Je teste un restaurant pour explorateurs (Journey at Chelsea Funhouse)

Je teste un restaurant pour explorateurs (Journey at Chelsea Funhouse)

Do you remember: previously in
Destination Fun we tested together three immersive cocktail bars
created by Lollipop. ABQ London, a molecular cocktail bar
inspired by the Breaking Bad series. The Grid, a mix between an escape room and a cocktail
bar, inspired by Black Mirror’s Netflix series. And finally The Bletchley, influenced by events
of the Second World War, where we had to decipher secret codes to have
unique and personalized cocktails. – Tonight, with Maaret who is here.
– Hello everyone! We will try the new immersive experience
from Lollipop called Journey. We are in Chelsea, London, in front of
this building called Chelsea Funhouse. In the basement, there is
The Bletchley cocktail bar. On the first floor: Chelsea Black,
a martini espresso bar. And on the ground floor: Journey, the experience
that interests us today. It’s an immersive travel-themed
restaurant. Let the expedition begin!
Only one destination: fun! I am Fab DS and I try
fun things to do around the world. Subscribe and activate the little
bell to join the adventure. Journey is a restaurant
for explorers. On the menu you can choose from
four culinary journeys which are all inspired by famous
journeys and roads in the world. Each of these adventures is composed of four
courses and they also exist in vegan version. Each dish is served with a drink (alcoholic
or not, your choice) that pairs with food. The choice was difficult but
I finally chose the Silk Road, in the footsteps of Marco Polo. Because it’s the menu that has
the most “exploration / adventure” feel and because it’s the most
diverse journey. What journey did you choose? I chose the menu that is
inspired by a Spanish empire called Corona di Castilla. – And where does your adventure start?
– In Peru. My expedition starts in China with
a sort of open spring roll. Our culinary expedition continues. Where are you now, with these
three beautiful tacos on your plate? – I’m in Mexico.
– Mexico! I am much further away: in India
and Pakistan with Punjabi mussels. The tasting continues. That’s nice! – Is it smoked?
– Yes. The next stop of my
journey is Persia. And I’m pretty excited because I’ve never
tasted Persian cuisine until now. It’s a dish that has been smoked. It was
under a bell with smoke. After tasting a smoked drink
in Croatia in the previous video, this time I taste smoked
food, and I can’t wait. It smells really good:
a nice smoked smell. So far, it’s the best stopover
of my trip. It’s good! The smell is as good as the taste. The drink pairing with the food is
also my favourite drink tonight. And I think my favourite
stop tonight is Persia. You are not vegan, but you
chose a vegan menu. Why? Because there were a lot of
different flavours that I liked. So that’s why. What is the next
stopover of your trip? It’s Spain with
a vegan paella. It’s very good. Our expedition ends at Journey
with two molecular cocktails. What is the final destination
of your expedition tonight? I’m going to the Philippines. It looks pretty cool. I finish my trip in the Mediterranean
and it looks appetizing. When you stroke the unicorn, she spits
champagne. Yes, yes, I swear! How was your experience
here at Journey? It was a delightful experience. I traveled
“in my plate” with surprising flavours. I read in an interview that the creator of Lollipop
had the main purpose of making people happy with his immersive experiences. And once again it’s successful. We are made to get along: I make videos to make people happy
in places that make people happy. I hope you liked this adventure. We’ll be back very soon
for a new adventure. Only one destination: fun! My t-shirt is available in my shop just
before the comments below this video. Subscribe and activate the little bell
to not miss my next adventures and come to discover my other videos.

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  1. Ton pari est réussi Fab DS,tu nous rends heureux dans tes escales à tous les coups,Maaret et Fab DS,le couple le plus mignon du net qui sait toujours nous faire plaisir,ne changez rien les amoureux👍

  2. Superbe vidéo Fab, j'ai toujours autant de mal a comprendre pourquoi ta chaîne ne décolle pas plus depuis toutes ces années.

  3. Très honnêtement ça fait des années que je te suis et tu mérites beaucoup plus d’abonné. Tu fais les vidéos par passion on reçoit une sincérité dans des vidéos qu’on retrouve ailleurs et tu es quelqu’un de simple reste comme tu es

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