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  1. Good evening sir
    If the inputs or capital goods are not received back within time frame of 1 or 3 yrs, as the case may be, then it shall be deemed as a supply by principal to jobworker and GST along with interest shall be payable. My question is
    Who shall bear this GST and interest- the principal or jobworker? and also
    Is this GST payment same as ITC of principal being reversed or these two are different things?

  2. 1 year will be calculated from the date of received by Job worker and not from the date sent by principal, Please correct if I am wrong.

  3. What if capital good sent are received back by principal after 4 yrs?? Will the credit be available that time since due date of taking credit is already lapsed??

  4. How to generate e-way bill when directly supplying material from job worker to customer? Job worker is registered. Principal has sent material to registered job worker and now want to send finished goods to customer directly from job worker. Principal has not shown job worker as his place of business in the registration. What should be amount on eway bill and who should generate it? How job worker will raise invoice? All 3, principal, job worker and customer are in different states and all are registered.

  5. Sir, very good explanation: we are textile traders in Surat and sending our Gray – cloth to Jobworker. Now we have three question as below.
    1. Which taxable value to be mentioned in MFG to JW sheet ? Material original cost ?
    2. Which taxable value to be mentioned in JW to MFG sheet ? Original materials cost which we have shown to Mfg to JW sheet OR Jobwork cost OR materials cost+Jobwork cost ?
    3. For example if we are sending 100 mtrs cloth for jobwork and due to heattreatment it get shrikage so the job worker will send back only 80 mtrs to us. SO what qty to be mentioned in JW to MFG sheet ? 100 mtrs OR 80 Mtrs

  6. Sir excellent video…..but I have a question….regarding taxable value to be provided in the sheet manufacturer to job worker and job worker to manufacturer….my query is …..suppose in the sheet manufacturer to job worker the value of a particular raw material is Rs 100 but when it is coming back from job worker to manufacturer the taxable value of goods will be more as job value will also be added to the value of goods….suppose the job value is Rs 20…so in the job worker to manufacture sheet shall I put the taxable value as Rs 100 or Rs120…

  7. Threshold limit of Rs. 50,000 doesn’t apply in this Job-work case, hence even if the value of goods sent to job worker is less than Rs. 50,000, the principal has to generate the e-way bill.

    My Question is that, Can we generate e-way bill on Job-works, If goods are transported in a non-motorised conveyance.

  8. For eway bills
    If we make an invoice in the name of a customer/insurance company above 50000 for service in workshop then do we need to make eway bill ?
    If we sell a car to a dealer then do we need to make eway bill since no transporter is involved ?
    If we sell a car to a customer then do we need to make eway bill ?

  9. Sir trans-1 ka data portal par reflect ho raha h. Subbmit nahi ho paya tha. Kiya 1 change milega transe-1 fill karney ka ya nahi.

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