Leaving the summer – Malta FPV Trip| MaiOnHigh

Leaving the summer – Malta FPV Trip| MaiOnHigh

In the last episode We delivered car keys And shorts We powerlooped Tony Now the story of last day on Malta – continues okay so after a week of emotions and
travelling all over Malta and Gozo we’re going back home and starting with a ferry! so what do you guys think about the trip? I think it was a really nice trip
With some really good guys and – it’s really interesting I think we had some funny experience
with long range I think I wouldn’t do it we have a we have a new u-boat commander
amongst us (Tony) good times those great seeing old friends too couple new faces
trying things out And we have made sacrifices to the prop gods two quads have been lost and one of them became a submarine so all good! all good Great FPV trip! Meanwhile – GlasgowFPV has visited this epic bando.

8 thoughts on “Leaving the summer – Malta FPV Trip| MaiOnHigh

  1. NOW WOWers 🙂 Amazing editing for a start, great captures. You would do good on a lifestyle blog, but happy to have you in our rc community 🙂

  2. Selmun Palace at the end of the video. I was there but didn't have the guts to fly, maybe next trip to Malta I will do it. Its better with some FPV company always. Great video 😛

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