Makeup For Older Women: How I Apply My Summer Makeup

Makeup For Older Women: How I Apply My Summer Makeup

Hi! I’m Tricia and I’m Founder and MD of Look Fabulous Forever which is make-up specifically formulated for older faces, eyes and lips. Do come and
visit us at our website which is full of videos, galleries of before and after photographs of women over fifty, over sixty and over seventy. And lots and lots of ideas about things like clothes, style, hair and pretty much everything that an older woman might be interested in. I’m 67 myself and I really started the business because I
wanted to find something which would suit my older face, eyes and lips. So what I am going to do today – I’m lucky enough to be in the South of France on holiday – is to show you quite a
quick way to look great when you’re in the
sunshine but you still want finished and not like I
do at the moment, with no makeup on but you don’t want
to spend an awful lot of time messing around. So what I do when I’m in the sunshine and never ever sunbathe with my face in the sun. I think is the quickest way to get
wrinkles and and to ruin your skin. In fact so I use
fake tan and I’m using one by St Tropez at the moment. which is really good, works well, not too scary and it kind of builds up quite a natural
looking tan and I’m gonna start off by making my face look better, unifying the texture of my face by
using our Fabulous Base 02. Now I’ve been using Base 02 all winter. So you can say “well you’ve got a bit of tan now so why are you still using Base O2?” But in order not to have to buy a whole range of different coloured
foundations, I’ve actually got something by Guerlain it’s called a Terracotta Joli Teint, which means tint, and this is really
quite dark so I am going to put a small amount of that, mix it in, and this should achieve the right colour for me now that I’ve got this slight tan. I’m not going to put very much of this on. I have notoriously difficult skin. I have acne rosacea. My skin improves a lot in the summertime when I’m in the sunshine. It seems like the air gets to my skin and it really improves the texture and the look of it a lot. So I’m not too unhappy about my skin at the moment like I usually am but it could still do with some help. Older skins tend to look better and dare I say younger, when you’ve unified the skin tone. We all tend to think that it’s wrinkles that makes us look older but actually that very, very uneven skin
tone that you get as you age is the key problem. So some unification of the skin tone is important. There you go! I’m using our brush three. It’s an angled foundation brush, it’s perfect. We’re just working that into the skin. Make sure that it’s really
well blended. OK. Just make sure you’ve got no hard lines around your chin. Like that. The next thing I’m going to do is I am
going to just make sure that any areas that need a bit of extra help are helped with some conceal. This is our conceal 03. It’s the darkest one we have. I like putting concealer into the inner corners of my eyes, here. When we’re older we often get sort of hollow eyed look and concealer is brilliant for just making sure that that isn’t problem. And a small amount under my eyes as well. There we go. So concealer done and the next thing I’m going to use is a
highlighter pen. And this is quite counter-intuitive if you’re looking to get a tan or have brown skin on your face
because it’s light but actually if you put it just on the top
your cheekbones there, it has a lovely effect because it looks nice and dewy and fresh. Makes your face look better. And I’m also going to put some here underneath my eyebrows so that when I’ve
defined my eyebrows, which I’m going to do in a minute or two, they actually look better. So top of brow bones, top of cheek bones. Just applied with the brush that’s integrated into the Fabulous Light. That’s what it looks like. And that will help my eye makeup to look better. So the last thing I’m going to apply on my
face is some blush. Blush is really important
when you’re older because it really brings the face to life and I’m very keen on pinky tone blushes. So I’m going to use this one, this
is actually Peach Cream, which I quite like if I’ve got a slight tan. It’s still very pinky and it still suits me really well, even though I’m quite
cool toned. And you can see where I’m putting it. Centre of the eye, down a bit and then round in an arc of colour. You’re basically putting it underneath the highlighter that you’ve just put on and the combination of the blush and the
highlighter together is really attractive and pretty. So it’s a cream to powder formulation. Patting it in with your fingers and building up enough intensity
of colour, just so that you’re happy with the way it looks and then when you’ve done that, take this brush which is our brush two, blusher brush and just smoothing out any edges that you’ve got and ensuring that that’s really well
blended. OK. So face done. Next thing I’m going to do is to give some definition to my eyebrows. Brows very important and they’re important to every face because they actually give some proportion and symmetry to the way that you look but when we’re older, as you can see
with me, I’ve not got very good brows. They’re quite straggly, they’re quite sparse. I do have to pluck them quite
dramatically because they go wiry and grow in funny directions. So I’ve got the basis of a shape there but you can see that
they’re actually quite faded. So I’m going to use our brow shape which is this very fine brush and I’m going to just
take the excess off on of the on the back my
hand because it’s like a liquid paint. It’s
really quite easy to apply, it’s a little bit of practice but once you’ve got the hang of it, it really is very simple. So I’m gong to make my eyebrows a bit longer
than they are naturally. Just by stroking some of this colour down like that to the outer edge. So, that’s more or less enough. Have a look at that brow compared to that brow
now. It doesn’t look too scary but it’s definitely giving me a lot better framing for this eye than this brow is doing. So I’m going to see shake it up again and
again don’t forget to take the excess off on the back of your hand. I go around with these stripes on the back of my hand. It does wash off with soap but it doesn’t come off with water. So it is effectively waterproof this brow shape. So for instance you could go swimming and you’d still have your brows on when you came out! I’m actually outside obviously and I’m not sure how good the sound is
going to be on this. I’m going to speak up just in case sound isn’t great for you. Take the brush, the brow brush (brush 6) and just groom your brows when you’ve finished so that you’re happy with the way that they look. Right now onto the eyes and I’m going to keep the eye
treatment for this look very light. The reason for that is I’m going to put
on a very vibrant lipstick shortly and so as far as I’m concerned
it’s very important that you don’t overdue the eyes if you’re going to put a vibrant lip colour on. If you do, then you look a bit like a
painted doll. You know very heavily and overly made up and
so I think if you’re going to put heavy eye makeup on, you go for a lighter lip treatment. If you’re going to do light eyes then you can stand a stronger lip colour. and the reason I’m going to put a really strongly lip colour on is because
its beautifully, bright sunshine down here and you can actually get away with a really lovely bright colour of lipstick in bright sunshine. I’m just putting eye primer on my eyelids. I’m just going
to use two products on my eyelids and some mascara. So eye primer first and I’m using the eye primer just to give my eyelids a kind creamy look. Eye Prime is brilliant for keeping anything that you put on top of it in place. It stops that
problem of your eye makeup tending to go walkabout which it can do when you’re
older unfortunately. So what eye primer does, is it gives this lovely texture and surface to your eyelid. So that what you put on top, which is now going to be some shadow, actually stays in place and looks better for longer. Now I’m going to put this shadow on here. It’s Taupe, that’s the colour. It’s a really soft sort of grey brown, very pretty, and its quite a delicate colour. It’s not heavy and I’m putting it, as you can see, in a kind of an arc, into that area of my eye here, between the lid and the brow bone. This will make my eyes a better shape and will just generally look prettier. I’m not going to put very much on as I said. I’m going to now use another brush. This is our shadow brush 7 and I keep a couple of them in my makeup
bag. I use one the out the shadow on and I keep one clean just to blend the shadow in. By the way, I also wash my brushes a lot. Two or three times a week. It takes about 3 or 4 minutes. Lots of soapy water, rinse them and then just let them dry naturally or you can put them on a radiator. And that way they stay beatifully fresh and soft and of course it’s a lot more hygienic as well. So the last thing I’m going do before I put my mascara on, I’m just going to use this brush which is a wedge shape brush. Don;t knwo whether you can see that? Using the Taupe eye shadow again. I’m just going to push some of this down into the base of my eyelashes. Just working some of that colour down and the effect of that is to you give the impression that my eyelashes are thicker. But no heavy line and i’m not going to do
anything in the way of a line underneath my eyes. OK? Think that’s probably enough. And just before I do my mascara, I’m going to use eyelash curlers and just trap my eyelashes in between the blades. Our eyelash curlers have got this cushioned pad here, which makes them really comfortable to use. And they work brilliantly, just to curl your eyelashes up and back And the effect of that just takes seconds but the effect of it is quite dramatic and really makes a difference to how your mascara looks. So mascara just to give your eyelashes that definition that they lack without making them look all scary and spikey. If you’ve you seen any of my other videos you’ll know that is one of my pet hates on an older face. I think for some older women if their
eyelashes aren’t very thick, they go and buy these really clumpy, volumising mascaras in the hope that it will restore their eyelashes to some kind of their former glory. And they pile layer and layer and layer on until they’ve got this really hard, spidery effect and I just think it looks ghastly! But you may not! We’re all entitled to our opinion. There’s a helicopter flying overhead. Don’t know whether you can hear it? One of the hazards of being outside! There we go. I think that’s OK. So that eye treatment is, as I said, it’s fairly light, its quite
pretty and I think goes really well with the lipstick that I’m going to put on next. So the first thing
I’m going to do before I put my lipstick on is to put some lip primer on. This is this magic stuff that stops any feathering or bleeding of your lipstick. I do you think it makes a
difference to how long your lipstick lasts as well. Our lipsticks are quite dense in terms of pigment and creamy. And what that means of course is that they last longer on your lips. I was wearing this lipstick yesterday and I actually had to take a remover to it when I went to bed because it had stayed put really well. I think I’d refreshed it a couple of time’s after I’d eaten but it’s brilliant! And the colour is this lovely, vibrant pink. I don’t know whether you can see that? It’s called Fuchsia and I love it for the summer. I just think it brings my whole face
alive. So I’m going to put that on. I should of course be putting it on with a brush but I’m a normal person and I often don’t bother because it seems to take quite a lot of time and I’d rather pick up
my lipstick, put it on because I’m usually dashing out
of the door. So there you have it, my summer look. I hope you agree that it
works really well. Make sure I haven’t got any lipstick on my teeth and my final touch is to put my sun hat on. There we go. And, I’m now ready for my day! So I hope you enjoyed that. Do come and visit us at where you’ll see all these products and
everything else that I’ve talked about. We’d really love to see you there. So do come and say hi. Thank you.

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  1. wow, you look so beautyful, enjoy to watch your video. thank you for teaching us. have a wonderful day.

  2. It's just lovely to see someone who really knows what colours suit them too! See so many beauty bloggers wearing makeup thats completely out of whack with their colouring.

  3. I liked your presentation.  I have very heavy lids and i do not know hot to use eye make up.
    Can !help me?  You look lovely by the way !  I will be 69 this August , so near enough

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