Journey ||4K|| Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

Journey ||4K|| Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

‘Where are you, bro?’
– I’ve stopped to have dinner. ‘By when will you reach here?’
– Two hours, tops, if I drive fast. ‘Do not drive fast. You are a very rash driver.’
– Yeah, whatever. See you. Are you out of your mind! Do you want to get killed?
– I’m so sorry for making you stop. There are hardly any vehicles plying this road.
Could you please give me a ride till the city? I’m not finding this place safe. Get in. Thanks for being helpful.
– It is alright. It is the seat belt alarm. Put on your seat belt.
– It is alright. I don’t like putting them on. I advice you to wear the seat belt. You never know
what might happen. It is always better to be safe. I don’t think you’d stop nagging
until I wear it. By the way, you are?
– I’m Manika. And you? – I’m Jones. How come you were there all alone
at such an odd hour? Where is it you want to go? I don’t want to talk about it now.
Please, don’t mind. You seem a little nervous. Want to have some water?
– No, thank you, I’m good. Are you comfortable?
– Yes, thank you. Want to listen to some music?
– No, thank you. What’s the matter?
– I’ll be right back. – What’s the matter? Let’s go. You mind if I ask you something.
– Go ahead. – You don’t talk much, do you? I do, when I’m around familiar people.
– Right. So, what was your major? I just finished my engineering.
– Oh, I see. Don’t mind me asking, but did you run away from your home
because your parents found you some stupid match? No, that isn’t the case.
– Good. Since, we’ve entered the city, drop me off here.
– Drop you here? Are you sure?
– Yeah. I’ll go from here. Thanks a lot.
– No mention. Hey, bro! You said you’ll be here
in 2 hours. Took you quite long. A girl asked for a lift near Narapally. So..
– A girl asked you for a lift! How romantic! Oh, cut it! The signatures and stampings
are all there on this documents. Submit the file to the MRO tomorrow, so that we’ll get
our land back. Give it a read, just in case. By the way, he is Naveen, a news reporter, my friend.
– Hi, nice meeting you. – Hi, I’m Jones. You said some girl asked for a lift near Narapally.
Could you describe that girl’s looks? The girl is fair skinned
and has silky hair.. She was wearing a chudidhar.
– Is she the girl you gave a lift to? Yeah! How did you know?
– This girl died a month ago. Are you serious?
– Why won’t I be serious about such stuff? How did she pass away?
– She was driving her car very rash. She bumped into a tree. She wasn’t wearing set belt.
She died on the spot. I heard some strange things
have been happening around that spot. I didn’t believe it. But hearing
what you’re saying, maybe it is true. Alright, I’ll leave now.
– It is too late. Stay here for the night. No, I’ve lot of things to do.
– Alright. Call me after you reach. Could you please give me a ride
till the city? Thanks for being helpful. It is the seat belt alarm.
Put on your seat belt, please. Damn! There is nothing
valuable in the car! Yes? Is there any problem?
– Could you please give me a ride till the city? Sure. Get in.

100 thoughts on “Journey ||4K|| Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

  1. Seat belt is most important please wear and drive . this not only my thought this is my own experience today I live because of seatbelt and my luck.. my car totally scrap but still I m live because of seatbelt I hope you all guys are understood. Every time god not give second chance so please.. tq

  2. Seat belt awareness gurinchi teesi Dani gurinchi cheppakunda video cut chesaru, leka timepass ki teesi upload chesara?? Waste of 12mins

  3. Bhayapettesav Jones.
    But 'broken' ki similar ga undi..
    And broken' touched me.
    Anyways u r my favourite Jones.
    Tamada media👌❤️

  4. Choodanddi e video baagundhi . Kaani think practically e way lo cheppatam correct kaademo . Me videos normal gaa preferable. Kaani oka soul tho accidents dwara message ivvatam baaledanddi . Try differently and make people follow ur channel to get relief through ur videos which is out of our normal life . I think this suggestion will reach u and take it as a very positive to do better videos in ur channel . All the very best . Keep doing and posting wonderful videos .

    This short film is exactly copied from My journey short film which was released 3 years back

  6. ఒకరి ఆలోచనల్ని, వారు తీసిన ఫిల్మ్ నుండి కాపీ కొట్టడానికి సిగ్గు అనిపించలేదా మీకు. మీరు ఇలా కాపీ కొడుతూ పోతే మీరు గొప్ప డైరెక్టర్ కాదు చెత్త డైరెక్టర్ గా మిగిలిపోతారు.

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  7. షార్ట్ ఫిల్మ్స్ కూడా కాపీ కొడుతున్నారా ఈ మధ్య.. ఇదే కథతో 3 భాషల్లో మై జర్నీ అని 2017 లో OSR Kumar తీశాడు.

    Here is the link

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