La fine del mio viaggio

La fine del mio viaggio

What kind of king did you want to become? Probie! If Creek fleet and its many weapons have power … then the spear in that guy’s heart also has it You seem to have found something more important than your ambitions when a man like you is willing to give up his pride … he always does it for someone else It is rare to see such idiots… a Guy who fights to the death as soon as he sees his target. I don’t know if it’s his indomitable fighting spirit, but… But he’s been staring at me like that for a while. Now there is little … I won’t die I won’t die…

16 thoughts on “La fine del mio viaggio

  1. Un video semplice, nessun effetto speciale, a volte è meglio lasciarlo così, pulito com'è ^_^

    A simple video, no special effects, sometimes it is better to leave it as clean as it is ^_^

  2. Quando ho visto il titolo del video pensavo volessi abbandonare o qualcosa del genere, mi è venuto un colpo hahahaha, fortunatamente non è così.
    Bella ASMV comunque!

  3. Simple videos are always the best.
    I am so happy you added English subtitles, I could enjoy the beauty and greatness so much… which totally left me breathless and speechless! It is not enough to say how much I loved this 🧡

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