to do this like Brad Stahl challenge [Applause] and it was really cheap so I bought it and I was like man I feel dumb after I did the challenge and the challenge went horribly wrong it was amazing [Applause] but after I did that I was actually kind of like bummed because I was like man I just kind of wasted money because I was like I'm never gonna find a use for this I actually use this almost every single day um this is fantastic for making this part of my undereyes specifically super super super bright I do get not crazy dark circles but I have a little bit of Darkness right in here just because I I don't sleep I tend to have really bad dark circles like right in there this has helped so much normally my concealer would like cover it up but my concealer never got quite like bright enough in contrast to my foundation because I tend to wear I think a lot of people wear foundations that are a little bit darker for them and then it makes their concealer pop more I don't really do that I just find foundations that I try to make match my skin tone really well and then I tried to use like the same type of shade concealer I wasn't really doing a super contoured effect with my concealer this makes it so I can do that so now I can still have concealers that match my skin for like more natural tees but I can amp it up when I do full beet and I can use this on my especially here and I'm like the bridge of my nose to really really contour those sections of my face and make them pop and make them brighter whereas that wasn't something I was doing before and I think it actually not only makes my contour look a little bit more like and better it also just makes my face as a whole look a little bit more like pulled in which is what it's supposed to do that's like why people use such lighter concealer shades you know I mean so yeah that was makeup that I had to work for makeup I had to figure out makeup I had to use a little bit before I could realize the true purpose of it in my collection I'd be really interested to know what makeup you guys feel like you had to work for so if you want to let me know down below that would be fantastic I love you guys so much I hope you like this video if you did please like and subscribe or just like or just subscribe or do neither I'm honestly just so happy you're here watching me thank you so much for being here my brand new merch that I just launched all new designs everything it's all new I'm so excited about it will be linked down below so please go check that out if you're interested and all of my social medias and everything I'm wearing on my face will also be down there and you I love you guys so so much and I will see you in the next boy [Applause]

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  1. Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum tho…. Just saying. My hair is over processed and thin, it works so great for smoothing and guarding against heat and humidity, It's not as heavy as other serums and leaves hair shiny, not greasy.

  2. Every time I hear your outro of you saying “so happy you’re here” the tone always makes me think of the receptionist from office space! “Corporate accounts payable, Nina speaking, just a moment!” Haha. No shade, just cracks me up every time 😄

  3. I refuse to waste makeup… so I will use it several ways numerous times to try to make it work… if I can’t get it to work I gift it to my daughter who is 10 (as long as it’s not base products) or a family member… some of my go to makeups I had to force to love me 😂😂😂

  4. I refuse to waste makeup… so I will use it several ways numerous times to try to make it work… if I can’t get it to work I gift it to my daughter who is 10 (as long as it’s not base products) or a family member… some of my go to makeups I had to force to love me 😂😂😂

  5. With the title I thought you meant makeup you had to do extra hours at work or something due to them being particularly expensive!
    I loved the way the color pink looked on you the other day, it's a really flattering color for you.

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  7. Thank you so much for your tip on the Juvia’s Place highlighter! I was having the same issue!👍🏼❤️

  8. This is such a great idea for a video! I hope more people do this! This is exactly what I need from YouTube, HOW to use products! Not just recommendations! Your content is always so great, you have become one of my top favorite YouTubers, along with Angelica and Abby!

  9. In the Becca Khloe x Malika face palette I thought the highlighter and bronzer sucked, but the bronzer works better (amazingly actually) as a contour shade, and the highlighter works better if you spray your brush. It is a better highlighter for natural days. Also the blushes (even though I bought the dark palette) aren’t very dark, but I use the darker one as a light blush and the lighter one as a pink highlighter.

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  17. I totally had to work with the fenty foundation. I bought it when it launched and it didn’t work with my skin at all but I wanted to love it. my skin gets super dehydrated and flaky af in the fall. I tried again in the summer when I was a bit more oily and it’s now chefs kiss my go-to summer foundation

  18. I got the kaja eyeshadows, and oh my gosh…they are SOOOOOO pretty!!! I've tried MAC paint pot and two face glitter insurance and I get glitter everywhere. I dont mind so much, but I wore it to a doctor appointment and the nurse ended up with glitter on her, from just touching my arm!!! Hahahaha. Is there a trick to them sticking to your eyes?!
    I'm so excited too…two faced is releasing the ginger bread pallette and its gingerbread lipsticks in a couple days!! I missed out getting them and going to pick it up and am so excited!!

  19. I legit didn’t know that toppers and glosses weren’t synonymous. Learn something new every day 🤷🏻‍♀️

    The main two products that come to mind as far as “makeup I had to work for” is my UD Distortion palette (which is now a top 3 palette for me) and my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. The palette just required work for me to get used to the color story and transformer shades. As far as the powder, I have really dry skin so I always though powder “didn’t work for me”. Idk if it’s the formula or what but the Rimmel one actually looks great on my skin and really helps my makeup stay on my jawline and nose. The secret for me is to spray it down really well and then tap it in with a damp beauty blender when the setting spray is more dry than tacky. Then I’ve created a bullet proof look

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